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'Ching Chi Mei' Lawrence Ng is Back, Pressured Meeting 'Famous Doctor' Kenneth Ma,

Credit : Source: Mingpao, Oriental Daily (images) 
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'Ching Chi Mei' Lawrence Ng is Back, Pressured Meeting 'Famous Doctor' Kenneth Ma 

Yesterday The Hippocratic Crush II costume fitting was held at TVB. The original cast including Kenneth Ma, Tavia Yeung, Him Law, Mandy Wong, Benjamin Yuen and the additional new cast members Eliza Sam, Tracy Chu and the 'Three Wahs' - Lawrence Ng Kai Wah, Louisa So Yuk Wah and Jerry Koo Ming Wa attended. Although rumored couple Tavia and Him were there, the attention was still focused on 'Cheung Yat Kin' (Kenneth) meeting 'Ching Chi Mei' (Lawrence). 

It has already been 7-8 years since Lawrence has been in a TVB series, he expressed he feels pressure collaborating with the 'Malaysian' TV King Kenneth Ma and TV Queen Tavia. It was said Lawrence is considered 'god-level' and his juniors cannot compare to him? He laughed: "That's just a rumor! It's the past! I didn't come back to TVB to rescue them nor am I'm back as Ching Chi Mei, I'm Chan Sai Mei! Coming back to my maternal home, it's not difficult to adapt." Lawrence's role is the doctor designated to answer questions about strange diseases. When Tavia first debuted, she collaborated with Lawrence in Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre, when asked if he remember Tavia? He said: "Tavia is getting prettier and prettier. I looked frightening during my debut." 

Tavia and Him became a rumored couple after On Call, Him expressed he only has "normal scenes" with Tavia and his relationships are complicated, he'll be romantically involved with Heung Heung (Eliza) and Crystal Li, but he won't avoid other people just because he's in the same series with Tavia. He said: "We all have to get familiar with one another, that's how we can create sparks." 

In the sequel, Tavia will continue her relationship with Kenneth as a married couple, asked if she'll avoid [intimate scenes] with Kenneth? She said: "I don't mind shooting kiss scenes. If there are kiss scenes, I'm still going to do it. (Him is surrounded by two girls?) It will be better if they get rumors, help promote the series!" 

As for Candy Chang's role 'Jing Jing' from On Call, she's still getting held back due to her involvement in the drug concealment case. Producer Poon Ka Tak expressed she wasn't dropped from the cast, but the arrangements will be made after her case settles. In the story, 'Jing Jing' went overseas and may come back in the end. The climax in the sequel is when Lawrence performs a major surgery on Kenneth.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Bosco Wong Invests HK$7.8million to Open Nightclub in Malaysia,

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
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Bosco Wong Invests HK$7.8million to Open Nightclub in Malaysia 

Bosco Wong, who has been shooting series nonstop, still made time to secretly invest in a nightclub for HK$7.8 million in Malaysia. Last year, Bosco invested in a bar & restaurant called "OverTime" in Malaysia, and changed the name to "House Music Club". He said the nightclub is especially used as a place of entertainment for his customers to hold parties. There will be a live band, bridge-styled stage and other 3 million MYR (~$HK 7.8 million) of investments. Although Bosco is currently busy shooting in Hengdian, he is not worried about the business: "When you're out in the working world, you rely on friends. I've known my group of investors for many years and I trust them. I'm very busy in China, after I complete my current series, I may head over to take a look, but then I have to go back to TVB for work." 

Bosco said his this investment is for him to save money. Actually in HK, he has solid "capital" and already owns three houses. He is considered the "Wealthy Siu Sang" in the television industry. Bosco said: "Of course I"m just treating this as saving money! My 3 homes are under my mother's name! (You are so filial!) Should be like that. (When are you going to be a homeowner again?) I'm saving up to buy the one I"m living in now. (Still live with your mother after marriage?) Even if we don't live together, I will choose to live in a nearby neighborhood. (Future wife has to get through your mother first?) Of course!" 

