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Kenneth Ma Stumped by Primary School Students

Credit : Source: sharpdaily
Translated by: hyn5 @ 幸而城 Fortunate City

Although TVB series "Three Kingdoms RPG" has finished airing a while ago, male lead Kenneth Ma went to Wu Kai Sha to act as a judge for a primary school students' cheerleading competition. A group of primary school students immediately surrounded him, also constantly calling him Wan Sun, his character name in the series.

One of the primary school students asked Kenneth if he really likes Song Yau, played by Tavia Yeung, causing him to not know how to respond.

Moses Chan loses Aimee Chan, ends up 'walking down aisle' with Law Lan

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Moses Chan loses Aimee Chan, ends up 'walking down aisle' with Law Lan

Moses Chan, Aimee Chan, Kenny Wong, Law Lan, Edwin Siu and Samantha Ko attended the promotional event for TVB series The Last Steep Ascent at Wong Tai Sin. The cast celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival with all the residents there and played 'wedding' games. Initially everyone wanted Moses and Aimee to pair up for the wedding game to walk down the aisle together with a red flower bouquet. However, Moses ended up paired with Law Lan. As a result, Law Lan felt very loved and blew a kiss to Moses "I really do like him. He's a great help in the series!" 

When it was Edwin's turn pick a partner from the hat, he expressed he hopes to get Samantha Ko, "I want a happy Mid-Autumn Festival." However, he ended up with Aimee and joked: "Of course I'm happy to have Aimee, but with Ah Mo (Moses) around, I'm not as happy." Then Edwin had to choose another partner to play the piggy back game, he ended up picking his wife from the series (Yvonne Ho), but he joked and shouted she was too heavy. When Aimee and Moses were asked to take pictures together, they were embarrassed and Aimee dragged Kenny Wong into the picture. 

Aimee later explained: "Because Kenny and I are a pair in the series, so that's why I pulled him into the picture. (Ah Mo didn't pick you for the wedding game, are you disappointed?) It's just a game. I wanted to get Law Lan too!" As for Moses, he said awkwardly: "We're not playing a game now, you all are playing us, but luckily I chose Law Lan otherwise it would be a big deal. (Afraid Aimee's going to be jealous?) No, just playing, promotion." When speaking of Mid-Autumn Festival, Aimee was happy to be able to spend the holiday with Ah Mo. Asked how they'll be celebrating the night together? Aimee laughed and covered her mouth: "I'm not telling you!"

Thursday, 20 September 2012

楊怡謙仔真相! !

Tavia Yeung & Him Law's press conference clarifies the 'car sex' incident & relationship

Credit : Source: TVB E-News, TVB Scoop, HKChannel, Sina News, (images)
Translated by: aZnangel @ 

Tavia Yeung & Him Law's press conference clarifies the 'car sex' incident & relationship 

Today, Tavia Yeung and Him Law held a press conference, accompanied by Virgina Lok, to explain the incident from a few nights ago. Reporters spotted Tavia hiding herself with her face in between Him's legs, while he was driving her home. It was suspected they had 'car sex' as well since Tavia appeared to have some drool on the corner of her lip after she got up from laying on Him's legs/thighs. 

Tavia: "That day, we had the 13th TVB Artistes Training Class reunion. Basically this is held each year, we all have dinner and drink. I rarely go out to gatherings or go out to social. My alcohol tolerance isn't high either, that night I had such a good time, I drank a lot. Prior to going to the reunion, I already told Him Law, 'Why don't you come pick me up, I definitely won't be able to drive after drinking and hope to have someone I trust take me home.' My classmates and I all drank a lot, we were pretty drunk. When we were leaving, he [Him] already told me there is paparazzi outside. I personally don't like too much attention, I don't want people to follow me when I go out. There was Meini Cheung and two other classmates that went in the taxi with me. We went to Meini's house and then I got in his car later. I already started vomiting in the car, and don't remember what happened. When I got off the taxi, I started vomiting all over the floor, until Him came to pick me up, I already don't remember what happened. As an artist, actually nobody wants to let others see them drunk. To a person I trust, that moment when I slept on his thigh, there definitely are no doubts and is not what the media tried to twist. What I must mention is, why did you all see those pictures, because when we got to the entrance gate of my house, he warned me, 'Hey, Ah Yi, hurry wake up, there's dogs [paparazzi].' An artist facing such a sensitive moment, the first reaction I had was to cover my face with my hat. But when I got up, I felt like throwing up, so I took the bowl of noodles next to him (perhaps he was waiting for me too long and didn't have anything to eat), once I got the bowl, I started throwing up. After throwing up, I had some wet spots on the corner of my lips and this is how the news report came up. Actually I want to clarify, absolutely nothing like what the report said happened in the car (referring to the 'car sex'). Of course, there were some things in between that I don't remember, so he will have to tell you all."

