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'Fan Kan' Cheung Wing Hong Announced Wife Angie Mak is 4 Months Pregnant

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Fan Kan' Cheung Wing Hong Announced Wife Angie Mak is 4 Months Pregnant 

The new year just started and the good news just keeps on coming. Yesterday Oscar Leung got married, and today the recently popular TVB actor Cheung Wing Hong, known as "Fan Kun" from Return of the Silver Tongue and "Fan Fat" in Coffee Cat Mama told [Sky Post] that he and his wife Angie Mak, an anchor on TVB's Scoop, is 4 months pregnant! The couple will soon be a family of three, Angie is expected to due in June.

Cheung Wing Hong's career had just started to pick up, and coincidentally he's going to be a father soon. Although he has a lot more responsibilities now, the couple still deeply believe everything will get better and better. Angie said: "I'll be taking on more hosting jobs later. In the past, we buy birthday gifts for each other, but this year we didn't. We are actively saving up for the baby." Cheung added: "I'm constantly imagining how I would play with the baby after he/she is born and we're even thinking about his/her future education. My wife is from the U.S, perhaps our baby will study abroad in the US. Of course, the most important is the baby has good health." 

Known as Andy Lau's Godson 

The baby has been bringing good fortune to his father. Cheung is in both of the current airing TVB series Return of the Silver Tongue and Coffee Cat Mama, which had been quite well-received. Many viewers greatly praised Cheung's two roles in both series are outstanding. He has been said to be the dark horse that will make a breakthrough as a TVB Siu Sang. Actually Cheung debuted 12 years ago after winning Andy Lau's appreciation and since then he had been known as Andy Lau's godson. Cheung's debut film was Give Them A Chance, a 2002 film directed by Herman Yau and later he appeared in several other major films such as Infernal Affairs II and Cat and Mouse. In 2006, Cheung joined TVB and became a television actor, he played minor roles for several years before gaining recognition in Three Kingdoms RPG. He said: "When I first started acting in TV series, I actually wasn't happy at all because I had to start all over again. One time, I played an eunuch for three months, but I was just standing there, like I was getting punished. I just had to keep telling myself, I am here to be an actor, not a superstar. Even if I had only one line in a series, then I will try my best to say that one line." 

Cheung's Ah Q spirit has indeed kept him going, but the reality is, in order to survive one must have money. "About 4 years after I joined TVB, I began to wonder, if I keep going on like this, I basically can't survive. Fortunately I had an Uncle who has a factory in Mainland and asked me to go help him. I wanted to change professions with all my heart, so I agreed." Back then, Cheung was living in Tseung Kwan O. To get to work, he had to drive to Sheung Shui, then get on the train to Shenzhen and in the evening, he had to do the same thing to get home. Each day, he spent 4 hours commuting. "I endured through that long commute for two weeks and because I was too tired, I got into a car accident. That time I asked myself, if I just died like that, then shouldn't I do something I truly enjoy?" 

Breakthrough: Foolish 'Fan Kan' in Three Kingdoms RPG 

Cheung claimed he thinks pessimistically, but he's fortunate to have his rational other half Angie to encourage him. Angie said: "He was really unhappy, every night he goes out to drink. I told him: 'Life will have its ups and downs, you have the talent to be an actor, don't make it so hard on yourself by doing things you don't like to do.'" Cheung finally decided to go back into acting, "It was the first time in my life I took initiative to say to the producer: 'I'm coming back, do you have any jobs for me.'" Thereafter, Cheung got the role "Fan Kan" in Three Kingdoms RPG playing opposite of Kenneth Ma. The foolish and silly role finally caught the audience attention, people began to notice him and his jobs came one after another. He's just a step away from becoming a lead actor. You can say its double happiness for Cheung Wing Hong.

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