Next month, Bosco will start promoting for the new HK Lunar New Year film (I Love Hong Kong 2013) and then head back to Hengdian to continue shooting for the Mainland drama. He may not be able to celebrate Lunar New Year with his mother in HK, but the filial Bosco already planned a vacation in March-April to make up for it.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Raymond Lam First Time JSG's 'Most Popular Male Singer"

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
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Raymond Lam First Time JSG's 'Most Popular Male Singer" 

Last night, TVB held their annual JSG Best Ten Music Awards Presentation 2012, presenting a total of 43 awards. Since TVB and the HKRIA still are not on good terms, Eason Chan, Khalil Fong, Pakho Chau, Kary Ng, Shiga Lin, Mr. and the rest of the Big 4 singers were unable to attend the award ceremony. Miriam Yeung, Denise Ho, Leo Ku, Janice Vidal and Edmond Leung are not Big 4 singers, but they were absent from the ceremony anyway. As expected, Joey Yung wins the "Most Popular Female Singer" award for the 8th time and became the big winner of the night sweeping 4 awards. 'King of Chok' Raymond Lam finally takes home the 'Most Popular Male Singer' award due to Leo Ku's absence, and swept 3 big awards. Ivana Wong successfully 'kicked away' Jade Kwan's Fall Out of Love Theory and got the 'Gold Song Gold Award' for her song Message

First time winning the 'Most Popular Male Singer' award, Raymond clarified the rumor of not taking the award when he got on stage to accept his award. He said: "I never said I didn't want the award." He then went on to thank his family and his supportive fans. Raymond's Mandarin song Stubborn Stone Nods and Done Being Naive won awards too. 

As expected by [Oriental Daily], the 'Asia-Pacific Male & Female Singer' awards went to Lollipop F and popular duo Twins; the 'Gold Song Gold Award' went to Ivana Wong's Message. When Twins accept their awards, Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) teared up and said: "The last time we were here was 2007. In between, we went our separate ways, went through a lot of unhappy events and experiences. Actually, our (Twins) path had never been an easy one." When performing her single Until Death Do Us Part, Ah Sa was a little off-tune, but fortunately she quickly recovered. 

Earlier GEM criticized CRHK's Chik Chak music awards for being unfair, last night she won two awards (Gold Song & Most Popular Singer-Songwriter). When she accepted her award, she did not forget to bash Chik Chak one more time, she said: "There is a lot of injustice in society, lots of discrimination, big bullying small and pressure. I think we shouldn't surrender any of our rights. We all have the right to fight for our equal rights." Veteran Jenny Tseng (Yan Nei) said she has no manners, but when the MC asked if she had anything to share to her juniors? GEM said: "I hope we will all greet each other, not just our seniors, but to our peers and everyone." 

TVB 'biological daughters' Fala Chen and Linda Chung won the 'Newcomer Impact Award' and 'Gold Song' awards respectively. In a low-cut sexy dress, Fala couldn't believe she got the newcomer award, she said: "I never thought after several years in the industry, I still have a newcomer award to get. Being a singer is actually very difficult, I hope next year I could get more music awards." Currently an "1 album singer", Fala implied she'll continue singing, and she exposed earlier that she hopes to launch a Mandarin album next. 

JSG Best Ten Music Awards Presentation 2012 (Winners List) 

Top 10 Gold Songs 

01. GEM - What Have U Done 
02. Alfred Hui - Grow Up Once Again (重新長大)
03. Charlene Choi - Until Death Do Us Part (白頭到老) 
04. Raymond Lam - Done Being Naive (幼稚完) 
05. Siu Fay - A Song (一首歌) 
06. Joey Yung - Wallpaper (牆紙) 
07. Linda Chung - Preventive Shot (預防針) 
08. Mag Lam - Tree Vine (樹藤) 
09. Jade Kwan - Fall Out of Love Theory (失戀哲理) 
10. Ivana Wong - Message (留白) 

Gold Song Gold Award: Ivana Wong - Message (留白) 

Most Popular Mandarin Songs
Gold: Joey Yung - Watching Flowers in Fog (霧裡看花) 
Silver: Lollipop F - Plunder (戰利品) 
Bronze: Raymond Lam - Stubborn Stone Nods (頑石點頭) 

Newcomer Impact Award: Fala Chen 

Most Popular Newcomers (Male) 
Gold: Herbert Wu 
Silver: Jay Fung 
Bronze: Adason Lo 

Most Popular Newcomers (Female) 
Gold: Sita Chan 
Silver: SuperGirls 
Bronze: Rainky Wai 

Most Popular Singer-Songwriters 
Gold: Endy Chow 
Silver: G.E.M 
Bronze: RubberBand 

Outstanding Performers of 2012 
Gold: Joyce Cheng 
Silver: Hanjin Tan 
Bronze: Gin Lee 