Reporter: So are you and Him publicly announcing the relationship now? 

Tavia: We are currently in the direction of getting to know each other and letting nature take its course. 

Reporter: Then do you think there is a chance? 

Him: I think relationships, leave it to fate. In the future, Tavia and I will positively develop the relationship, but currently we are indeed in the process of getting to know each other. (Tavia: Yes) 

Reporter: Are you two still cohabiting?

Tavia: Cohabiting? The truth is I'm cohabiting with my mother, it had been like that all along. I think the word cohabiting could mean, if spotted going in/out together, then it could be called cohabiting; if spotted in the car together, then it could be called cohabiting too. I think the first priority is work. Just like what we just said, we are still in the stage of getting to know each other, and in the future if we develop further, then we'll let you all know.

Reporter: But when you got in the car, you didn't even put on your seat belt? 

Him: Actually I was wrong here too. I shouldn't have let her lay on me for so long...I should perhaps...but.. (*both starts laughing) (Tavia: Not laying on you, no.) Well you all know what I mean... 

Tavia: Because when I got in the car, when a person is drunk and kinda just collapsed, what can't happen? But in an environment of trust, there are no doubts. 

Reporter: Well in the report, it said there was some 'foreign matter' seen? 

Tavia: Then did you see it? 

Reporter: I didn't. 

Tavia: Let's take it out and see it then. 

Reporter: Any embarrassment? 

Tavia: No, I didn't do it, there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Actually, I already discussed with my lawyer today and I reserve the right to take legal action because I think this damages my reputation. To some extent the published words is defamation. I will have my lawyer follow-up with this incident. 


[*** Eileen Cha did a separate interview with Him and Tavia on Scoop. There may be some overlap with the press conference. ***] 

Eileen: Him, if she wasn't Tavia and perhaps Meini, would you have let her sleep on your thigh too? 

Him: As I have a very good relationship with Tavia, of course I will take care of her. If it was Meini, I would perhaps have some other friends take her home. 

Eileen: Then what happened? Tavia woke up, and reporters took pictures? 

Him: Actually I was already waiting for her at Meini's house. I saw her throwing up, so of course I went to look after her. I helped her into the car. Well actually I set 2-3 hours aside ahead of time (Eileen: very attentive), because I knew she would drink a lot and have a good time. 

Eileen: How come you didn't tell her not to drink then? 

Him: If she would listen. 

Tavia: No, I would only drink with friends I trust. Even if I'm laying on his thigh, I know he's someone I trust. If I'm sitting in a taxi, would I lay on the driver's thigh? Then the news wouldn't be like this. 

Eileen: Did you continue to take care of her when she got home? 

Him: Well Tavia's mom was there. I saw that she was safe, then I just took the taxi home. 

Eileen: 40 minutes in the car, what were you two doing, why did it take so long? 

Him: I don't know how long it takes, but it takes time to drive back to Tavia's house. I was driving slowly because she's drunk, I was afraid she would throw up and not feel well. I don't mind if she throws up on me, I can wash it off, I'm more concerned of her feeling. 

Eileen: Tavia, do you really trust Him, and always ask him to drive you? 

Tavia: I usually drive myself around. Of course, I trust him. When your drunk, you want to get in a car that you trust. 

Eileen: Tavia has been very nervous, and we tell her, if she didn't do anything, there is nothing to be nervous about. So, why are you still facing this so seriously? 

