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Jamie Chik is a model for Bosco Wong When Finding a Wife

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily 
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Jamie Chik is a model for Bosco Wong When Finding a Wife 

TVB Siu Sang Bosco Wong and Michael Miu (3 Gor) collaborated several times and has become good buddies. Surprisingly, Bosco and Michael's wife Jamie Chik (3 So) also clicks very well. When the three of them come together, they turn into big kids. Bosco teased 3 Gor is a naughty big kid, he always teaches him all the false reasoning, causing extreme embarrassing and funny moments for him. Bosco is now single and praised 3 So's inner and outer qualities, she is the type he wants for a wife! 

Jamie: Of course I only know Bosco because of 3 Gor! Otherwise, why would I know such a handsome young man? About 7 years ago, 3 Gor collaborated with you (Bosco) on his second comeback series in TVB. I thought you were very polite and took initiative to greet me. Then we got more and more familiar. Sometimes you even bring your mom with you to dinner. 

Bosco: Actually, I thought 3 So (Jamie) was very strict at first, [since] you know 3 Gor is a big guy, but when facing you, he's a little scared too! 

Jamie: He respects me a lot! 

Bosco: So that's why I thought you should be quite firm! But once you start speaking, you give yourself away. 3 So is a very happy person and takes good care of us. She often make soups for us to drink and she gives me the feeling like she's a big sister or an 'Ah So'. 

Jamie: I think you're like the sunshine type, 3 Gor was like that too when he was young. He can chat with anybody, very active and gives off a close/familiar feeling! You, Ron Ng, Raymond Lam and the group of youngsters are always joking around. You guys make me feel young too! 

Bosco: I learned it from 3 Gor! Sometimes I tease 3 Gor, let's go out partying together, he plays along and agrees to it, but once he hears 3 So's name, he says he's not going! We're always laughing, it's so much fun! 

Jamie: In the past, you and Myolie Wu had a good relationship, always saw you two like a sweet young couple. You two actually gave me the feeling like how 3 Gor and I used to be when we were young, but it's the past now and shouldn't be mentioned again! You didn't even tell me about your relationship issues. 

Bosco: Didn't really have to talk about it, even if I'm unhappy, 3 Gor would come up with something random false reasoning. He says he'll "finish me up", I just think this is a different type of education from 3 Gor and 3 So. They just tell me not to think too much and they want me to be happy. 

Jamie: You are a good guy. You know 3 Gor likes silly things, and when you go out clothes shopping, you would ask 3 Gor too and the things you pick out are usually what he likes! 

Bosco: I just help 3 Gor buy them! He likes to look pretty too! You see, he even has an earring now! 

Waiting for a good partner, then march into business world

Jamie: I will be participating in a stage play for fundraising purposes along with Louie Castro, Meg Lam and Lo Hoi Pang. Last year, it was very popular and so I thought, why not we get young people like yourself to guest star in it too. That would attract many more fans!

Bosco: You all may not remember, but when I first debuted, I've been in Enjoy Yourself Tonight, but I wasn't in it for long. However, I met Pang Gor and Alivina Kong there! Even if it's 'Shrimp Daddy (蝦仔爹哋)' from the 80s, I still watch it. Pang Gor's golden line, I still remember it! 

Jamie: Many roles haven't been confirmed yet, but I have confidence in you. It won't be a challenge for you. 

Bosco: This time, it will really be a huge challenge, I don't know if I can do it or not. I'll see what happens on the spot! 

Jamie: You're so naughty, I'm afraid you might strip Pang Gor's clothing! When you get on stage, you can legitimately play jokes on your seniors and they won't know what's going on!

Bosco: Yes! I have my own secret weapon, it will be entertaining after all. 

Jamie: I can consider getting all those young people like you to be my boyfriends! 

Bosco: Well then, I will have to be 3 Gor! You say I resemble 3 Gor, I do hope to be like him, in the gaming world, have so many friends and such a fine wife! What's most amazing is you are skilled at running businesses. I still hope to start my own business and giving it a try, but haven't had the time yet! 

Jamie: It's just waiting for the opportunity, perhaps later someone will ask you to be their partner! 

Bosco: So that's why it would be helpful to have an other half, that be quite happy!

Jamie: Actually, I watched many of your TV series and I really think you are continuously improving. You are diverse, you can portray good, evil, wealthy or poor roles. It's difficult to convince people. Just like 3 Gor, his outer appearance looks too honest and sincere, when he did those silly characters in the past, it didn't work as well. I think you're naturally born superior, I support you for TV King. 