Most Popular Duets 
Gold: Ivana Wong, Louis Cheung - Flower of Life (生命之花) 
Silver: Joey Yung, Mag Lam - Kite Chasing Kite (追風箏的風箏) 
Bronze: Jason Chung, Karene Mak - Guilty of All Hate (犯眾憎) 

Most Popular Song Adaptation: Alfred Hui - Mask (面具) 

Most Popular Male Singer: Raymond Lam
Most Popular Female Singer: Joey Yung

Asia-Pacific Most Popular Male Singer: Lollipop F
Asia-Pacific Most Popular Female Singer: Twins 

Behind-the-Scene Awards:
Best Composer: CW Tang (Tang Chi Wai) - Done Being Naive (幼稚完) 
Best Lyricist: Lin Xi (Lam Jik) - Stubborn Stone (頑石) 
Best Arrangement: Keith Chan - Goodbye My Lovers (告別我的戀人們) 
Best Song Producer: Johnny Yim - Preventive Shot (預防針)

Jessica Hsuan Wants Freedom, Not Signing TVB Contract, Declines 'Tiger Cubs 2'

Credit : Source: Mingpao 
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Jessica Hsuan Wants Freedom, Not Signing TVB Contract, Declines 'Tiger Cubs 2' 

Yesterday Jessica Hsuan and Elena Kong participated in the Society for Abandoned Animals (SAA) Walkathon 2013 with their beloved dogs. Jessica frankly expressed she will not sign a contract with TVB and decided to turn down Tiger Cubs 2. The reason is because she and TVB were unable to come to an agreement on the contract terms, and she does not plan to sign a long contract with the company. When asked whether she feels its a pity that she gave up on the Tiger Cubs sequel? Jessica said: "Currently I'm all about following my fate, I rather choose freedom. As for if I will ever sign a long contract with a TV station, I will have to see the contract terms first. If one of the terms on the contract is I cannot go anywhere, then there is some difficulty there." Jessica stressed the recent rumor on the magazine reports is not true, she definitely did not disappear for 3 hours. 

Elena Kong just completed shooting Triumph in the Skies II and won't start on her next series until April. She has time to guest star in a few films and was invited by DBC to do a singing performance again. "To me, I'm paid pretty well for singing again."

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Bosco Wong/Kate Tsui/Michael Tse's "I Love Hong Kong 2013" Costumes Exposed

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily, The Sun 
Translated by: aZnangel @ 

Bosco Wong/Kate Tsui/Michael Tse's "I Love Hong Kong 2013" Costumes Exposed 

A few days ago, Bosco Wong was spotted with a long-haired girl in Shanghai, currently filming in Hengdian, Bosco explained over the phone: "She is my assistant in Mainland. She's been my assistant for a long time and have been on the press before. That day we didn't have to work, so we went to lunch somewhere nearby!" 

Also, in the upcoming Lunar New Year film I Love Hong Kong 2013 promotional clip, Bosco had a costume that really stands out. Bosco and Michael Tse play two guys falling for the same girl, the daughter of the tea shop owner, played by Kate Tsui. Kate's role eventually falls for Bosco, they get married and have kids. Joyce Cheng plays Kate's good friend, who has a bold and rough personality. She only loves Michael Tse's role. There was one scene where Joyce did not hesitate to suck on her lover's toes to get rid of the poison.

Him Law Used "Gu Wak" (Crafty) Tactics to Pursue Tavia Yeung

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily 
Translated by: aZnangel @

Him Law Used "Gu Wak" (Crafty) Tactics to Pursue Tavia Yeung 

Young and Dangerous Reloaded starring Him Law, Oscar Leung, Sammy Shum, Philip Ng, Jacqueline Chong and Paul Wong held its film premiere yesterday. TVB executive Virgina Lok and a group of artists including Michael Miu and his wife Jamie Chik, Christine Kuo, Toby Chan and Grace Wong all went to support them. At one point, Ricky Wong's HKTV artist Felix Wong was standing near Virgina Lok, but he did not look too happy. 

Him expressed he's nervous to get his "report card". When asked if he asked rumored girlfriend Tavia Yeung for acting advice to portray his role as Chan Ho Nam? He said: "Nope! This is a film concentrated on guys, so I would the guys. (Ask her how you could be more Man?) I portrayed the role based on my own feelings. (Buy tickets and watch the film with her?) I believe she'll support the films I'm in! (Beating Ekin Cheng is the status she wants in her heart?) You help me ask her! I don't dare to ask her myself." Michael Miu later joked on a radio interview: "If Him wasn't 'gu wak' (crafty), he wouldn't have been able to get Tavia Yeung!" 

