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Master of Play' premiere may trigger 'Adam Cheng Effect' predicted 300 point drop in stock market

Credit ; Source: Mingpao
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'Master of Play' premiere may trigger 'Adam Cheng Effect' predicted 300 point drop in stock market 

Adam Cheng's new TVB series Master of Play will premiere tonight (Monday). Fans are not only on a careful lookout for Adam's comeback, but investors are also on a close lookout for another 'Adams Effect' (aka Ting Hai Effect) to attack Hong Kong. Early May, when the series first started promoting, a drop had already been seen in HK's Heng Seng. On May 16th (Wednesday), Adam appeared for the series' first promotional event, and it was reported Heng Seng's stocks had a 634 point drop from 19,259 to 18,951 points.

Starting from 1992 when Adam's series The Greed of Man came out, the stock market had huge drops and since then whenever an Adam series released, the stocks would just keep dropping. The phenomenon became known as the 'Adams Effect', which had not stop for 20 years. 

Tonight, TVB will be airing new series Master of Play starring Adam, Moses Chan, Maggie Siu and Aimee Chan, produced by Jonathan Chik and edited by Chow Yuk Ming. WhenMaster of Play started promoting early May, Heng Seng bank already had huge drops in the stock market, which leaves it difficult for investors to not believe in the 'Adams Effect'. Yesterday at the promotional event, Adam said: "The stocks won't be going back up that fast, but actually should continue to drop. In fact, it shouldn't be the natioanl financial crisis, back then during the 'Adams Effect', there was war and foreign factors and that's why the stocks dropped so severely. In principle, it is buy low and sell high. My wife pays attention to the stocks too, I remember back during the financial crisis, she bought Standard Chartered bank and got a few meals." When asked if Adam personally believes the 'Adams Effect' will kick in again this time? Adam helplessly said: "The stocks are dropping like this, it's hard for people to not believe it, but I'm afraid to jinx it!" Although Adam is afraid to say something wrong, he still predicted that the Heng Seng stocks will drop 300 points! 

Meanwhile, yesterday at the promotion couple Moses and Aimee Chan were showing off their love. Towards Adam's predictions that Heng Seng stocks will drop 300 points on today'sMaster of Play premiere? Moses said: "Even before the broadcast of this series, the stocks already dropped 2,000 points, but after the broadcast it will be different. I believe Adam's prediction is quite reliable. Initially I had no intention to buy stocks, but now I have this plan. However, we shouldn't say Adam is making the stocks drop!" 

Aimee frankly expressed she doesn't know how to buy stocks, but she thinks Adam is amazing, so amazing that he can influence the stock market. So, she's planning to buy low and sell high as well. Whichever stock Adam buys, she'll follow.

Better to be on-screen Siblings 

When speaking of Adam joking of how he was unaware that he became the couple's matchmaker while shooting Master of Play? Moses said: "We met because we were shooting this series, that is the truth. In the series, she plays my younger sister. Perhaps audience may get more into the story because no one wants to see us on screen as a couple. Just like Tom Cruise, couples should just develop behind the cameras. Personal matters should continue to happen in our personal lives."

Selena Li stresses she's 100% single, now accepting pursuers

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Selena Li stresses she's 100% single, now accepting pursuers

TVB artists Selena Li and Leanne Li did a catwalk for a wedding dress show. Selena expressed her injustice, she said: "The reports are always saying I have a boyfriend, that really affects me. Now no guy dares to come near me. I want to stress here that I am a 100% single, I don't have a boyfriend. My requirements for a boyfriend is I hope he is filial, ambitious, loves me, good character, taller and smarter than me. I am accepting pursuers!" 

Regarding to marriage, Leanne said: "Wong Cho Lam and I have consensus. Career is our priority now. (You already met the parents?) Still have maybe 2 or 3 years before we will start thinking about marriage. Dating is sweeter, I really enjoy this period." 

