Friday, 3 January 2014

Him Law Gives Eliza Sam a Kiss for Bandaging His Finger,

news from : Source: Oriental Daily
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Him Law Gives Eliza Sam a Kiss for Bandaging His Finger

Yesterday Eliza Sam, Him Law, Myolie Wu and Alice Chan were filming at the ancient street for TVB new series Vinegar Lady. Him and Eliza play a married couple, and had a flirting scene. The scene was about Him Him and Heung Heung rushing to make a lotus lantern, then Him Him joked he could tear down the sky and grab the stars for her. However, when he put the moon-shaped bamboo over his forehead pretending to be Justice Jung, he carelessly injured his finger and Heung Heung quickly helped him suck out all the blood and bandaging his finger. Him Him then gave Heung Heung a kiss on the cheek, making her smile sweetly!

This is Heung Heung's first costume drama and because she just won the Most Improved Actress award, she felt really pressured and frequently NGed. Fortunately the crew showed understanding for her. Heung Heung said: "Everyone told me to try my best. This time, I'm having difficulty saying some of my lines, but still since its kind of close reality and its a comedy, it helps comfort me. I'm not the first Western girl filming a costume series, since my seniors can do it, one day I can read the script myself and won't have to depend on PinYing."

Jealousy, Don't Talk About Tavia Yeung

Him Him pairs up with Heung Heung once again, and even get to give her a kiss. He laughed: "The producer probably wants us to be more affectionate, just holding hands and a hugs are enough." He praised collaborating with Heung Heung again there is no distant feeling. Asked if he's been teaching her Chinese? Him Him said: "The miracle is she has English comparisons in her script, I can see how hard working she is."

In the series, Him Him is entangled in between his two wives Heung Heung and Myolie Wu, who plays a very jealous lady. In reality, does Him Him like to enjoy this kind of happiness? He shook his head and said: "Let's not go there, just filming the series I can feel how troublesome it can be. (Then is Tavia Yeung the jealous type?) Let's don't talk about that!"

Myolie Hopes Someone Jealous Because of Her

Myolie plays a "vinegar lady" (jealous) in the series, but in reality Myolie frankly expressed she likes to be jealous too, that's how you can show you care about your other half. She said: "If I don't get jealous, then that means I don't have any feelings for my other half. If my boyfriend doesn't get overly jealous, I actually feel happy! (Has anyone been jealous because of you?) Nope, still single." Last year Myolie developed a lot more in Mainland, but she didn't calculate how much she earned, she felt the most important is getting more opportunities. When she completes her next TVB series Walk with You in March, she will be heading up to Mainland again.

That day, Myolie had a separate scene opposite of Alice Chan. The scene was about how Myolie noticed there was a bug on Alice's nose, so she went forward to flick it off. Before the cameras rolled, Alice picked up a bag full of live bugs and scared Myolie so much she screamed. Alice laughed and said the most challenging for her are those quarreling scenes, she was yelling so much her throat started hurting.

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