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Netizens Vow Not to Watch Ghetto Justice 2 Because of Witness Insecurity Ending

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After news broke out that Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu ended their 8-year relationship, rumors had it that it was due to a third party on Bosco's side. However, it doesn't seem to be affecting his career too much as he is continuing to film dramas in China and also achieved great ratings for "Witness Insecurity." His role of cool and affectionate Hui Sir won the hearts of many audiences. In the finale aired last night Hui Sir unfortunately had a tragic death, causing netizens to explode in criticisms. They criticized that it was far-fetched and unreasonable when wounded Hui Sir was trying to find Kui Chi Lum (Linda Chung) on his motorbike. They complained that this was the worst finale ever and fans requested them to refilm the ending or film a sequel to bring Hui Sir back to life.

Netizens vow not to watch Ghetto Justice 2

Netizens pointed out that because TVB is in a hurry to broadcast Ghetto Justice 2, they cut Witness Insecurity from 28 episodes down to 20 episodes; thus leaving the drama to this choppy ending. Some netizens even went further and vented, "Let us protest by not watching Ghetto Justice 2!"

Producer Lau Ka Ho expressed his satisfaction for the drama for causing such a big response and also for achieving over a 30-point average rating. He admitted that the ending may not be the favorite for some audience, but revealed that he also received alot of congratulatory messages on Weibo. 

Tavia Yeung - A "Clear Water" Life

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Tavia Yeung - A "Clear Water" Life 

Thirteen years ago, Tavia Yeung entered showbiz and started her acting career. Back then, she didn't learn from others and tried to pull publicity stunts. Perhaps this is the reason why it took her 10 years before she started getting recognition from the public. Tavia depended on her acting and abilities to get where she is today. She doesn't mind being known as "Clear Water" (清水) because you can't become a phoenix overnight. 

Clear Water: Practical - Won't Rely on the Media to Gain Recognition 

In the recent years, Miss HK contestants haven't even been crowned yet, but are seen all over the headlines of Hong Kong newspapers. In the last 13 years, Tavia rarely had any rumors, it was only in the past two years that the rumors started 'surfacing'. In the early years of her career, she didn't have any scandals, didn't get involved in disputes, never deliberately made any news, she carried as "silent" personality throughout. The media called her 'Clear Water' because she's just as simple as clear water, like she has nothing. 

Tavia: "I am Clear Water, I think it's good. At least it's a positive image. At least I'm not some strong cup of alcoholic drink, can't shallow it. Perhaps some people can accept it, while others cannot. In showbiz, the ultimate goal is to be able to be accepted by the public. Think about it, how many people like to drink strong alcohol, while watching TV? When other beverages are drank too much, we will all eventually go back to drinking clear water. So, describing me as Clear Water, I am very pleased." 

Clear water differs from other drinks, such as strong alcohol, coffee or tea, it does not require personal taste nor does it have the so-called glamorous rank. A cup of strong alcohol, has a rank, has a taste, it's strong and can get you drunk. Over drinking can get you a hangover, then it's all worthless; A cup of coffee, has a certain value, tangible benefits, many different tastes, people first considers its quality before making a selection, but then its gustation; A cup of Clear Water, has no taste, no fragrance, it's light and clear, but it's thought provoking. 

A cup of Clear Water is simple, no additives and is suitable at anytime, any day and in any situation. Compared to other beverages it is more popular because it's "popularized" and very easy to "accept". This describes Tavia, she does not need any exaggerated rumors, just taking it slowly is actually easier for audience to accept her. 

Clear Water : Views - This Industry is Uncommon 

"Everything originated from a cup of Clear Water, when doing anything, it all starts from Clear Water. Whether Clear Water could be diverse or not, it is all based on how that person is taught." 

But, artists should be multicolored and have an unique flavor to be able to make a breakthrough. Aside from being popularized, Clear Water doesn't have any outstanding qualities, but Tavia apparently wants to keep being Clear Water. Even if there is no way she could stand out among all the beverages, it doesn't matter to her. 