Linda Chung gets 'groaning skills' advice from Bobby Au Yeung

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Linda Chung gets 'groaning skills' advice from Bobby Au Yeung

At the TVB series House of Harmony and Vengeance promotional event yesterday, the ratings for last week were announced. Last week, the average was 30 points and peaked at 34 points. In episode 15, there was a bed scene with Linda Chung and Bobby Au-Yeung after being drugged. When the drugs kicked in, Linda started groaning: "So hot!" Then she said to Bobby while giving him a hug: "I want it!". Netizens turned this part of the scene into a spoof, a 10 second clip called "Brainwashed Linda Chung Groaning". Some Netizens said the clip insulted Linda! Yesterday at the promotion, everyone made Linda into a joke. Bobby claimed he taught Linda how to do the groaning. Linda laughed and said she learned a lot from him and praised how good of a teacher Bobby was. She said: "Thanks to Bobby's teachings, that time there were some areas I didn't know how to portray. I would have never thought there would be such a big reaction when it broadcasts. In fact, that day when we were filming, we were laughing so hard our stomachs were hurting. As for me, I have little experience in this area, Bobby is full of experiences, so I went to ask him for advice." She said she's not upset with Netizens' behavior, but she won't recommend audience focusing too much on this aspect. 

As for exposing her 'career line' in the series, Linda frankly expressed in usual days she shows "a little", and she does not mind healthy sex appeal. When asked how her boyfriend sees it? Linda said: "Huh? If I had a boyfriend, he can have an opinion and if it's not too over, I should be happy." 

It was reported Bobby's wife went to HK Sanatorium & Hospital to seek assistance from an infertility doctor? Bobby said: "I don't know whether or not she went to that hospital, but sometimes when I have the cold or flu, I would go too. Actually, I don't want children. If we wanted children, we would have had one earlier on, and won't have to wait until now. We have consensus already, it's better for us to play with other people's children." When speaking of a magazine reporting that Michael Tse had an affair behind his wife's back? Bobby laughed and said he doesn't have enough guts to do that: "Mrs. Tse is beautiful and powerful, I believe Michael won't make unnecessary sacrifices."

Bobby Au-Yeung: "Mr. Good Turned Bad is Still Loveable"

Credit : Source: Yang Cheng Wan Bao
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Bobby Au-Yeung: "Mr. Good Turned Bad is Still Loveable"

House of Harmony and Vengeance starring Bobby Au-Yeung, Evergreen Mak, Myolie Wu and Linda Chung is currently broadcasting on TVB. In the series, Bobby changes his past 'Mr. Good' image and turned into a deceitful and mischievous crafty musician (Kiu Bo Lung). He develops a romantic relationship with Myolie and Linda. Yesterday Bobby accepted an interview with Mainland's Yang Cheng Wan Bao's Evening News. 

Transformation: "Mr. Good Turned Bad" 

As for Bobby's 'transformation', he laughed and said he can finally break through the "can't be bad" image. Bobby expressed he turned 'bad', but is still lovable. "It is too dangerous to give me a villain role. All along, no one has dared to give much such a role, but this role is in between good and bad, not considered a bad person. After being a good person for so many years, it is good for a little change. Although I had the chance to be 'bad', the filming process was quite a devil. We were filming the series in the summer. It was honestly too hot and there was a few times I almost got a heatstroke. I felt like my whole body was numb, and couldn't say my lines at all. There was one day, I had to change into 5 pairs of undergarments and 2 pairs of underwear because it was just completely soaked in sweat." 

House of Harmony and Vengeance sets in the Tang dynasty and revolves around the music bureau. There were several dance experts in the cast, and Bobby was one of them. Back when he was in the [TVB] Artist Training Class, he scored the highest in his class in modern dance. He has also participated in the Miss Hong Kong dance performances. This time, did he personally teach the FaDans dancing? Bobby modestly said: "I've done modern dancing in the past before. I shouldn't cause trouble this time and mess everything up. The girls had a dance instructor train them. Each day when we get off work, it is already really late, and early in the morning on the next day, they have to go for dance rehearsal again. It is very difficult. Fortunately, the results turned out very nice. Some audience said each night, they felt like they were watching the TVB anniversary." 

