Saturday, 25 January 2014

Kenneth Ma's Hopes for More 'Peach Blossoms' in the New Year

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Kenneth Ma's Hopes for More 'Peach Blossoms' in the New Year 

Yesterday afternoon, Kenneth Ma attended a Lunar New Year event. His New Year resolution is to get more 'peach blossoms', he said: "The entertainment circle relies on people relations. Of course I hope more audience will support me. (Love life?) Leave it to fate. I've never tried to force it. (Encountered a good girl yet?) Actually I've met many, but it just haven't been anything romantic. There are many good girls in TVB, you can ask me who is good and I will say they are good." Asked whether any of them are right for him? He said he didn't have much time to get to know them more and also he's not someone who can easily find a girlfriend love at first sight. 

Known as the TVB 'seun poon', Kenneth laughed and said there are many female 'seun poons' in TVB as well. Asked whether rumored girlfriend Charmaine Sheh is a seun poon? He said: "Of course Charmaine is. She's very professional, but we were only filming for a few days and were really busy, didn't have time to get to know her more. I hope we could collaborate more in the future." Kenneth frankly expressed he hopes to collaborate with different female artists. "There is no reason to keep pairing up with one or two actresses. I'm afraid the audience might get bored. (Bored of Tavia Yeung?) No, but I'm just afraid the audience will be. I've been only paired with Tavia or Selena Li recently. (Who do you want to pair up with?) Linda Chung or Eliza Sam, I haven't been paired with them before. I just want to pair with everyone I haven't collaborated with before. In acting, we must give the audience something refreshing from time to time." When speaking of the rumor he had with Tracy Chu, will he be afraid of more rumors if they collaborated again? He said: "There could be rumors with whoever I collaborate with. I have never been afraid of rumors. (Fear rumors may stop you from finding true love?) I haven't thought about this before. (The rumors are true?) If they are true, then how could it be concealed from you all? I won't be afraid to collaborate with someone just because of rumors. I am open to collaborating with all female artists."

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