"I'm willing to be like this, its uncommon to be in this industry, but because it's uncommon, I'm willing to be a commoner. But, the most important is, I hope to maintain the purity, and be Clear Water without any impurity. Even if everyone thinks it's better to have more diversity now, but being simple inside is very important." 

Clear Water: Realistic - Depend Only on Hard Work to Climb Up 

"I think coming out of the Artistes Training Class is a bit stronger, especially with the fundamentals. I'm not saying Miss HK isn't good, just you spend a longer period of time in the Training Class. You have to go from a nobody to someone that people knows. After completing the training, you have to get chosen by [producers] to be able to participate in TV series. Then, you have to wait for the series to air, and after it airs, you have to see if your character left a deep impression on audience. I believe if you want to get up top, you can only rely on your own hard work. You have to count on yourself, count on leaving a deep impression for audience, and to take advantage of the opportunities before you." 

Constant perseverance yields success. It is overtime that your accomplishments are seen. Graduated from the TVB Artistes Training Class, Tavia is like a cup that went through a filter before getting to the drinkable water. She took it step by step getting through the layers and layers of sand, gravel and cotton before she was able to get drinking water out. Each step, each footprint; each series, each role; year after year, day after day of training and learning, got her where she is today. 

"I think I'm very lucky and have put in a lot of time. If we take the last 12-13 years, I had a pile of luck because many people have debuted earlier than me, and they have actually been very hard working as well, but they still have nothing." 

Clear Water - Procedure: Insist on the Convention 

"My current position in the course of my life is I am at the stage of work. My next stage in life may be marriage and having children. Then, I must go through illness and death. I just believe this is a life process. I won't jump over a stage in life and not do it. For example, I want to marry. People have asked me if I want to do a wedding photo shoot, I say of course. It is part of my life memories. If he gets old one day, and realizes you have done so many wedding shoots, but none of them are with the person you love, someone who stands next to you to take these wedding photos, then I feel it's a regret. So, I will not miss these steps." 

However, Tavia is not rushed for marriage or having kids. 

"I believe women have had a moment where its love at first sight. Of course, you look at the person's appearance first, but when you enter the professional world and meet more people, you will no longer believe love at first sight. Because love at first sight, will never leave from the looks that attracted you. I just feel I have to be more realistic, must look at how his personality is like and be friends first. Because in this industry, there are too many attractive things, there are the beautiful ones, like the handsome and very masculine men, these are all just descriptions based on the outer appearance." 


Within the showbiz of brilliant colors, if you don't have status, then you will have to spend a few more years of time in order to gain recognition; If you don't have any eye-catching scenes, then you will have to put in much greater effort to let the audience know that you are around. The "Clear Water" Tavia Yeung, who does not pull publicity stunts, have been in this industry for over 10 years before she gradually gets "free publicity", and this is when she really gets a sense of how popular artists are surrounded by gossips. 

Although in reality, we all know newcomers want more rumors and gossips in order to become famous faster, but if these rumors are going on every day, it's going to get boring. Just like drinking the same beverage everyday, eventually it gets tiring. Actually, a cup of Clear Water, wins over every beverage out there.

Reality is reality, must have a realistic attitude. Getting popular from rumors, that's just a moment of fame; Getting popular from your true capabilities, that's going to be lasting; Learn to crawl before learning to walk, slowly leave footprints one step at a time; Becoming popular in a reasonable manner, will get you farther. Tavia Yeung deeply understands this principle, just silently plowing through as a cup of Clear Water.

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Bosco Wong responds to break up with teary eyes; Virgina Lok: He was unfaithful before

Credit : Source: Mingpao, The Sun
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Bosco Wong responds to break up with teary eyes; Virgina Lok: He was unfaithful before

After the high profile announcement of the break up between Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu, ending their 8 year relationship, there has been continuous reports in the past few days. Myolie tries her best to hold in her emotional pain and numbs herself through work. As for Bosco, who has been in hiding for two days, finally appears in public yesterday afternoon at the airport. He responded to the break up in person for the first time.