The FaDans: 'Girlfriend' today, 'Stepmother' in the next 2 or 3 years

Bobby's on-screen partners started off with Amy Chan, then to Esther Kwan, Marianne Chan, Jessica Hsuan and recently his partners gradually started getting younger and younger. In the recent years, he started collaborating with the huge age gaps Tavia Yeung, Myolie Wu and Linda Chung. Bobby teased: "No choice, its the temporarily lack of manpower! The male artists are more advantageous in this area. They can keep acting for 20-30 years, just like Hollywood actor Michael Douglas pairing up with 20 year old actresses. That's not a problem. However, female artists changes fast. In this series, they may still be my girlfriends, but in the next 2 or 3 years, they'll become my stepmother." 

How does Bobby evaluate the younger generation FaDans? Bobby expressed: "This is my first time collaborating with Myolie Wu. We had chemistry right away. She has a lot of ideas and gave a lot of useful suggestions. Her unibrow look is very cute. The unibrow look, half of it is her own design. Girls usually want to look beautiful, but she's willing to make herself look like that, very brave! When I was shooting Forensic Heroes, Linda Chung was still a young girl, but now she's already familiar with 'electrifying' people. After several years of training, she has completely changed to another person, in both acting and as a person. She initially didn't know how to dance, during the House of Harmony & Vengeanceshooting, she had to work and do dance rehearsals, but she already got a hang of it in the middle. Tavia Yeung takes the lead already, and have always had stable performances. She can collaborate with anybody, whether with Raymond Lam, Kenneth Ma, Evergreen Mak, or with me, nothing will affect her performance." 

The FaDans are changing over and over again, but Bobby still maintains the 'zero' rumors fate. In the entertainment circle, this is truly not easy to do. On the contrary, Bobby is actually feeling a little regretful: "Before I got married, I had no rumors. After I got married, I still didn't have any. Why isn't there any rumors? Is having no rumors a good or bad thing? Don't tell me, I'm not attractive?" 

TVB: "Old Friend Left, Turned Into An Orphanage" 

Bobby has been in the entertainment industry for over 30 years. In 1981, he joined TVB through the Artist Training Class, and became a TVB actor after graduation. After racing for several years, he finally becomes TV King from Witness to a Prosecution and then again for Dicey Business at the International Emmy Awards. He has long since become the top competitor in TVB, and been labeled as the 'Sequel King' and 'Housewife Killer'. Although Bobby already switched to a 'per series' contract with TVB, each year he still shoots a series with the company. He's considered a 'Rating Guaranteed' artist who knows his blessings. 

In the recent year, his old colleagues have been leaving TVB, even his old partner and good friend Jessica Hsuan left. Bobby expresses his feelings: "I feel it's a pity because there are not many seniors left. When I go back to shoot a series now, there are many 20 something year old artists around me. I don't have any brothers around, feels like I'm in an orphanage, where I'm the head of the department taking a group of young children." Will he consider going out to seek for a new place to belong? Bobby frankly said: "I still have a 20+ episodes 'per series' contract with TVB. Working between Mainland and Hong Kong, as long as the time, co-stars and mood are suitable, I will do it. In the last few years, I've done a lot of Mainland series I think being a Hong Kong artist is more useful."

'Master of Play' terrifying premiere gets 25 complaints

Credit : Source: Mingpao
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'Master of Play' terrifying premiere gets 25 complaints 

TVB controversial series Master of Play premiered last night and was instantly named 'Golden God Series'. Netizens are actively discussing and analyzing the storyline, dialogue and the performance of the actors. Since the production team Jonathan Chik and Chow Yuk Ming set the stage with their previous series When Heaven Burns, audience were prepared to get the same feeling from this series. Yesterday the Broadcasting Authority received 24 complaints on Master of Play being too terrifying, bloody, disturbing and is not suitable to broadcast during that time slot. TVB also received 1 complaint. As far as the TV ratings, the first episode averaged at 28 points, and peaked at 30 points (~ 1.92 million viewers). 

That night, Adam watched the first episode of Master of Play with his wife and daughter. They had positive feedback and understood the story. Netizens called the series a 'God Series'? Adam laughed: "Moses [Chan] and I really do have some crazy characters! (Did you complain on the bloody scenes?) I do admit it is a little terrifying. That one scene where the blood splatted on the pillar was pretty frightening, but we handled it well while shooting." Netizens praised Adam's good acting, but when asked if the scene where he puts on makeup while tearing up, demonstrated his acting skills? He laughed and said he was just into character and will have to continue working hard on his acting. 

