Friday, 3 January 2014

Charmaine Sheh Never Thought of Dating Ron Ng

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Charmaine Sheh Never Thought of Dating Ron Ng

Currently suffering numbness in her hand, Charmaine Sheh attended a New Year's Eve Countdown event with Moses Chan, Ron Ng and Koni Lui. Charmaine disclosed she is about 70% recovered now and aside from all the other jobs she previously accepted, she has basically stopped working. She said: "I really hope to fully recover before I start my new series in January, which will have some action scenes. (Use a stunts double?) Can't use a stunts double that much, artists should try to do the scenes themselves as much as possible. I will try my best." 

Currently still single, does Charmaine hope to find her Mr. Right in the new year? Such as Ron Ng, who is also at the event? Charmaine laughed: "Never crossed my mind! He's a brother!" 

Ron hoped to try new things in this new year, he said: "I hope to give stage plays and comedies a try." Charmaine mentioned they're impossible, Ron said: "She really knows how to care for the people around her." Does Ron mind girls being too proactive? Ron laughed loudly: "Haha, I don't mind. When fate comes, can't block it." 

Aimee Still Bleeding After Birth, Admitted to Hospital 

Moses and Aimee Chan's son Aiden Chan was born on December 4th, but 20 days later on Christmas Eve, Aimee was still bleeding, thus she was admitted to the hospital again for treatment. That day Aimee went through a natural delivery, the doctor checked her and discovered the reason Aimee is still bleeding is because there was a burst in her vagina and therefore caused inflammation. She will have to undergo surgery and be hospitalized for three days for the wound to heal. Yesterday at the event, Moses admitted his wife did indeed have to go undergo surgery, "she was hospitalized, but it was just a normal check up. Its not that serious, no worries."

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