Since the break up, Bosco did all he could to patch up the relationship, but unfortunately Myolie still decided to split and he has accepted it. Yesterday afternoon, Bosco appeared at the airport with his manager. He'll be flying back to Taiwan to continue shooting Bread Tree Woman for a month.

(Source: The Sun)

R - Reporter ; B - Bosco

R: Emotions recovered yet?

B: The same!

R: Did you know Ada Lin just came forward to explain she's not your third party?

B: I haven't seen the news in the last two days, and I'm actually really sorry. The break up is just between the two of us, but it seems like there are so many people involved, they're all so innocent, really sorry.

R: Myolie was crying during the interviews, like she hasn't gotten over it yet, will you pursue her again?

B: Talk about that later!

R: She was saying it like there was a third party?

B: (*Firmly shakes head*) No! I've been discussing with Myolie on how we can explain this situation. Earlier I already said everything on the radio interview, I'm not going to talk about it anymore.

R: Ms. Lok (Virgina) said she wants you two back together? And when she talked to you, you were crying, is it because of unhappiness or stagnation?

B: Hope so! It's normal to cry when breaking up!

R: Still have feelings for Myolie?

B: (*Sighs, silent for a moment*) I don't want to talk about it anymore, sorry.

R: At the TVB anniversary last year, Myolie said it's difficult to tolerate you? Will you change?

B: My personality is pretty hard to tolerate, but I'm improving each day.

R: What's your relationship with Ada Lin? Did you invite her out for drinking and eating?

B: I don't really know her. Aside from the 2-3 days of filming, we haven't met at all!

R: Its rumored you have a lot of girlfriends? Afraid this may damage your image?

B: I explained this before. I have consensus with Myolie, I will no longer talk about it anymore, sorry. Give us some space. Actually, after this incident, there has been a lot of speculations, I was already prepared for that. The situation should just come to an end now.

R: You once said Myolie is a marriage partner, it's a pity you two broke up?

B: (*Tries hard to hold in tears, voice with sobs*) I don't want to talk about it.

R: What does your mom think?

B: Nothing really, she understands me. But yesterday she took my car out and reporters followed her thinking it was me. She almost fell down. I hope you all can give her space.

R: Still keep in touch with Myolie?

B: We SMS to see how to handle the situation.

R: You, Raymond Lam and Ron Ng are all getting 'played' by the Mainland actresses?

B: I don't want to comment on other people's matters. It's just not like that!

R: Who called it quits?

B: I have consensus with Myolie, we will not talk about it. I hope you all understand.

R: Any more scenes with Ada Lin?

B: No, she's done with her parts. We will not have any more scenes together. This time, I'll be in Taiwan for a month.

R: Spend less time in Mainland to avoid gossips?

B: Talk about it later.

R: Contact Myolie when you get to Taiwan?

B: Give us some privacy to think!

Virgina Lok: Bosco was unfaithful 5 years ago

Virgina Lok is seen as a mother to the TVB artists. The day before, she expressed she contacted both Bosco and Myolie after the break up announcement. She said: "It's been two days, Bosco has probably recovered, he still have to move forward [in life]." She said before the two announced the break up, she could still persuade them and there was still hope, but after the announcement, it's been decided. "I understand how Myolie feels. If I was her mother, I would support her decision to break up too. She's a good girl that placed a lot of time into the relationship, waited so many years and there's still insecurity, she's unhappy, no matter how much love there is, she'll have to let go. Bosco said himself too, if he can't give her a sense of security, then he's wrong. It is my wish for them to be like Andy Hui and Sammi Cheng in the future."

When speaking of Bosco's many girlfriends? Virgina explained: "That's many years ago, definitely didn't happen within the last 4-5 years. Of course there is infidelity in young people. Since Myolie forgave him back then, I don't think their break up was due to that reason, otherwise it wouldn't be this painful now. (Bosco has a lot of girls around him, that's why Myolie doesn't feel secured?) Celebrity couples have much more pressure and challenges." She expressed she had already tried to help the two patch up the relationship several times, but they still ended in a break up. There's nothing left to do, but to accept the fact.