Adam predicted the Master of Play premiere would make the Heng Seng stocks drop 300 points, but there was only a 29 point drop in the stock market on Monday (5/21). Yesterday (5/22) the stocks went up by 116 points. He laughed and expressed he already said before he didn't believe in the 'Adams Effect'. The current stock market and and TV ratings are both just as important to him. He hopes investors can earn more and hopes more audience will support Master of Play

Editor Chow Yuk Ming gave fans an analysis of his past productions on Weibo. War of Beauty borrows the competition in the palace to describe life; When Heaven Burns sighs on the heartless society in today's world; Master of Play describes sinking into bad habits. Tsui Wing, who played the psychotic murderer in the first episode, already took the lead despite his short 10 minutes appearance. Netizens complimented on his acting, his portrayal had enough 'crazy' elements and his dialogue was so fine. Maggie Siu's alarmed expression while on the hospital bed after learning that her arm was chopped off by Tsui Wing also got praises. Moses Chan's touching wedding proposal to Maggie was applauded by audience. Adam's scene, where he rehearses his lines in front of the mirror and tears filling up his eyes was greatly praised as well. 

Netizens said Master of Play is much simpler than War of Beauty and When Heaven Burns. The suspenseful storyline, making audience want to watch more of it, is what makes it a winner. It was said the mood of the series is very violent, but the picture is not that bloody, which makes it a high level thriller. There are both praises and criticisms on the discussion forums. Some said they were bored for 15 minutes, and didn't understand the story.

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Sire Ma & William Chak have 'dating' chemistry

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
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Sire Ma & William Chak have 'dating' chemistry 

In the latest TVB costume series House of Harmony and Vengeance, Sire Ma and William Chak develop a relationship and have created lots of romantic sparks! In the series, Sire plays a dancer and has a crush on her image adviser William. "Because William and JJ [Jia] also have a relationship, and at the time my role thought he liked JJ's type of girls. So I always had to be like JJ, put on heavy makeup and wear sexy clothing. I created a lot of trouble!" 

Sire also praised William's diligence in real life and that he knows how to look after the people around him. She said: "I remember we had a scene, where I had to jump into the hot spring. The hot spring had disinfectant added into it, so when I was immersed into the water, it made my throat feel uncomfortable and I felt like coughing. But because the scene was about me passing out, William knew to give me a little shake when he carried me out and that helped blur my appearance on camera, otherwise we would have had to retake the scene several times!" 

William frankly expressed they are both under the same manager, so they know each other well in private. He also praised Sire is a good actress and she has an easy to get along personality. In the series, William plays a pretty boy who always wants to look good. William laughed and said in real life, he's quite particular about his looks too: "Most important for guys is to be neat and tidy, but you know I like to play sports and Kung Fu. With exception of having to put on makeup for work, I usually don't really care about these things in my personal life, haha."

Selena Li - Reverse Success

Credit : Source: Next Magazine Issue#1158, TVBChannel 
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/ 

Selena Li - Reverse Success 

As rumor says, Selena Li is pursued by many, that's not surprising. That is related to her appearance. Selena majored in accounting, perhaps she is well qualified in HK's Central, but the place she works at is called TVB City, who isn't beautiful there? That is related to attitude. Selena initially came from a wealthy family, but her father eventually went bankrupted. When she participated in Miss Hong Kong, she won Miss Photogenic, but in the end she didn't even make it in the top five. She opened a beauty makeup school, but gets involved in a pyamind scheme scandal. All of that was worth drinking to forget the trouble, chug down two glasses of whiskey and vomit all over the floor, is what local young girls are likely to do. Selena wipes off her sweat and said: "For anything, should look a bit further, then you will realize there's a lot of the so-called misfortune in life, but actually that is a gift. The misfortune allows you to be stronger when greater future challenges come before you." Such an optimistic and active person, it's rare in this world. 

It's a pity that Selena is said to only like second generation wealthy guys or even wealthy first generations, making the oridinary people take a step back. "I had a boyfriend, named Patrick Tang. We were together for 5 years." 