Bosco: Thanks! Actually, I don't really think about awards. People think I have a high chance because I'm older now and considered a senior!

Tavia Yeung Gets Rushed to Marry Him Law: "I Have a Headache"

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily, Mingpao 
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Tavia Yeung Gets Rushed to Marry Him Law: "I Have a Headache" 

Tavia Yeung was crowned TV Queen for the first time at Astro's AOD My Favourite Awards 2012 in Malaysia last night. She was also one of the biggest winners with the most awards of the night along with Kenneth Ma. On stage, she teared up emotionally and asked her 13th TVB Artistes Training Class classmate Raymond Lam to go on stage and share the happiness with her, but Raymond rushed her and Him Law to get marry soon. 

Tavia: "I give you Him Law" 

Yesterday the stars came back to HK for a celebration. Tavia generously shared the award and took pictures with Him. When speaking of the most touching money, Tavia started getting teary eyes again. Asked why she didn't thank Him when she accepted her award? She said: "Because there's nothing to thank. I couldn't think of what I could thank him for. I thanked all my colleagues from THC, it's rare that every one of us had that much chemistry." During Him's interview, he said: "I got something most important to me in life!" Tavia was asked if Him was referring to her? She laughed: "I don't know! I'm not a thing, I'm human! You should ask him what he has gained! Perhaps he had an unforgettable moment when shooting this series (THC). (He thanked you on stage, were you touched?) He said a lot of other names! (Everyone rushed you two to get married?) I get a headache just hearing it! Nowadays, people's styles are like that. Once there are rumors, there's a huge surge. (Save the announcement of the relationship until you get the award in HK?) Nope, leave it to fate! I won't do any special planning, get award and make money first." When speaking of artists "giving presents" to fans so they can vote for them? Tavia joked: "I'll give you guys Him Law! (Take his nude photos out?) No! We don't have any of that!" 

"Best Supporting Actor" Him Law frankly expressed his confidence has increased and he had a lot of people to thank when he got on stage, but he didn't know why the audience started shouting Tavia Yeung's name. He said: "I'm a guy, so I can be more generous. Tavia helped me a lot in The Hippocratic Crush. (People were telling you two get married.) They're just joking. (Tavia didn't thank you on stage?) I really didn't help her in any way, she deserved the TV Queen award." When asked why he didn't declare his love for Tavia when he got the award? He said: "I don't know what to say. (When you become TV King, propose to her?) Crazy! There is no such thing. Marriage, leave it to fate. Every guy wants a good girl (Is Tavia a marriage partner?) She's a good girl, a marriage partner to many guys, but I don't know if I have that kind of good fortune." Him expressed when he was shooting THC, he encountered the lowest period in his life. When asked if it was the Theresa Fu incident? He said: "Don't mention it." 

Fresh out of the oven TV King, Kenneth Ma, clarified the rumors of him and ex-girlfriend Nancy Wu getting back together. He said they are just good friends and Nancy has a new boyfriend. The rumor is unfair to Nancy, she's a good girl. About his TV King victory, Kenneth said: "I'm very happy, never thought I would bring home so many awards from Malaysia. It is truly a pleasant surprise, but this didn't increase my confidence to get the TVB Award because there is a new system this year. If TVB had the old system, I have more confidence. This year, anything could happen, everyone has a chance." Will he put his new label 'HK Golden House Man God' into good use when trying to increase his votes? "I don't have an account there, or perhaps I'll tell fans to leave messages." Last night, the 'crying threesome' Koo Ming Wa, Mandy Wong and Oscar Leung [and Him Law] won their first acting awards and cried on stage. Wayne Lai shared his experience with them, he said his first award was given to him by Astro as well, but he waited a long time before getting his second one! 

Raymond Lam: "I wasn't joking" 

Raymond rushed Tavia and Him into marriage, but he later said frankly: "I'm not playing, I am serious! They are so sweet. It's strange, they used to keep their distance, but don't know why they were like that this time." It was not only rumored Raymond would get JSG's Most Popular Male Singer this year, but earlier he broke the tradition and still got an award at the JSG Selections Round 3 despite his absence. Raymond said: "I don't know why, each year whenever there are any changes, it's because of me! But has anyone ever thought, I have never won the TV King award?" 