Ada Lin's written statement denying again that she's the third party

Yesterday, Bosco's rumored third party Ada Lin issued a written statement clarifying once again that she's not the third party. She said: "I have extreme shame to be involved in a couple's relationship as their third party. This is principle and a bottom line. I am not considered smart, but I am definitely not stupid. Today, you may be successful as the third party, but tomorrow, there will be another third party that replaces you. I truly understand that this is karma. It's not difficult for either of us to understand. Please believe me, I am the same as all the women in this world, I long for true love and wish for love that can give me happiness." 


Alex Fong & Yoyo Mung at 'A Great Way to Care II' Costume Fitting

Credit : Source: Mingpao 
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Alex Fong & Yoyo Mung at 'A Great Way to Care II' Costume Fitting

Alex Fong, Yoyo Mung, Edwin Siu and Aimee Chan attended the costume fitting for TVB new series A Great Way to Care II. Lead actress Tavia Yeung was absent, but was miserably teased by Alex. He took her latest rumor to joke with, he said: "Perhaps she's still in Korea enjoying and recharging. (With Him Law?) I'm not sure, but that's not bad! Career is good, and love life is good too!"

It's been three years since Alex been in a TVB series, and coming back to shoot this sequel is to return the 'series debt'. He reveals this is the last series in his contract: "I hope to be able to renew my contract with TVB. I want to spend more time in HK to be with my wife and daughter." When asked if he feels pity that Myolie and Bosco broke up? Alex said: "It is life experience, if not dating, then have to marry."

When speaking of Bosco's love affair with Ada Lin and in the recent years, HK male artists have been finding girlfriends in Mainland? Alex said: "I like to work in Mainland too. I think they have some fame in Mainland, and won't dare to mess around. Young people going out for a drink is very normal. We all know I am a father, so I don't have this type of trouble." He expressed lascivious young people are normal: "I was like that in the past too. If not, then it's hard to be in this industry."

Yoyo plays a psychiatrist in the series, she laughed and said she used her boyfriend Ekin Cheng's concert ticket in exchange for knowledge from her cousin's husband, who is a real psychiatrist. Yoyo believed Myolie and Bosco's break up is just part of their personal live experience. In reality, it is only the two of them that knows what's really going on, the most important is the happiness of the two. "I also had my 7 year itch, but Ekin and I are still doing well."

Aimee Chan hopes to steal tips from Alex, and praised he's the HK version of Richard Gere. She hopes her boyfriend Moses won't be jealous: "They are both very man and handsome." Aimee felt pity that Bosco and Myolie broke up. She has faith in her boyfriend: "Love should not have regulations, fate will decide everything."

Him Law Enjoys Upsetting Mandy Wong as His Entertainment

credit : Source: Oriental Daily 
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Him Law Enjoys Upsetting Mandy Wong as His Entertainment

Mandy Wong and Him Law were once a rumored couple, but are indeed very good friends in private. Facing a slow to get familiar Mandy, Him loves to challenge her limits the most. He does everything he could to make fun of her. It's not only until Mandy makes an angry face when Him feels entertained. Once he got his fun, he stops, no wonder Mandy also puts away her anger not long after. So that's why we say, there must be one 'concave' and one 'convex' for a successful friendship!

Rumored Couple Mutual Sarcasm

M - Mandy Wong ; H - Him Law

H: You basically don't want me to find out that you're actually secretly looking at me, otherwise how do you know I got a nice body! I really like teasing you, you're always just so silly and stupid, don't even know the basics. Like you don't even know how to put the plug in the socket right.

M: Girls want to wait for someone to come take care of her. I'm just playing dumb! Then how come you got yourself a 42' chest? When from a slim guy to a big guy?

H: I've watched too many Western films. I think besides the actor's acting, their body shape is also very important. So I copied them, and started working out when we were shooting Suspects in Love. Tak Gor (producer Poon Ka Tak) gave me two types of sports to choose from, I chose the sport where I can show my body, which was boxing.