Tavia: Eileen, I'm sure you know me well. I watch myself very closely, especially my career. After this incident, I don't think I can just relax and say I didn't do it and that's it. I want to formally clarify that we did not do anything like what the report said. It provides an explanation for myself and my family, that nothing like that happened. I've been worried, even though I knew such news would come out because it will definitely damage my image and affect us both. I'm also worried, my family would be affected emotionally. For other things that I didn't do, I'm not worried that people will criticize. 

Eileen: But you rarely have these types of news. 

Tavia: Zero. So, that's why I think I absolutely have to clarify this incident. For myself, for Him, for my family, for everyone who cares about me, I think I have to clarify my personal integrity because as a public figure, everyone is watching you and what you do. If our behavior is like this, I think I would be ashamed to be acting or to send any positive messages to the public. I have a lot of younger fans, so I feel I must clarify this incident. 

Eileen: What is your relationship now? 

Tavia: We are currently getting to know each other. He is a person who takes good care of me. There are a lot of things we can't predict. What I think is most important now is to clarify the incident. As to our future development, it depends on what path we take. I hope everyone just don't judge our character just based on this incident and we did something bad. 

Eileen: What about you Him? Tavia just described you, how about you? 

Him: Of course, Tavia is a good girl. Just like she said, sometimes she can get really playful, but that's fine. I can look after her and protect her. For the future, we will develop the relationship in a positive way. 


Also, after the report came out Tavia posted on Weibo, she said: "As public figures, we always reflect on our personal integrity and actions, but as the media, do you all have personal integrity? An article written with a pen can be so remarkable, is it because the Hong Kong media has already reached the end? For what reason do you all not report the truth, but instead twist the truth? .....where is your conscience....." 

After the press conference, Him said on Weibo: "Just completed the press conference, set the record straight! I hope friends that support me will understand the truth through my interview with Eileen Cha on Scoop. I know sometimes what we see from our eyes is not the truth. I definitely do what was said in the report." 

Caught Directly In Car: Tavia Yeung hides herself in between Him Law's legs

Credit : Source: Apple Daily, HKChannel 
Translated by: aZnangel @ 

Caught Directly In Car: Tavia Yeung hides herself in between Him Law's legs 

It has always been an open secret in the industry that 33 year old TVB FaDan,Tavia Yeung, is dating 28 year old Him Law, but they never officially made their relationship public. Last night, the couple were spotting in the car together. Him just got back from working in Sanya, and was spotted driving to Hung Hom to pickup girlfriend Tavia, and then take her home to Tseung Kwan O. In the 40 minute car ride, Tavia was seen hiding with her face in between Him's legs the entire time. When [Apple Daily] reporters rushed forward to take pictures, Tavia was very embarrassed and refused to show her face. 

Although Him and Tavia did everything they could to conceal their 'sister-brother' relationship, this time when Him was driving Tavia home, they were naturally caught by reporters. At around 7pm, Tavia and her classmates from the 13th TVB Artistes Training Class, including Matt Yeung and Tsui Wing, celebrated their 14th anniversary together at a Japanese restaurant in Hung Hom. At around 9pm, Tavia went outside near the restaurant entrance to make a phone call. At the classmate reunion dinner, Tavia uploaded a group photo of them having a great time on Weibo, it appears she was in a great mood and had several drinks. She and the group didn't leave until 1am. Tsui Wing and Matt first helped Tavia into the taxi, while Him was in a separate car secretly followed behind. When the taxi got to a dark street in Hung Hom, Tavia got off the taxi and immediately jumped into Him's car. They didn't leave immediately, but instead waited 10 minutes before taking off. When Him drove into the city, he maintained a slow speed of 30km, but Tavia's head wasn't seen in the car anymore. Perhaps people may misunderstand because Tavia knew reporters were following, so she got out of the car and left. 

