Thursday, 29 May 2014

Angelababy sweetly supports Huang Xiao Ming's new shop

news from ; Source: MingPao
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Angelababy sweetly supports Huang Xiao Ming's new shop

After Huang Xiao Ming and Angelababy openly admitted their relationship in public, they have been two peas in a pod both in and out of work. Earlier, they attended the Cannes Film Festival together, and then yesterday, they appeared together in Shanghai. "Millions of Milkshakes", a milkshake shop that Huang Xiao Ming took part in investing, had their grand opening yesterday. Baby appeared as a mystery guest, sweetly supporting her boyfriend. Other guests included Paris Hilton and Jean-Cluade Van Damme, but Xiao Ming and Baby remaind the focus of the crowd. 

The grand opening was held at Shanghai Wujiaochang Wanda Plaza. The venue was packed with fans very early, and when the stars' cars arrived, the fans burst into screams. Baby and Huang Xiao Ming arrived i nthe same car, and walked to the red carpet holding hands. They even waved to fans on both sides, and the fans replied by yelling the two's names. 

Personally made a milkshake for her boyfriend

At the event, Angelababy personally created a milkshake mixed with strawberries, cucumbers, blueberries and chocolate for Xiao Ming to taste. The 4 ingredients are his favourite; after her took a sip, he gave the milkshake to Baby to share. Baby obediently took a sip, showing their love to the public. She strongly promoted her boyfriend's milkshake shop, and yesterday, she especially flew to Shanghai to support him. 

"Millions of Milkshakes" is an American milkshake shop. This Shanghai store is the 7th chain store following the ones in Hollywood and Dubai. Huang Xiao Ming invested in this Shanghai branch of the shop, and especially invited international celebrities Paris Hilton and Jean-Claude Van Damme as guests, attracting international media outlets' attention. Xiao Ming expressed that bringing this milkshake shop to Mainland is to hope to promote a healthy lifestyle to the youth. 

Kevin Cheng: I am not going toward to become a hunk direction

news from : Source: ON.CC (HK)
Translated by: tvfan @ Asian E-News Portal

Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) had plaster on his forehead when he went for the god worshipping ceremony for new series, Heaven's Sight (天眼) in Tseung Kwan O TVB City (將軍澳電視城), and it turned out that he strike the 'top prize' upon ending work last night.

Kevin laughed and said "After knocking off from work, I push and knock onto the door and am puzzled that this happens. At that moment, I am unaware of bleeding and others will tell me to go to hospital if they see it. Fortunately, the wound is not deep and does not require stitches." When asked if he was too tired after filming, Kevin said "Nope, the company is already considerate."

When the reporters asked if he was worried about disfigured, Kevin laughed and said "I am not going towards to become a hunk direction. Moreover, I am already disfigured and had 5 stitches when playing ball earlier, and had 10 stitches during the filming of Yip Man. This time, it is considered unlucky only."

Kevin then estimated he will resume filming after resting for 2 to 3 days and said "The injury is a small matter and unable to hide due to the prominent area. I can only start working when the make-up is able to cover the area."

During Filming: Tavia Yeung has the power of bringing bad luck to her partner?

news from : Source: ON.CC (HK)
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Artiste Tavia Yeung (楊怡) and Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) attended the god worshipping ceremony for new series, Heaven's Sight (天眼). When Tavia saw the wound on Kevin Cheng's (鄭嘉穎) forehead, she assumed it was his new image and laughingly said she had the power of bringing bad luck to her partner, as Steven Ma (馬浚偉) had some nose problems during the filming of Storm in a Cocoon (守業者). Thus, Ruco jokingly mentioned that it was better for him to stay away from Tavia and in the series, Kevin who acted as brother helped him to shield the misfortune.

Films new series: Linda Chung approaches her friend to teach her sewing

news from ; Source: ON.CC (HK)
Translated by: tvfan @ Asian E-News Portal

Female star, Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) wore a black dress to attend an event and revealed that she will be filming series related to fashion, and working with veteran artistes, Damian Lau (輩劉松) and Liza Wang (汪明荃).