M: Then you even changed your image completely?

H: Everyone accepted it after the series came out, and I even had to take off my shirt when I was interviewed, so I kept this secondary image. Well then, did I attract you?

M: You rarely take off your shirt in front of me. No! Because your chest is bigger than mines, I can't even compare if I put on 10 bras, but I don't really like slim figures. It's good to have some meat. You have your strengths too, considerate and attentive. Its quite enjoyable partnering up with you.

H: I know I got a bad mouth, always bullying you.

M: Yeah! I don't know how I handle it and don't attack back.

H: Because I'm a bite of sugar and another bite of feces.

M: That's just one of the tricks to pursue girls.

H: I pursued you before?

M: Nope! I mean you can use that when you pursue girls. I didn't say I like you either, you think too much and have a flirty mouth.

H: That's why I got you involved! In the 13 rumored girlfriends, your one of them. Luckily we don't mind.

M: Actually if I wanted to get to know a guy deeper, I'm actually very passive and slow to get familiar, but once I get familiar, I can tell you everything.

H: That time, you wanted to get to know me deeper.

M: Why? Don't make up a story!

H: Haha! That's why I like you getting bullied. When I tease you, once you get upset, I get really happy because I know you'll just be upset for a moment and then you'll be fine.

Wants A Matured Partner

M: To some extent, I understand you pretty well. Virgo men like to protect themselves. They may seem like they have a lot to say on the outside, but then they are really afraid to let people see deep inside.

H: That's why I'm not really friends with you, have to keep some distance, otherwise if I end up dragging you into something in the future, then that wouldn't be too good. When I'm in trouble, do people call you?

M: Basically whatever happens to you, people would call me immediately. The problem is I still need to find myself a partner too! About my requirements, I don't think age is much of an issue, the main requirement is he must be able to take care of me and be mature.

H: You're a 'little woman' in front of your lover. You really accommodate others and don't get upset easily. When I was younger and dated, I would think about the girl's height, but now I think more maturely. As long as we get along comfortably and have common ideals. Most important is, can this person be with you for life.

First On-Screen Kiss Given to Him

H: Back then I met you when we were shooting Suspects in Love. I thought you were really different on and off screen. In the series, you were really stupid, but after work, you're like a pretty girl. This is the most memorable, your first on-screen kiss was given to me, and you took the initiative too!

M: My first impression on you was that bad boy (死靚仔), but after getting to know you, it turns out you're quite a gentleman.

H: This series was our turning point. Bulky Boy and Shy Girl .

M: Before I was the mean "Kwan Yee So", people never forgotten the Shy Girl.

H: Then I had fate with you, I encountered you in every series. We had all sorts of relationships before, even as a couple. Even the producer didn't know we played a couple several times.

M: I thought I didn't have to kiss you in this series.

H: At first, you weren't willing to! It was only after they convinced you, that you were willing to.

M: She's a Shy Girl, how would she take the initiative to kiss a guy? Actually, I'm more than willing to give my first on-screen kiss to you, but if I don't have to, of course that's the best!

H: Perhaps you give people the impression that you take initiatives, but also hide your emotions at the same time. You have to spark with someone first. It is the slow to get familiar type.

M: During Suspects In Love, I thought we don't talk much, but surprisingly you provoked me to talk in the van.

H: You also didn't look like the Mandy you are today. I'm still the same Him, known to talk loudly. Do you remember in Suspects, I always went topless, and asked you why you were looking at me?

M: At the time, I was thinking "What are you doing? You think you're really hot?"

Epilogue: When Him & Mandy Meet, So Loud like a Street Market

On cameras, Mandy speaks a few words, but in private, she's such a chatterbox. She often adds a few English words too, making herself seem like a silly girl. Just like that day during the interview with Him kept teasing her, she couldn't find a place to jump in, but then she kept repeating to Him: "Ask me questions! (in English) Didn't you have a lot to say!" But, Him careless and continued to make his sarcastic look: "You keep repeating that statement, so noisy!" The two bickering constantly, neither of them were willing to give in, and eventually turned the whole restaurant into a "lively" and loud street market!"