Myolie Wu: "Don't Be Like Us" 

As for Myolie Wu, she said the most touching moment was during Tavia and Him's part. She said: "So sweet, unfortunately nobody had ever said such thing to me." Myolie felt emotional seeing them so sweet, but when asked if Tavia and Him's relationship reminded her relationship with Bosco Wong? Myolie said: "I wish them the best, don't end up like us!"

Kate Tsui was defeated by Tavia at the Astro awards, did she suffer emotional impact? Kate said: "I hope my next award won't come next year. This definitely didn't lower my confidence. The award winners were all well-deserved. THC had such strong reaction from the audience, my fans were a little disappointed because many fans made a special trip to Malaysia to support me." How will you increase your votes? Kate joked: "Kenneth Ma gave out pictures, I will have to betray Raymond Lam and hide some of his personal items, I need to win by a surprise move." 

'Kwan Yee Gor' Oscar Leung and 'Kwan Yee So' Mandy Wong won the 'Most Improved Actor and Actress' awards. Oscar said 'Kwan Yee Gor' has left a deep impression on audience, and brought him a lot more job opportunities. He laughed: "Lately when I went to get my car fix at the auto shop, the mechanic said to me, 'Mr. Kwan, your car is ready'." Oscar embraced Mandy at the moment he won the award, he laughed: "I have never hugged Mandy like that before."

AOD TVB Awards: Kenneth Ma & Tavia Yeung Crowned TV King & Queen; 'The Hippocratic Crush' Big Winner

Credit : Source:, AOD News 
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AOD TVB Awards: Kenneth Ma & Tavia Yeung Crowned TV King & Queen; 'The Hippocratic Crush' Big Winner

Last night, Malaysia's Astro On Demand (AOD) held their AOD MY FAVORITE AWARDS 2012, TVB Siu Sangs and FaDans including Wayne Lai, Myolie Wu, Kevin Cheng, Raymond Lam, Moses Chan, Tavia Yeung, Michael Tse, Kate Tsui, Roger Kwok, Ron Ng, Nancy Wu, Him Law, Mandy Wong, Oscar Leung and Koo Ming Wa attended. The biggest winners of the night were Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung, each with 2.5 awards; The Hippocratic Crush won a total of 8 awards. When the TV Queen award was announced, Tavia emotionally exclaimed on stage: "I finally got it! Each and every step I took to get on this stage were heavy ones, it took me 13 years!" Tavia expressed there are a lot of people she has to thank, then everyone screamed asking her thank rumored boyfriend Him Law. Tavia joked: "This one I don't have to thank yet." But she asked her TVB Artistes Training Class classmate, Raymond Lam, to go on stage and share the happiness with her. Raymond joked: "Is there someone else that hasn't been called yet?" Tavia immediately pretended to be mad and bopped him with the microphone.

The popular couple from The Hippocratic Crush, Kenneth and Tavia, were finally recognized from the "My Favorite On-Screen Couple" award. Initially, AOD expressed Kenneth won't be able to attend the award presentation because he'll be in Taiwan shooting Triumph in the Skies II, however, when the 'on-screen couple' award was announced, he suddenly appeared and surprised everyone. Initially Tavia was on stage alone accepting the award, but Kenneth rushed on stage to accept the award with her and almost tripped too! Tavia was very surprised herself. Kenneth said: "Where there is 'Yu Jai', there must be 'Yat Kin Tau', then its perfect!"

Also, Kenneth was later crowned TV King. When he got on stage for the acceptance speech, he was stunned for a moment, then said: "Taking this award before so many TV King candidates, I really feel a lot of pressure. This is the most heavyweight award I have received since my debut."

Him Law won 'My Favorite TV Supporting Actor' based on his role 'Onion' in The Hippocratic Crush. Him was sobbing during his acceptance speech: "I took on this role during a period of unhappiness. This series didn't just give me the character Onion, but also gave me something most important to me in life." Under pressure from the crowd, Him added: "Thank you Tavia Yeung!" It was very touching moment indeed! In the series, 'Onion' was unsuccessful in pursuing 'Yu Jai' (Tavia), but in reality, love actually sparked...and this character got him an award too, thus it must be a very memorable moment in Him's life.