In order to act the role well, Linda approached her good friend to teach her sewing and said "I ask my friend to teach me sew by machine and hands. Although the script is dead, but I want to make the role  alive. Damian takes care of the juniors and highlights that it is difficult to act for this role, and I need to add in some creativity. (Developing as TV Queen?) Hope so!" In the series, a well body built man will be her boyfriend. Linda laughed and expressed she did not really like bodybuilder but admired the six packs though. She said "I love guys who love their bodies!" When the reporters laughed and asked that boyfriend, Philip Ng failed to meet the criteria, Linda said sweetly "He is quite healthy though."

Julian Cheung: I prefer to stay silent & help Oxide Pang

news from : Source: Mingpao (HK)
Translated by: Admin @ Asian E-News Portal

Today, Julian Cheung (張智霖) is recording for a TV Show. When mentioned about the news of Angelica Lee's (李心潔) husband, Oxide Pang (夫彭順) having an affair, Julian replied that both of them were good friends and it was inconvenient to provide his comments.

Julian said "I feel surprised to a certain extent. As a friend, it is best to keep silent and help him. (Aaron Kwok 郭富城 said he is upset?) Keeping silent is considered helping him and I do not wish to give problem to anyone.".

Kate Tsui reveals she was force kissed by Nancy Wu

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Kate Tsui reveals she was force kissed by Nancy Wu

TVB new drama "The Ultimate Addiction", with main leads Bosco Wong, Kate Tsui, Nancy Wu, Ben Wong and Toby Leung, will be airing next Monday. Yesterday, the cast gathered at a seaview restaurant to promote the drama. TVB even spent a heavy 6 figure amount to connect live at the event with the main lead, Bosco, who was filming at Hengdian in Mainland. The artists who were at the venue made fun of Bosco, how was on the big screen, making it a very funny moment. 

Kate laughed saying yesterday was the largest promotional event in history; broadcasting live in two places seems like something that would only happen at anniversary events; therefore she is very happy to be able to participate in such a heavily invested drama. She also revealed that TVB will also produce souvenirs to gift to the audience. Kate expressed that it's been a while (since she's been in a big production), so she feels it's very rare opportunity. Will she have pressure for ratings because of this? She replied: "We'll try our best! We still have a lot of promotional jobs. We will be going to the Shanghai TV Festival in the beginning of June, and will also promote the insert song she will sing for the drama. It's been a while since I sang, but there is no plans for releasing an album yet." Kate also laughed saying Bosco is very busy making RMB in Mainland, so she hopes he can return to Hong Kong as soon as possible to promote together and attend the TV Festival. Asked if Kate has any intimate scenes with Bosco in the drama? She stated that they do not, but she does with Nancy, so she feels she made a breakthrough. She explained the scene happens because Nancy suspected that she was a lesbian; therefore there is a kissing scene: "It's pretty intense, challenging the boundaries of TV. It was a little awkward, but it was more awkward for Nancy because she was the one taking initiative, and it was also very quiet on set!" 

Nancy laughed stating that kissing Kate was even more nervewracking than kissing Bosco, who plays her husband in the drama, because she has never force kissed someone else. She even had to push Kate against the wall. Because she was afraid of hurting Kate, they NG-ed two times. She expressed that she and her good female friends will often give each other small pecks: "But actually force kissing someone and being force kissed by someone is not a good experience, because it is only one-sided, not mutual!" Nancy, who also has quite a few kissing scenes with Bosco, continued saying that this time is one of the more intimate experiences in her whole career. Asked if Kate or Bosco is better to kiss? She laughed saying the two are different; with Bosco, they are very normal husband-wife kissing scenes, but force kissing Kate felt more intense! 

Toby is training for abs to become a fighter

Toby appeared with a sexy, black, transparent outfit, revealing her bra and showing her long legs. She stated that she is now working hard on getting abs for her fighter character in her new drama in August: "Want to train for abs; I'm also doing boxing and Table Dance now, hope to be more strong and fit because I hurt a ligament when filming for "The Ultimate Addiction"." She also laughed saying she (her look) is sexy in a healthy way, just a bit exaggerated in the past. She even admitted that her bust size has shrunk!

Kevin Cheng accidentally hits the door frame and bleeds

news from: Source: MingPao
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Kevin Cheng accidentally hits the door frame and bleeds

Yesterday, Kevin Cheng and Tavia Yeung attended the blessing ceremony for TVB'w new drama "Heaven's Eye". Seeing a bandaid above Kevin's left eyebrow, he exposed that the night before, when he was leaving the set after filming, he accidentally hit the door frame and started bleeding. The producer immediately went to the hospital with him. Thankfully, he didn't need any stitches. He laughed: "After I hit (the door frame), I only realized after a crew member told me I was bleeding!" Is he worried that it will "ruin" his face? Kevin calmly replied: "I've gotten hurt my face many times. I've gotten five stitches before from playing ball, ten stitches from filming. This time, I didn't even need any stitches, just a bandaid for it to heal. I will go for a check up after resting for three to four days." 