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Myolie Wu announces her break up with Bosco Wong

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily, TVB E-News
Translated by: aZnangel @ 

Myolie Wu announces her break up with Bosco Wong 

Today Myolie Wu announced she broke up with Bosco Wong, ending their 8 year relationship. She still insisted on attending the Ghetto Justice II promotional event, but forced a smile while playing the games. Myolie appeared tired at the promotion, she revealed she and Bosco were on a break for a while, and the break up happened a few months ago. Bosco said he'll wait for her and use time to prove everything? Myolie started tearing up after she heard this: "I'm sorry, I don't want it to be like this, seems like it's becoming such a big deal. I hope...we are adults, I hope we can leave this undisturbed and handle it maturely." During the time, she kept using tissues to wipe away her tears. When asked if Bosco had a third party? Myolie expressed they have already broken up, and she cannot respond for him. She only said she didn't have a third party. She said its been a long time since she's seen Bosco and they broke up peacefully. 

When speaking of Bosco, expressing he will take the whole issue on himself and even if he dies, he won't let Myolie get hurt. Myolie started tearing up again, and said: "I hope you all (the media/public) don't have too many speculations. All along, we've been thinking of several different ways of how to explain the issue." Asked if she already moved out of their 'love nest'? Myolie said they have always been living separately. 

Earlier this morning, on Eileen Cha's radio interview, Myolie said it was after deep thoughts before they decided to peacefully break up. The first person to find out was Bosco's mother. When asked if its because of a third party, Myolie said she has no right to answer for him, but they have once thought of staying together, unfortunately it did not work out. She said fate decided it. 

Bosco: My personality is hard to bear 

When Eileen Cha interviewed Bosco, he already tried his hardest to patch the relationship up, he said: "I wanted to stay together, but if it doesn't work, then it doesn't work. It's not about who called it quits, we discussed the matter in a matured manner." He said the moment of the break up, it felt like a bolt from the blue. Did they started having issues last year when Myolie got the TV Queen title? Bosco said: "Perhaps it's because of personality, it's hard to bear. When I'm stressed, I don't talk to anyone about it, and don't really communicate well. I don't even tell my mom. There is nothing men can't handle." 

It was rumored Bosco sparked with a Mainland actress? Bosco emphasized that he will take it all in and protect Myolie: "Definitely not. The actress and I only had two scenes together. [The break up] is between Myolie and me, not related to a third party. It's fine if the media writes about me, I'm used to being defamed, men can handle it." He stressed although he and Myolie broke up, they are still friends. As for if there is a chance of them getting back together, he will not force it. 

Virgina Lok: Bosco cried severely 

Yesterday Virgina accepted a phone interview with Eileen Cha, she said: "I was on the phone with Bosco until 4am last night, he just kept saying he didn't want [to break up], and cried really hard. He said he would wait and show Myolie he could change." It was said Bosco dated 3 girls within 6 months? Virgina stressed Bosco is not that type of person and does not believe there was a third party between them. She exposed Bosco had always wanted to marry Myolie, but when speaking of Bosco's negative news? She said: "He can handle it, he said to just hurt him and he doesn't want anything to hurt Myolie. He also said whatever negative thing said about Myolie, he rather die. (Why did they break up?) Perhaps of the wrong timing. Women need sense of security, while men need to keep on working on the career. Frequently not being able to be together and the rumors can affect the relationship." Also, Bosco's good friend Tang Chi Wai expressed over the phone: "I contacted him last night too, he cried. It's such a pity." 