Wild Princess 

At age 6, Selena moved to Toronto with her mother. They lived in a big house and had a Lamborghini. "My father had a business that specialized in manufacturing calculators. I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I knew all along that my family was wealthy." 

Like a princess. "This princess is wild." Because Selena's mother was too stingy, like an ordinary housewife living in the village, she would only go out to the supermarkets when there are huge sales and thought soda was too expensive, so there would not be any cola in the fridge. "My house was very big and beautiful, but there was not one domestic worker. Vaccuming, doing the laundry, shoveling snow, my 2 siblings and I did it all." 

Her mother liked going out to play mahjong. "During childhood, my relationship with my mother was very distant. It felt like no one cared for me. My father lived in Hong Kong, so he feels like a stranger." 

This Princess fell into difficulty early, she had troubles, but there was nowhere she could complain. "Turns out it is a good thing." 

That's considered a good thing? "I am not considered close with my parents. They got an divorced, but that wasn't a bolt from the blue. I've been living like a poor person since youth. My father went bankrupted, but that had limited impact on our everyday functioning. That's not considered good? At the end of the world, bad things, will become a good thing." Selena sounds like she's using the promotional tactics of an insurance agent. 

Taking a Position

"My mother was frugal, but my father was the compete opposite. He knew his children didn't have money to use in Toronto, so he would secretly send each of us 1,000CAD on a monthly basis." Over HK$7,000 a month, take that to buy an air ticket to participate in Miss Hong Kong! 

At the university in Toronto, Selena studied accounting. Ideally, she would have been working at one of the Big Four accounting firms for a few years and then consider getting her CPA, then take over on her father's business. Business students would be the deputy chairperson and then keep moving up from there, paving their future. Just because she was greedy for that one air ticket, she suddenly left to go participate in Miss Hong Kong before she graduates. "That year (2003), I got to travel to Phuket, Thailand and get a free air ticket to Hong Kong." From Toronto to Phuket, the journey was indeed a long one. 

During the first round of the contest, I won Miss Talent and Miss Photogenic. Then I thought, even if I don't get first place, at least I could get first or second runner-up. In the finals, I got nothing. "That was a huge impact on me, and I started crying instantly. I wanted to fly back to Canada right away. Unexpectedly, I didn't have to be a goodwill ambassador because I didn't have the crown and I had lots of time, which actually gave me the most opportunities to shoot series." Another bad thing, turned into a good thing for Selena. 

That year, the top 3 Miss Hong Kong were Mandy Cho (winner), Rabee'a Yeung (first runner-up) and Priscilla Chi (second runner-up). 

"The first two years, I was already the second lead actress and was full of hopes. Looking at the people around me, who moved up as fast as I did? I was so busy, I didn't get any sleep, but I was happy." 

Selena thought she had a rapid rise, but in the following years, she became unstable. Sometimes she was a supporting role, other times she was a guest star and sometimes it seems she was back as the second lead actress. The rapid rise, it belongs to someone else. 

"I never had a stabled position. I don't know where TVB will put me, I feel so lost. Sometimes, I would think of my classmates, some majored in finance and are making a lot of money. I can say I have pretty good grades, and I'm willing to work, and I'm kind of pretty, if I was on another side, I may get a higher return. This is destiny." 

Life's Project

In 2005, Selena met Patrick Tang while shooting series. "When we were dating, I often complained to him, I have series coming out every year, but I will never get the awards. What elements am I missing? Is it because I really have to rely on relationships to get something?" 

The so-called 'destiny', two years after Selena entered the industry, her father went bankrupted. If he was bankrupted two years earlier or maybe never even encountered bankruptcy, Selena would have definitely had different plans. 

"My father's bankruptcy was a great impact on me mentally, I had no longer had anyone to depend on. In the past, I had broad and high aims because I clearly knew that after all the struggles, no matter how bad the situation might be, I will still have my family as backup. After the bankruptcy, there was nothing left. If it was over for me, then it would be completely over. It is very very different." 

A disappointed person ploughes into an 'atomic bomb' break up with Patrick Tang around the same time. "I'm a person that puts love in first place, it is everything. I still believe the Disney fairytales. I pursue a profound, passionate and perfect romance." 