Tavia Yeung's male partners can't escape injuries? 

Tavia Yeung teased Kevin saying he is clumsy, she said: "I thought it was make up! I only knew it was an injury after he came in "crying"." Tavia realized that earlier, when she cooperated with Steven Ma in "Storm in a Cocoon", he also injured his nose. The male artistes that she cooperates with cannot escape having injuries? Tavia waved her hands and shook her head saying: "It's not my fault! I'll scare off everyone if you say that!" 

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Tavia Yeung drinks winter melon soup to stay hydrated

news from : Source: ON.CC (HK)
Translated by: tvfan @ Asian E-News Portal

Tavia Yeung (楊怡) was filming outdoor shooting in Kowloon Tong (九龍塘) under 33 degrees hot weather, as reported from Hong Kong Observatory.

When asked if she felt unwell, Tavia said "Nope but I still ensure myself to stay hydrated and drink the winter melon soup boils by my mother." Lately, it had either been raining or sunshine and Tavia said "I prefer sunshine to rain as it slows down the filming schedule few days ago."

Monday, 19 May 2014

On their blogs: Edwin Siu & Priscilla Wong console each other

news from : Source: ON.CC (HK)
Translated by: tvfan @ Asian E-News Portal

Currently, the rumours between Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) and Priscilla Wong (黃翠如) are the highlights of the media and Priscilla was under high pressure as a result. Thus, Edwin was very worried for Priscilla and on his blog, he left a 'love' message in the early morning: "I am feeling tired due to the recent incident and hope everybody will not hurt the one I love. Please look for me directly should if you have any doubts and you should know where I live?" As Edwin wrote in his message 'the one I love', it led to everyone suspecting that he was referring to Priscilla Wong. 

As for Priscilla, she had not address the issue directly and replied to Edwin through her blog this morning: "I just realise it, full of gratitude and touched as well. You are always brave and worse than me during this period. However, you mention that sunshine may not shine tomorrow and a rainbow will always appear after a rainy day, isn't it? In fact, we are not the leads but audiences in this movie. Let us 'jia you 加油' together!" As such, looking at them consoling each other and it seems that their romance is about to expose.

On her blog: Koni Lui expresses her gratitude to her baby

news from : Source: ON.CC (HK)
Translated by: tvfan @ Asian E-News Portal

Lately, Koni Lui (呂慧儀) is promoted to Mummy status and on her blog, she suddenly posted a message to express her gratitude to her baby: "In this world, everyone has their independent characteristics and will not die even without each other, but I cannot live without the baby in my tummy. I enjoy the feeling being needed and short period of pregnancy. I feel very secured and cherish you in my tummy. The changes in hormone, my thinking and mood is so magnificent and thank you my baby!"

It is obvious to see that Koni thoroughly enjoys her pregnancy and the feeling of her baby in her stomach. No wonder, pregnant woman will always feel they are blessed with happiness!

Maggie Cheung listens to music and does yoga to relieve mood disorders

news from : Source: MingPao
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Maggie Cheung attends the press conference for mini movie "Along the way there you" yesterday. The movie depicts many cases of mood disorder. Maggie explained "We must not ignore mood disorder, we need to seek medical help as soon as possible. Artists experience mood swing, up and down and it is very easy to suffer emotional disorder. I usually do exercise, yoga and listen to music to get emotional stability. I don't get into the role I play in real life." Maggie has been hosting some TV programmes, she won't be filming any series in the next two years. She explained "I haven't come across a script to my liking, therefore, I won't be doing any drama in a year or two. I take my time to do something for the community and the church". 