Surrounded by gossips and a lawsuit, Oscar Leung, appeared to be in a great mood. Off stage, he was dancing with joy and played with his phone with Felix Wong's daughter. He expressed he wants to get justice for himself. When asked how much money he spent on the lawsuit? He said: "I don't know yet, probably around 6 figures, but I don't need to borrow money from friends yet. (Wong Jing said he's no longer signing [the contract] with you, instead you get a 'per film' contract?) I hope he changes his mind!" 

Race Wong was rumored to have been the third party in between Philip Ng and Linda Chung's relationship. Philip expressed he hasn't seen Race for several months. Asked if he comforted Race after her break up? He said: "Nothing special, just friends talking. (Does Linda know?) Why wouldn't she?" Implying his relationship with Linda didn't change.

Linda Chung to hold Concert in March, Forms a "Miss Virgin" Girl Band

Credit : Source: FACE Magazine, Credit: HKChannel
Translated by: aZnangel @

Linda Chung to hold Concert in March, Forms a "Miss Virgin" Girl Band 

28 year old Linda Chung (Linda BB) just released her fourth album and exposed she really wants to hold her very own concert. Linda expressed the best place to hold her concert would be at Star Hall because the venue is just the right size, not too big, not too small and she can have close interaction with fans. It was understood, Linda has been actively training her voice in preparation for her debut concert in March. She also requested the CEO of her record company "Star Shine", Herman Ho, to form a band with 4 other "TVB Virgins" -- Leanne Li, Grace Wong, Christine Kuo and Eliza Sam. 

According to an insider: "Linda really wants to hold her own concert and has asked her record company several times. Herman promised to help her make it happen and now that she has time, she would rather sleep less and spend more time out jogging to prepare for her March concert." 

Miss Virgin 

Linda BB wants a concert, of course she has to call all her "Virgin sisters" out to support her. Christine exposed she hopes to advance into the music scene as the group 'Miss Virgin', she said: "I want to be part of a band with Linda, Leanne, Grace and Eliza. Leanne can play the guitar, I know how to play an electric violin, Grace can sing and dance. We can even ask Wong Cho Lam to write some songs for us!" Princess Heung Heung (Eliza) immediately echoed Christine: "I listened to Spice Girls when I was young and had this dream too. There are so many people in TVB, we can really form a girl band." 

Christine and Eliza are ready, but Linda's boss Herman is treating this as a secret weapon, "Everything has to wait until Linda finishes shooting her series in February. We haven't decided on the costumes or the details yet and we aren't sure whether we'll be able to invite the other female artists to be the guest performers. I'm still working on the schedules with TVB now and hope to make this concert happen this year!" Linda BB voiced she wanted a concert, her loving boss Herman went out in turbo to make it work for her. 

A Fast Moving FaDan 

Linda released 4 albums and this year she already has the opportunity to hold her own concert. Compared to the other first line TVB FaDans, such as Fala Chen and Kate Tsui, their music career just ended after 1 album. Looks like same people, but different lives.

Fala Chen - Her 'husband' is "Neway Prince" Sit Sai Hang, but Fala waited two years before she had the chance to release her debut album. Unfortunately, not even 1,000 copies were sold. Her contract with Star Shine ended not long ago. 

Kate Tsui - Released her first EP Kiss Me Kate in 2009, selling her sexiness and got several newcomer awards. She actually had a chance to get somewhere in music, but unfortunately her record company "Asia Vigour" went out of business after 10 years in the industry. Kate pitifully became an "1 album" singer. 

Myolie Wu - She signed on with Neway Star in 2008, her debut album was Evolve and Mark Lui complimented her singing. In 2009, she released another EP Loveholic and held a mini concert, but most of her songs were TV series theme songs. This year, she concentrated more on China dramas. 

Nancy Wu - Although she's not a first line TVB FaDan, she participated in the New Talent Singing Contest in 1999 along with Jade Kwan and Deep Ng. Earlier she sang her first song with TV King Wayne Lai, the sub theme to TVB series The Confidant. Fans praised her good singing and she made it clear she wanted to earn extra income with Wayne through stage performances.