However, after 30 minutes into the car ride, reporters still couldn't see Tavia's head in the passenger seat. When the car turned towards the parking lot near Tavia's home in Tseung Kwan O, there was some leeway for the car to stop. Reporters took advantage of this opportunity and rushed forward to take pictures. To the reporters' surprise, Tavia was still in the car, but hid her face in between Him's legs. Based on natural reactions, we predicted Tavia wanted to avoid the reporters in the fastest way possible, so she quickly dived towards Him's legs and tried to hide herself. It is believed, she was in that same position for a period of time during the car ride. At the time, she was in an ambiguous position, as if she had a super "secret" and was afraid to show her face.

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Raymond Lam injuries finger, have difficulty putting on his pants,

 Credit ; Source: Oriental Daily, Mingpao, TVB E-News 
Translated by: aZnangel @  

Raymond Lam injuries finger, have difficulty putting on his pants 

TVB Executive Norman Leung hosted celebration banquet rewarding the cast and crew of Three Kingdoms RPG. Raymond Lam, Kenneth Ma, Tavia Yeung, Sharon Chan and Ruco Chan all attended. However Raymond was 45 minutes late to the celebration. He explained while he was rushing over, he carelessly injured his finger, Raymond said: "After shooting a water scene for my new film, I went for a shower. While I was getting ready to get out to change, I was rushing while pushing the shower curtain back and carelessly jabbed my finger into the wall. It was hurting pretty badly and swelled up too. I could barely put on my pants, but it shouldn't be anything serious. Luckily it's my left hand, otherwise I wouldn't be able to sign the autographs." Earlier, director Vincent Lok worked with Raymond on a comedy film and praised his abilities. He said Raymond could do anything, he could be either Chok, not Chok or non-handsome. Raymond thanked him for the compliments and expressed he doesn't have too many comedies, so he's very grateful to have a group of seniors there to help him feel more comfortable. Asked if he has to put down a burden when doing comedies? He said: "No burden at all, especially for an actor, there has never been any burdens. Basically since my first TV series, I have never cared about my image. You can ask Tavia and them too, back then they always asked me 'hey why don't you ever comb your hair?' And I would say, well that's how my character is." 

Supports 'One Vote Per Person' 

As for the 'One Vote Per Person' voting system at this year's TVB anniversary awards, does Raymond think his chances are higher since he has so many fans? He said: "Not related, but I do support this idea because more people could participate and naturally get more attention and higher ratings. Awards are like a bonus, the awards ceremony is more like a reunion." When speaking of Kenneth's breakthrough in Three Kingdoms RPG, many artists from the industry are supporting him to becoming this year's TV King. Kenneth said: "Thank you." Tavia asked: "Did you give them money?" Kenneth joked: "I threatened them in private." Then Kenneth continues: "I don't mind the One Vote Per Person. (Feel more confident with this system?) I actually think the results of this new voting system is completely unpredictable. I believe it will bring excitement and happiness to audience. (More relatives could increase your votes?) Voting like that is awkward. I'll try my best, the award would be a bonus or if I don't get any awards, I'll still be working as usual. (Do you think you'll lose to Raymond Lam, who has a large fan base?) Nothing about who loses to who, there is still The Last Steep of Ascent and The Confident that is waiting to air." Tavia said the new system satisfies audience as they could be part of the voting. 

Rumored Three Kingdoms RPG Sequel

It was rumored Three Kingdoms RPG is getting a sequel, Tavia and Kenneth already had ideas on how the sequel could be. Tavia said: "Kenneth played a childish character, but in the sequel he could be a more serious character, like a poet. As for me, I should be the opposite, shouldn't be so well-behaved, I could be a party girl!" Asked if it should be a modern version? Tavia said: "If it does happen, I think a modern version would be best, so it won't be so difficult for us to film." Kenneth said: "But I'm thinking how I could come back to life because I died. (Tavia: "it will be a whole different story") Doesn't matter, as long as I'm still paired up with Tavia." The reporter asked if Tavia was okay with the pairing? She said: "Okay, of course, we're a pair. (Will audience get bored of it, you guys always pairing up?) Oh no, audience like it. I think if we weren't a pair, audience wouldn't like it and complain." 