Loretta Lee had a nightmare! It was her ex-husband

news from : Source: MingPao/The Sun
Translated and edited by R.E.D@

Carman Lee, Loretta Lee, Fennie Yuen and Lawrence Ng etc attended a promotion activity for TVB series "Never Dance Alone" in a shopping mall in Yau Tong yesterday. Loretta's popularity has risen since the series of "Never Dance Alone". She has been getting plenty of job offers to do commercials recently. She revealed that she had a nightmare the night before "My ex-husband called me and asked me to be the spokesperson for a beauty product. I didn't know what to do, I wasn't sure if I would get money from him. So far he hasn't given me any alimony, I hardy have any contact with him. (Why didn't you ask him for maintenance money?) I don't think I could get anything from him. I sued him once, my daughter is nearly 18 anyway, don't think I can get anything from him. If he doesn't want any responsibilities, there is nothing I can do about it. I have forgiven him already, let's hope he stays away from me and doesn't give me any troubles."

It's Lawrence birthday today, the organizer prepared a big birthday cake for him to celebrate his birthday a day early. Lawrence expressed "I have been busy working these days, I don't always have time to get involved with the promotion activities for the series". Lawrence went on to say that he will be flying to Shanghai to film a new movie soon, therefore, he may not be in Hong Kong for the final episode of "Never Dance Alone". Speaking about the rumor that the film version of "Never Dance Alone" is being planned; Flora Chan and Loretta Lee may not be included in the cast, Lawrence replied "I didn't hear Eric mentioned anything about the film version. Flora is very busy looking after her daughter as well as studying, we shall wait and see." 

Sunday, 18 May 2014

No dramas lined up for her; Shirley Yeung decides to leave TVB

news from : Source: Apple Daily 
Translated by: Chloe.C @

No dramas lined up for her; Shirley Yeung decides to leave TVB 

35 years old this year, Shirley Yeung, who was the 2001 Miss Hong Kong Pageant Champion, was with TVB for 13 years. Her personality is the type that doesn't know how to join the crowd, doesn't know how to bow and scrape to the executives; therefore the chances she's been given by the company has been quite little. In addition to her three sided love rumours with Gregory Lee and Andy Ng, it's been rumoured that the company was not happy with her and resulted in getting frozen. In the past few years, she's continuously requested for some drama roles to the company, but they ignored her wishes. Recently, her contract with TVB has ended. TVB is willing to renew her contract, however the terms were not ideal. After some long and deep thinking, for her daughter, she's decided to take a risk and go out into the free world, and hopes to find her breakthrough. 

Having recently returned to being "freelance", Shirley now does not have TVB as her patron. With no manager, her road ahead is still blurry, she must now depend on herself to earn money to raise her daughter. Yesterday, Shirley accepted an interview with our magazine, and admitted that she and TVB have terminated their contract. Regarding rumours that TVB's renewal contract terms are very harsh, such as a big drop in salary and being kicked out of the manager department, Shirley commented: "My decision to leave has nothing to do with salary. The truth is that it isn't as harsh as the reports say it is. In fact, they even increased my salary, but it's just that we could not come to a consenus in terms of drama filming, so I made this decision in the end."

Don't want to look back

Shirley expressed that she has constantly voiced to the company on her requests to film more dramas, but they never fulfilled her requests. She said: "They say they will try their best and arrange it. These past few years, I haven't had the chance to film any dramas, only been filming variety shows. My youth is limited, I think it is the right time now to try some new things." (Are you disappointed with TVB?) She said: "We should always look forward in life, and not look back and talk about the past. I believe tomorrow will be even better." 

In the past few years, there have been quite a few TVB artistes who have left the company. Other than the salary being low and the lack of chance to grow, was her decision affected by this "trend" of artistes leaving? She replied: "Everyone is their own individual self, I don't think it's really about following the crowd, it's more about seeing what you need. It's just that at this moment in time, I've chosen to try another direction, learn some new things and enrich knowledge." 

Shirley, who is raising her two year old daughter, Krystal Yeung Cheung Wing, by herself, has been struggling with her contract renewal decision for quite some time. She said: "When it's around the time of the contract expiring, you will start thinking of the direction of your path. This decision is like the intersection point of your life. One is a devil, one is an angel, which one should I listen to? But when you've made the decision, then you will feel really relaxed, and you know where you want to go." She expressed that there were quite a few friends who believed that "a big tree is a good shelter", and that not renewing the contract is very risky, but Shirley said: "There are also people who support me, and believes that I can do it. As long as I try my best, no matter where I go, it will be the same. If I take more initiative, I will try and strive for more different jobs." She continued: "In my 13 years with the company, I've learned quite a lot for a period of time. I want to learn some more new things, or go to different places to film and learn from others. You ask me if I'm taking a risk, it certainly may be a challenge. Where there's risk, there's a chance, this is an opportunity." 