"When I first started dating him, I was feeling very down. He was on standby and always came to comfort me. Spiritually, he has helped me a lot. This relationship, in that instant, it was amazing! It was just impossible to keep for long. During the period of being passionately in love, one is so blind that no problems can be seen. As time passes, we get used to it and become lazy to contribute any further to the relationship. To maintain a relationship, it is a project of a lifetime." 

The two dated for 5 years and broke up. Since then, Selena's career development has been on the rise again. Could it be that there is another reverse of fortune? "Was my work affected when I was with him? I don't know. I just know that when there's negative news, I won't feel like he was the one that dragged me down." 


In Gloves Come Off, Selena takes on the lead actress role fair and square. "In the recent two years, my position has stablized. My confidence has increased, but actually it wasn't too bad before either. If I tell people I had bad accomplishments, then I would definitely get scolded to death." 

A fairytale love story will eventually come to an end, so why not just do a little planning. Selena's latest rumored partner is Tony Cruz's son and she got him after fighting with her good friend. His qualifications are outstanding comparing to her on-screen partners like Kevin Cheng or Kenneth Ma. 

"I cannot eliminate the wealthy, but all of my ex-boyfriends, not one of them had a wealthy background. A rich boy, who does not depend on his father to give him shade and goes out to make his own living, I will really admire him. At the same time, I also understand, they only have the courage to do so because they know well in their hearts that they have unlimited backup support. That is the same as the old me. So, must cherish everything. When there is no support, it is often associated with greater resonance. From my experience, the majority of wealthy sons have very different system of values than me. Basically, we can't commuicate at all, so how can we be together?" 

Selena does not ask for much when choosing a partner, she just hopes her boyfriend is smarter than she is and is faithful. "The real world is very gray. I've seen too many people that have a girlfriend, but then have another girl. I believe there is retribution. I would never cheat someone and I believe there is the same type of man out there." 

In Hong Kong? Hahaha. "I will want to meet those who came from overseas more. They are not biased, and won't think all artists are just money hungry and want sexual relations." 


Depending on others, why not just depend on yourself. Selena is currently 31 years old. "After my father's bankruptcy, I don't have enough sense of secruity. I watched my parents divorce, and that made me understand even more that relationships can change anytime. Women must not depend on men, must be capable to make her own living." 

Back then, Selena gave up on her education for the Miss HK beauty contest, and ultimately after 6 years, she took a 4 month long break to fulfill her wish in Toronto. 

"In reality, my degree is useless now." Unfortunately in the four month break, she met a friend in the beauty and makeup industry. When she got back to HK, she started her beauty school business. "I wasn't planning to retire from the entertainment industry and switch to doing business. Although, it's comforting to have another backup profession. It turns out, a person cannot do two things at once. Taking advantage of my fame to do business, the money can be easily earned. Whatever business you have, you will definitely be the public's target. Affecting my personal image may not necessarily be worth it. Results, I would just hit a dead end on both ends (as an actress and businesswoman)." 

"Too many people like to complain and make small matters into a big deal. What is better than attacking an artist? If the company boss wasn't me, would it be on A1 (headlines)?" 

Why not ponder over the positive side of this. Before being on A1, perhaps audience would still have a vague impression on Selena, one scandal can really deepen our memory. 

"What's the point of being on one newspaper? In this industry, fame is to be accumulated slowly. Wayne Lai has been enduring for over 20 years before becoming popular. I've entered this industry, don't know how it's going to be like, and so I would hypnotize myself to continue to wait on." 

Move Out 

Selena and Patrick will soon be playing as a couple in their new series. What a joke, but what can she do, they are both working under the same company. It is hard to avoid bumping into each other.

"It's the past. Women are very strange, haven't moved out, kicked him out the door and he would still crawl back into the house. Put up the determination, whatever situation encountered, there will be no pain, no itch. I am that type. Today, when I see Katy Kung (Patrick's current girlfriend), I would just wish them happiness." 

Women are very strange! What are men then? Usually no matter what it is, they cannot clearly tell themselves that they have 100% moved out...