Nancy was the winner of 'My Favorite TV Supporting Actress' depending on her deaf and mute role 'Ting Yan Chi' in Gloves Come Off. She said gratefully: "I really like Astro's awards because my name is already engraved on it. I entered the industry 10 years ago and I was once unsure how I could make another breakthrough for myself. I am very happy that audience like the first mute/deaf female boxer role."

Koo Ming Wa won the "My Favorite TV Most Promising Artist". The 48 year old has been acting in HK TVB for 30 years and finally gained recognition from his 'So Gay' role. He said: "To many people, getting award can be very difficult, but to me, even having the opportunity to attend an [award ceremony] is difficult. I promise I will do even better for everyone to see!"

Mandy Wong and Oscar Leung are the winners of 'My Favorite TV Most Improved Actress and Actor" based on their L'Escargot roles Kwan Yee So and Kwan Yee Gor. Mandy expressed emotionally: "This is my first award in my acting career and this award gave me tremendous amount of encouragement!" Likewise, her partner Oscar said: "This is also my first award in my over 10 year acting career. I've dreamed of getting an award before, but this time I'm afraid this is all a dream and not reality. But I finally fulfilled my dream!" Oscar had tears forming in his eyes.

Kate Tsui was dressed in a sexy dress, showing off her 3-inch career line, when she was presented with the 'My Favorite TV Character' award for her role Chan Ka Bik in Highs and Lows, she invited her partner Raymond Lam on stage and emotionally expressed: "Thank you Raymond for all your support. At first, I thought the theme of this series would be difficult for audience to accept." When it was Raymond's turn to accept his Favorite Character award, he returned Kate's compliment, "This year you are the Nice-est lead actress."

AOD presented the '5th Anniversary - My Favorite Classic Character Award' to "Laughing Gor" Michael Tse. On stage, he said emotionally: "I am honored to have encountered such an amazing character. This award is very meaningful to me. 'Laughing' has now become my second name."

(Nomination List)

My Favorite TV Actor in a Leading Role: Kenneth Ma - Cheung Yat Kin (Yat Kin Tau) (The Hippocratic Crush)

My Favorite TV Actress in a Leading Role: Tavia Yeung - Fan Tze Yu (Yu Jai) (The Hippocratic Crush)

My Favorite TV Drama Series: The Hippocratic Crush

My Favorite TV Actor in a Supporting Role: Him Law - Yeung Pui Chung (Onion) (The Hippocratic Crush)

My Favorite TV Actress in a Supporting Role: Nancy Wu - Ting Yan Chi (Gloves Come Off)

My Favorite TV On-Screen Couple: Kenneth Ma, Tavia Yeung (The Hippocratic Crush)

My Favorite TV Most Promising Artist: Koo Ming Wa (Divas in Distress)

My Favorite Theme Song: Raymond Lam - Done Being Naive (幼稚完) (Highs and Lows)

My Favorite TV Most Improved Actor: Oscar Leung - Kwan Ka Lok (Kwan Yee Gor) (L'Escargot)

My Favorite TV Most Improved Actress: Mandy Wong - Lau Siu Lan (Kwan Yee So) (L'Escargot)

MY AOD's 5th Anniversary Special Award - My Favorite Classic Role: 
Michael Tse - Leung Siu Tong (Laughing Gor) (E.U)

Top 15 My Favorite TV Character Awards: 
01. Bosco Wong - Hui Wai Sum (Witness Insecurity)
02. Him Law - Yeung Pui Chung (Onion) (The Hippocratic Crush)
03. Kate Tsui - Chan Ka Bik (Highs and Lows)
04. Kenneth Ma - Cheung Yat Kin (The Hippocratic Crush)
05. Kevin Cheng - Tong Sap Yat (Gloves Comes Off)
06. Linda Chung - Kiu Tze Lam (Witness Insecurity)
07. Michael Tse - Law Yat Yat (Sergeant Tabloid)
08. Moses Chan - Cheung Sai Yin (Master of Play)
09. Myolie Wu - Wong Sze Fu (Ghetto Justice II)
10. Raymond Lam - Wai Sai Lok (Highs and Lows)
11. Roger Kwok - Emperor Chai Suen (Queens of Hearts and Diamonds)
12. Ron Ng - Ting Koon Fung (L'Escargot)
13. Ruco Chan - Mo Nga Lik (No Good Either Way)
14. Tavia Yeung - Fan Tze Yu (Yu Jai) (The Hippocratic Crush)
15. Wayne Lai - Lee Lin Ying (The Confidant)