Finding opportunities in Mainland

Asked about her future direction, Shirley expressed that she does not have to worry for the moment. There are quite a few jobs being arranged right now, including some management companies who she is discussing with. She even said: "I want to try some new things right now. First of all is filming dramas, so I will go to Mainland to see if there are any dramas I can film. I believe if I open up, opportunities will come." In terms of family, Shirley had already made plans early on: "My mother and I have agreed, for now, my mom will take care of my daughter. Technology is advanced now, we can chat on the phone, so I will know what is happening with my daughter."

Edwin Siu and Priscilla Wong "express love" on Weibo

news from : Source: SingPao
Translated by: Chloe.C @

Edwin Siu and Priscilla Wong "express love" on Weibo

Ever since Edwin Siu and Priscilla Wong's relationship came to light; first was Priscilla being photographed staying at Edwin's house for 60 hours, and then Edwin's ex-girlfriend, Gigi Ho, posted "The evil cannot prevail over the good", attracted many rumours of Priscilla being the "third party". Early morning yesterday, Edwin posted a "declaration of love" on Weibo, and even used the words "the person I love". Althoug he did not say her name, but afterwards, Priscilla replied with "You always give it your all regardless of anything"; publicly "flirting" with each other online. 

After the rumours of their relationship broke out, first, Edwin went on TVB's "Scoop" to help clear up the rumours for Priscilla. Although the two main characters of the news would not respond to Gigi Ho's "The evil cannot prevail over the good", under pressure, the previous night, Edwin wrote a "declaration of love" on Weibo: "I've been quite tired because of the things happening recently, I still hope that everyone can stop hurting the person I love. If there's anything, please find me. You all know where I live anyways?" Although he did not say who "the person I love" is in the post, but surely everyone can tell who it is at a glance.

After rain, there will always be a rainbow

Priscilla, who insisted on staying quiet after the news broke out, replied (to Edwin's post) on Weibo afterwards: "Just discovered this. Grateful, and then touched. You always give it your all regardless of anything. During these days, you've actually been in more pain than me. You said, there may not be sunshine tomorrow, but after rain, there will always be a rainbow, right? Movies always have to end at a point in time, but actually, we are not the actors of this movie, we are just the audience. Let's work hard together." This time, Priscilla used "You always give it your all regardless of anything" to reply. The two expressed their love through Weibo, it seems like the day to a clear sunny day for them is not far away. 

Charmaine Sheh described George Clooney: OMG! Such a nice guy!

news from ; Source: MingPao
Translated and edited by: R.E.D@

Hollywood diamond bachelor George Clooney who is rumored to get married in September attended an "Omega" promotion activity in Shanghai the other night. Wearing a dark suit, his appearance attracted so many famous ladies including Charmaine Sheh and Qiqi. etc. Charmaine Sheh couldn't wait to have a picture taken with him. She was so impressed with his mannerism, she left a message in her micro blog, saying "OMG!Such a nice guy!"

Apart from attending the promotion activity for Omega, George also helped to raise fund for "Orbis". George danced with a girl who has visual impairment on stage as well as showing off his brush strokes. He disclosed that both his father and him are "Omega" fans. When he became the spokesperson for 'Omega", his father took out an old "Omega" watch he bought years ago. George took the watch to the company, after they had restored the watch to its former glory, he gave it to his father as his birthday present. On the night, George took off the watch he was wearing and signed the gift box for auction. All the proceed from the auction will go to "Orbis" 

Monday, 12 May 2014

Kevin Cheng needs to ask Him Law's permission before kissing Tavia

news from ; Source: Janestar/The Sun/MingPao
Edited by: R.E.D @ 

Kevin Cheng, Ruco Chan, Tavia Yeung and Samantha Ko attended TVB upcoming crime thriller "Eye in the Sky" costume fitting yesterday. In the series, Kevin and Ruco portray brothers, in which Kevin is a policeman while Ruco is the ultimate villain. Tavia portrays a private investigator, who later becomes romantically linked to both men. Kevin revealed he will share intimate scenes with Tavia, but there will only be one kissing scene. However, the scene will replay several times throughout the series. When asked if Kevin should request permission beforehand from Tavia’s compatible onscreen partner, Kenneth Ma, he laughed and exclaimed, “Why should I need to ask him? Shouldn’t I be asking Him Law instead?”