Regarding to the relationship already started having issues last year when Myolie got TV Queen? Myolie was interviewed later and said she actually does not know why Bosco said that because the issues didn't start during that time. Then Myolie expressed that's why she doesn't want to talk about it in such detail, it's unfair to both of them. The reporter said well if she doesn't explain it, then people will speculate. Myolie said even if she does, people will still write nonsense. There were several reports on why they broke up. Some say Bosco is actually very quiet at home, but Myolie said it's not related. Myolie continued and expressed whatever reason it is, she does not want to talk about it because the relationship is between the two of them. 

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Vincent Wong, Benjamin Yuen & William Chak's Memorable 'Tiger Cubs' Scenes

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ 

Vincent Wong, Benjamin Yuen & William Chak's Memorable 'Tiger Cubs' Scenes 

TVB handsome guys Vincent Wong, Benjamin Yuen and William Chak possess healthy body figures. In their new series, Tiger Cubs, they play members of the SDU and went through a chain of physical training. For the sake of making the scenes realistic, Vincent gets injured while shooting a car chasing scene: "That scene, we had to roll on the ground and then dodge the on coming car, but at the time I rolled into a large rock, that I couldn't see and injured my back. I went to see the doctor later and found out my pelvic bone shifted. I had to do 2-3 months of physical therapy!" 

In the series, the actors often show off their built bodies, displaying their masculine charm. Ben was asked if he and the other actors compared their body shapes? He laughed: "Actually we all have different figures, but when this group of men are together, it feels pretty cool! The most memorable is each time we have those bathing scenes, we would first get together and do some pull ups before the shoot! Haha." 

As for William, Tiger Cubs is his first TVB series, so it was very meaningful for him. He frankly expressed shooting this series had many challenging action scenes. He said: "I remember there was one scene where we had to climb up the fake ceiling to get into another room to capture the criminal, that night Oscar Li and I were arranged to do this scene. We waited 5 hours before we broke and jumped into the room. So it was really memorable!"

Kenneth Ma flirts with every girl, Tavia Yeung criticizes he's just all talk

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily, Mingpao 
Translated by: aZnangel @ 

Kenneth Ma flirts with every girl, Tavia Yeung criticizes he's just all talk 

Following The Hippocratic Crush, Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung are paired up again in new series Three Kingdoms RPG (TKRPG). In the series, Kenneth's role travels back in time, and is a pretty outstanding and challenging role. His on-screen partner, Tavia also praises that his role is fun. Although TKRPG was said to be a series broadcasting during the period of the 'ashes', Tavia joked: "When there's Raymond Lam in it, then it's not ashes!" 

Kenneth's role in TKRPG is ignorant and incompetent, but his nonsense, the "HK Guy's 18 Styles" has left a deep impression on audience. He frankly expressed the role resembles today's young people: "So, when I get back to the Three Kingdoms, I learned the Chinese traditional cultures and virtues. Actually this series does describe that the values of modern people really differs from the people back in ancient times." 

A Good Husband Candidate 

Although in the series Tavia and Kenneth are a couple, Tavia still frowns and complains: "Kenneth is terrible, he doesn't like me!" Taking the modern view of love into the ancient world, Kenneth laughed: "There are a lot more playboys in the modern world, they just have to hit on all the girls, but eventually my character will learn to cherish this girl (Tavia's role)." 

When speaking of Kenneth singing a love song to Tavia in the series? Kenneth laughed and said he sang a few songs, but in real life he has never sang love songs to his girlfriends before. Although Kenneth has a boring and non-romantic personality, Tavia exposes that Kenneth does more talking then doing: "He is a person that can make everything sound invincible, but actually he has no capability of doing any of it! I know him very well though, sometimes he can be pretty attentive and treats his mother quite well. Being with him can be get pretty boring, usually he just goes out to play ball and grocery shopping with his mother, but that's the first choice when choosing a husband." 