As for the other on-screen couple, Sharon and Ruco, they just hoped to have more scenes. Sharon said: "I'm not going to be a guest star anymore, my story has to be longer." Sharon had a very sassy character, does she want to be something else this time? Ruco jumps in: "I don't think she was sassy at all. (Sharon: "Really? How can that be?") Pretty girls, you wouldn't think she's sassy, you would think she's normal. (Do you think your girlfriend could be pretty and sassy then?) Only if its Sharon. (Sharon: "Wait until I throw a tantrum on you and then see what happens.") Yeah you should try." Sharon added: "He's such a good sweet talker." Ruco replied: "Only to you."

Charmaine Sheh a 'rich lady', does not dare to admit good at investments

Source: Mingpao, HKHeadline&HKChannel (images)
Translated by: aZnangel @ 


Charmaine Sheh a 'rich lady', does not dare to admit good at investments 

Yesterday Charmaine Sheh, Moses Chan, Wayne Lai, Linda Chung, Raymond Wong and Leila Tong attended The Next Magazine's Healthy Star Awards 2012. In a recent interview, Charmaine talked about her investment on homes and getting rich off of RMB (Chinese currency), making her a 'young rich lady' in the industry. Yesterday she modestly said: "I didn't make that much, otherwise I wouldn't have to work. I'm still working hard and really like acting. Actually, I'm not considered that good in investment, still learning and discussing with the consultant at the bank." When asked whether she'll retire if she makes a profit on another house? She said: "Didn't think about that. I currently just have one home because I'm always flying around. I don't dare to buy stocks, I can't keep up with the stock market's ups and downs. When I'm working, I won't be able to answer the broker's calls, so my only long-term investment is to buy homes, that is the most stable." 

Charmaine thinks the current Chief Executive CY Leung's (Leung Chun Ying) policy is "average for now", the housing prices haven't gone down, "Actually I feel a little contradictory. When the market is doing well, the housing prices won't go down, but then I don't want the Hong Kong market to be bad. I just want the government to implement some policies to crackdown on the property speculation, to help us investors." 

Yesterday Charmaine went to cast her vote because this year she really wants to express her strong opinions. When asked if she voted against the National's Education system? Charmaine said: "I think National's Education needs to be publicly announced to the teachers and students before we discuss over it. The government should also accept the citizens' views. This is a society of democracy, there should be this right. We should all just sit down and talk it over." 

TVB new series The Last Steep of Ascent is airing soon, but lead actress Maggie Cheung has already left the company, Moses Chan expressed he's not worried he'll have to take up the heavy responsibility of promoting the series himself. He also does not mind if the attention is focused on him and his girlfriend Aimee Chan. "We have a different relationship line in the series, so there is no need to confuse our personal life with work." 

Wayne Lai defends Sheren Tang 

It was rumored TVB plans to start shooting Rosy Business 3 (RB3), Wayne Lai continues to be the male lead, but because Sheren Tang was demanding for too much, she was kicked out by TVB executives. She gets replaced by Myolie Wu as the female lead. Later, Sheren denied the rumor on Weibo. Yesterday Wayne strongly supported his good partner Sheren: "There are a lot of speculations on the internet, some people said Sheren won't be shooting RB3 and that someone else is going to shoot it instead. Some people no longer want the series to be called RB3. Actually whether if its going to be filmed, its not significant if there's Sheren or not and it is not necessary to care whether the series title is RB3 or not. What's most important is there will still be drama. Some people say Sheren was demanding too much on the contract, but I think its pointless to try and hurt her, it's very unfair to her. If she doesn't shoot the series, there could be thousands of reasons, and TVB may even drop me as well and still use the RB3 title." 

Wayne expressed earlier Netizens redo the Forensic Heroes III pairings, he said: "I hope everyone stops talking about this. Sheren and I are good partners. If I shoot the series, and she doesn't, but make awkwardness for us, that wouldn't be good." He expressed many times the series titles are tentative, it's not a big deal if the name RB3 isn't used. He hopes people could just stop and leave Sheren alone.