With the chance to share romantic ties to both Kevin and Ruco, Tavia feels very lucky. Earlier, Ruco also remarked he needs to ask Kenneth for permission before filming a kissing scene with Tavia. Like Kevin, she wanted to know, “Why is there a need to ask him?” Instead, Tavia looks forward to sharing a kissing scene with Samantha Ko, since it is a new experience. The kiss will take place when the two girls pretend to be lesbians in front of Tavia’s father to avoid him from introducing her to different men. Tavia is looking forward to kissing Samantha as this would be her first time kissing a girl.

Speaking of Mother’s Day on May 11, Tavia will take her mother out for tea and give her flowers. Asked if she has plans to celebrate with Him Law’s mother, Tavia revealed she would send a text message and ask her out to eat if there is time. Asked if the two families will dine together, Tavia expressed, “We’re not like that, and we’re not too familiar. I never bring my mother along even if I dine out with friends!”

On the other hand, Ruco’s TVB management contract is coming to an end, and he reportedly voiced big demands for a salary increase. Ruco expressed, “What’s considered big, and what’s considered small? TVB has its own system, and it’s fine as long as I’m happy.” Ruco added that the reports were false, and his contract renewal is not a big issue because he will remain at the company to film. “It’s not even time to discuss the matter yet, so I don’t need to be rushed into thinking about the conditions. Actually, every artist hopes for a double win. TVB is a large platform, and hopefully it can extend to other places.” 

Ada Choi has more then "double" her investment a few times,

news from ; Source: MingPao/The Sun
Translated and edited by: R.E.D @

Eric Tsang, Ada Choi and Ruco Chan attended the ribbon cutting ceremony for an investment company yesterday. The MC congratulated Ada for her husband winning the best supporting actor title. Ada, wearing a white tube dress and showing her long legs disclosed that she is successfully managing the family finance "My husband does not like to invest in money (He doesn't ask you about investing money?) That is right, I usually tell him about my investment, he also told me not to die yet because he wouldn't know how to manage the family finance. I told him he has to. Now that he has more work, so have I, and we work hard together, we are blessed. (Have you double your investment?) More then double a few times!"

Eric Tsang is the spokesperson for the investment company. He disclosed he invests his money in different occasions at different times. Asked if he has invested in the entertainment business promoting Raymond Lam and Fala Chan, Eric smiled and said "Raymond is so popular already, no need for me to promote him!" Eric went on to say the company specifically want to help new comers. "Fala is very motivated, she has been to many places to study filming. As for Raymond, I will help him if necessary. They all call me "dad", I treat everybody the same." Eric denied the rumor that Flora Chan played up, hence she was absent from "Never Dance Alone" promotion activities, in her defense, Eric said " Don't get it wrong. From day one of the filming, she has been very happy. I know she has to concentrate in her study and exam and she had already said she might not be able to attend all the promotion activities. She is a professional actress, I admire her!" 

Linda Chung: Kate Tsui looks pretty and healthy in the advertisement

news from ; Source: MingPao/ The Sun
Translated and edited by: R.E.D@ 

Linda Chung attended a cell phone promotion activity in Causeway Bay yesterday. Many fans turned up to see her despite the rain. Linda apologised to them "I am sorry about the rain, you come out to support me rain or shine, I love you all." Speaking about Kate Tsui took over from her as the spokesperson for a company selling slimming products, she has lost a few million dollars as a result. Linda said "The company and I worked very well for the last three years. Since the company has changed the style of advertisement and it is quite normal to change the spokesperson too. (Kate appeared in bikini in the new advertisement!) she looks very pretty in the advertisement, very healthy looking. As long as it suits the purpose of the advertisement, it doesn't matter if one has to wear a bikini. But some magazines instead of reporting about the healthy aspect of it, used harsh words to describe it in a different way. Linda was asked if she has to ask her boyfriend first before she can appear sexy in a commercial ? Linda replied "I work for myself and I make my own decision what job to take. My family and friends have trust in me, I don't need to worry about them." Linda also denied losing 3 million dollars. She said the magazines are fabricating the figures. "I am very contented with what I've got. I am in the process of signing more commercial jobs to do."