Don't mind being a couple team 

In terms of appearances, Tavia Yeung and Kenneth Ma match quite well as an on-screen couple, and are a favorite pair to many in the public, but how come they don't go as a 'couple team' to events and earn more money together? Tavia laughed: "I want to too, but the truth is, there are schedule conflicts. I have work every day, and do hope to earn some extra income as a couple team." When speaking of her hot rumors with Him Law? Tavia expressed she does not mind making extra income together with him: "If there really are job offers, I'll be more than happy to accept them!" Asked if its because she'll get more money if Him Law attends the events with her? Tavia laughed: "Not related, I just think if there is guy standing next to me, then the price would definitely be higher! Of course, whether if it's Kenneth Ma or Him Law, the most practical is earning money. I personally will not decline to jobs just because of the rumors with Him." 

Soon after, Tavia quickly changed the subject and exposed that Kenneth is actively looking for a wife now! However, she was just referring to getting a new car. Kenneth said: "Not actively looking, I just want to get a 7-seater van, convenient to take my family out on Sundays."

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Francis Ng & Chilam Cheung at 'Triumph in the Skies II' Press Conference

Credit : Source: Mingpao, Oriental Daily, Weibo
Translated by: aZnangel @ 

Francis Ng & Chilam Cheung at 'Triumph in the Skies II' Press Conference 

After 9 years since Triumph in the Skies, the sequel Triumph in the Skies II is finally starting. Yesterday Francis Ng, Chilam Cheung, Myolie Wu, Fala Chen, Ron Ng, Kenneth Ma, Rebecca Zhu, Elena Kong and the rest of the cast attended the press conference. 

Back then, there were rumors that Francis Ng was displeased with Myolie, but yesterday they chatted happily. Francis even teased that Myolie looks fatter than before. He also said to Ron: "You came early!" indirectly criticizing that he used to be late to work. Ron expressed: "Francis and I still have a brotherly relationship, but I'm no longer the young man 10 years ago, our relationship evolved into a friendship and we get along more comfortably." 

Francis hasn't been in a TVB series for many years, he smiled and said: "I'm getting a huge raise." He also denied the rumor that he was delaying TITS2 from starting. It was said TVB is relying on him to save the lack of Siu Sangs? Francis expressed: "Wah! I have a lot of Siu Sangs behind me!" He is not worried about working with newcomers, but he fears he may break his promise and come late to work. Francis exposed back when he was shooting TITS, he had a naughty idea to get out of work. Because shooting was too exhausting, he and the others played 'rock paper scissors' to see who would have to pretend to be sick, so they can get a day off from work. At the time, Myolie was still a newcomer, so she didn't participate and had to get to work early. 

Chilam sets the next 6 months aside to shoot TITS2 and has turned down several opportunities to shoot in Mainland, losing quite a bit of money. He frankly expressed he accepted this series to return a favor, because back then, executive Tommy Leung, casted him in Cold Blood Warm Heart and got him a lot more job opportunities. This time, he's playing a senior pilot and plans to use clothing from his own personal wardrobe, which is worth about 6 figures. When asked if he's paying TVB, instead of TVB paying him? Chilam laughed: "Because of Tommy, doing it for the audience, no choice, I'm just too good friends with Tommy." 

Myolie plays two roles in the series. She exposed Zoe will only appear in the first two episodes and then she dies. Her other role is a tomboy, who works in aircraft maintenance. The producer asked her to cut her hair short for the role, but Myolie is reluctant to give up her current haircut, but for the sake of work, she will accept it. 

In the series Fala gets into a love triangle with Francis and Chilam, but she doesn't know who she'll end up with yet. Fala said her development with Francis starts off as a bickering pair, while Chilam is the charming pilot who has a romantic storyline with her. She's unsure if there are any kiss scenes, she laughed: "Perhaps when we get to France, in the romantic atmosphere, we'll go for a light kiss. I'm not too worried since there's a television scale." 

Kenneth Ma develops a 'sister-brother love' with Elena Kong. He expressed in reality he does not mind this type of relationship, women does not necessarily need men to take care of her, it could be vice versa. He also said he can accept a girlfriend 20 years older than him too, but he never been in such a relationship before. 

TITS2's blessing ceremony is scheduled to take place on July 24th and filming officially starts on July 26th. Filming will go on for 6 months, and filming locations will be in London, Paris, Hainan and Taiwan.