Kent Cheng feels emotional that 'King Maker' is getting higher ratings,

Credit ; Source: Mingpao 
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Kent Cheng feels emotional that 'King Maker' is getting higher ratings

Yesterday Kent Cheng and the cast attended a promotional event for TVB series King Maker. It was announced last week's ratings averaged 31 points, and peaked at 34 points. There were about 2.2 million viewers that tuned in. When Kent celebrated the success, he felt emotional and greatly praised the younger artists boosted the ratings and bowed to them on behalf of producer Leung Choi Yuen.

Kent said: "I'm very happy that each and every artist put in so much effort into the series. It is not seen often in other series and the ratings are gradually going up. This time, it was a sincere collaboration. I was indeed pretty nervous because I only have one series each year. This year I will no longer shoot another one. The series started off a little slow, but last week it got pretty good." He does not dare to put his hopes up too high for the finale rating because it is not decided by the artists.

Lawrence Ng gives clues on his female co-star in 'The Hippocratic Crush II'

Credit ; Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ 

Lawrence Ng gives clues on his female co-star in 'The Hippocratic Crush II' 

Lawrence Ng and Patrick Tang attended the last show of musical Queen of Windsurfing (風之后). He reveals February of next year, he'll be participating in TVB's The Hippocratic Crush II. He denied that he's making a TVB comeback because he owes them: "Earlier at Eric Tsang's birthday party, I bumped into Virgina Lok and we made a deal. I'm not doing this for money, it is to help TVB. I benefit too. The sequel will be with the original cast, but let me first spill some of the beans, the lead actress is someone who has collaborated with me before. She's top quality and isn't married yet. Ada Choi is too busy, but I hope we'll have a chance [to collaborate] in the future."

Side Note - According to TVB Weeky's chief editor(Weibo@ckwok), Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung are confirmed to be in the sequel. Yesterday they attended Three Kingdoms RPGcelebration. 

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Single Bosco Wong & Niki Chow no fear of rumors

Credit : Source: Mingpao 
Translated by: aZnangel @ 

Single Bosco Wong & Niki Chow no fear of rumors 

Yesterday morning, Bosco Wong and Niki Chow were shooting Kowloon Tong for TVB new series A Good Heart Goes Haywire. Then later in the afternoon, Bosco was a guest on Jamie Chik's show Tasting Life and her husband visited them on the set. Since Bosco and Myolie Wu broke up, he has lost a lot of weight. He now looks like he has a big head. When asked if he contacted Myolie? He said: "No, I just got back two days ago. (Myolie bought a mansion?) That's good, she hasn't moved yet, but I haven't bumped into her." 

It was rumored Bosco has been madly SMSing Myolie trying to patch things up with her, but he denied: "I SMS her sometimes, just friends sending greetings. (Home alone coping with the love injuries?) Don't exaggerate it. It's not the end of the world." He also said it is all fate, whether if they could reconcile or not. Michael was asked if he has comforted Bosco? He laughed: "Bosco is free now, no need to make calls and report what he's doing! When fate comes, they may be able to be together again." 

In the scene he was shooting with Niki, it was about them visiting Ha Ping at the elders home. Bosco reveals he has kiss scenes with Niki because they're a couple in the series, but does not know when they are going to shoot it. Reporters teased that the two have coincidentally fallen out of love and are single again, will there be a chance of them developing a relationship? Bosco said: "There shouldn't be anything, we collaborated before. We're actually not that familiar, but we're friends. It's nothing." Niki laughed: "You think it's that easy? I'm very professional!" Bosco was asked if he's giving Niki back to Kevin Cheng? He said: "I didn't say anything." 

Niki didn't think Bosco severely lost weight and she hasn't followed his news. When asked if she pays more attention to Kevin? Niki said: "Nonsense!" Lately Bosco easily gets rumors, is she afraid she'll get involved too? She said: "It's my business too? No, I'm not part of it. There shouldn't be any rumors and it's not our first collaborate. (You are both coincidentally back to being single?) Work is work. I won't be looking for someone here. We are all very professional. (How is Bosco feeling now?) Nothing much, he's very professional. I don't think there is anything special, the atmosphere on the set is really good. Of course I don't ask about his personal life."