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Idy Chan brings her hair along to become a Buddhist nun

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Idy Chan brings her hair along to become a Buddhist nun

TVB new series Silver Spoons, Sterling Shackles completed shooting in Shanghai and the cast including Kenneth Ma, Rebecca Zhu, Idy Chan and rumored couple Sire Ma and Adrian Chau returned to HK last night. It was rumored Idy plans to become a Buddhist nun, but she explained she is going to bring her hair along to become a nun. She pursues the life of eternal happiness and believes becoming a nun is the way to find true happiness. Idy does not agree that she is avoiding society and said with a smile that she's very much into society. If she's avoiding society, then she won't be acting. Idy makes her comeback in acting because of her well-known mark, and for the convenience of doing charity in Mainland. When she introduces herself to the Mainland people living in the mountain areas, she won't have to always refer herself as 'Siu Lung Lui'. 

It was rumored Lawrence Ng will be back in TVB next February for The Hippocratic Crush sequel. It's possible that Kenneth Ma's lead actor status might get stolen? Kenneth is not sure of the news, but it is a good thing that a veteran is making a comeback. He is not afraid of his screen time getting stolen. Kenneth is actually happy to have the opportunity to work with Lawrence. Several years ago, the two have collaborated before, but at the time he was just a minor role. He said Francis Ng is also back for Triumph in the Skies II, collaborating with veterans will bring new sparks, it's a good thing. 

While shooting in Shanghai, Sire and Adrian were rumored. His girlfriend, Coco, even went to Shanghai to 'monitor' the two. Sire expressed she will not let false reports affect her mood and she has been faced with several false reports since her debut. She had already said long ago that they are just partners at work. As to Adrian's bed photos leaked online? Sire said she doesn't know about it, but feels he's very simple and she doesn't rely on rumors to make friends.

Yoyo Mung likes cohabiting with Ekin Cheng, no plans for marriage,

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Yoyo Mung likes cohabiting with Ekin Cheng, no plans for marriage

The other night, Yoyo Mung was on a radio interview and expressed she's currently cohabiting with boyfriend Ekin Cheng. She frankly expressed she cannot accept long distance love, and supports cohabiting before marriage. She believes this way, the relationship can deepen. She expressed: "Don't look at me on the outside and think I'm strong. In fact, I like to see him everyday because I feel when two people are dating, they should stick to each other. (Consider marriage and have children?) Temporarily no plans. It's tiring looking after a person." 

Yoyo exposed when she was 17, she cohabited with her boyfriend at the time, but because her grandmother was living with them, the boyfriend complained. Eventually, she felt he didn't love her as much as she thought, so they broke up. Asked if Ekin had any complaints? Yoyo quickly answered: "No, we have no complaints on each other. Perfect! 100%! (Is your other half now a potential marriage partner?) I already encountered him!"

Sergeant Tabloid' hasn't broadcast yet, TVB prepping for sequel to keep Michael Tse & Niki Chow

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'Sergeant Tabloid' hasn't broadcast yet, TVB prepping for sequel to keep Michael Tse & Niki Chow

Niki Chow and Michael Tse's new series Sergeant Tabloid hasn't broadcast in Hong Kong yet, but its been a popular hit overseas, like on the Mainland streaming site PPS. It was understood that Michael's TVB contract ends late 2012, and to push him up for the TV King title this year, TVB is currently prepping for a sequel. TVB also hopes to sign Niki to become a contracted artist with this sequel. 

Sergeant Tabloid had just completed shooting late February 2012 and already in April, the series was widely released overseas -- Malaysia's Astro On Demand, Australia's TVBJ channel and Mainland's streaming site PPS -- because the overseas buyers had great confidence on this series. TVB then decided to first schedule an overseas release. 

According to a TVB staff member: "Many of the series are done this way (warehoused), but this is our first time collaborating with a Mainland website. The overseas buyers had pretty good feedback on the series, so even before the completion of filming, it was already scheduled to release. The cast didn't know the series would release overseas first. Initially, we all thought someone stole the series too, it's funny." 

Mainland streaming site PPS aired the series first and started the Sergeant Tabloid surge to popularity: "Never thought the series would become a hot topic among Netizens that fast. HK Golden and other discussion forums have been very actively discussing. In fact, this series is considered one of the high budgeted productions, many explosion and gun fight scenes, so should have good reception." 

On the other hand, Michael's contract ends later this year, and TVB hopes to keep Laughing Gor with them, so they are actively coming up with plans.

"It is currently the war period. There are less and less Siu Sang and FaDans around. Of course Michael can't leave! TVB saw that this series had positive response, so they're keeping up the momentum and hopes to help Michael get TV King this year. Also, TVB really wants to sign a management contract with Niki. In fact, it has long been in the works, but just never happened, so even if Sergeant Tabloid hasn't broadcast in HK, the sequel is already in the making. Ideally, the sequel must have the original cast, they even said they'll wait for Niki to see TVB's sincerity." A TVB staff discloses. 

Regarding the TVB contract, Niki's manager responded: "TVB had always treated Niki very well. As to if she's a 'daughter' (contracted) or not, that is very secret stuff. It's not convenient for me to disclose." 

As for her series being a popular hit even before the actual broadcast, Niki said: "I'm very happy. I just finished recording the theme song with Michael. I hope the series airs in HK as soon as possible! (TVB is already prepping for the sequel!) Of course it's good to have a sequel. It would best if there is a film version too, but we'll see how TVB arranges it!"

Raymond Lam & Kate Tsui wants a partner outside of the industry

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Raymond Lam & Kate Tsui wants a partner outside of the industry

Yesterday Raymond Lam, Kate Tsui, Michael Miu, Ella Koon and Elaine Ng attended the blessing ceremony for TVB new series Highs and Lows. Shooting is already coming to an end and the blessing ceremony is held now, Raymond expressed it's strange because there are a lot of action scenes in the series and everyone is worried. Fortunately no one was hurt. As for himself, his past injuries on his waist and back are back, and must do physical therapy. Another headache for Raymond is that when he first start shooting the series, he was rather chubby, but in between he had to keep fit and prepare for his concert, thus losing about 10 pounds. He's a little worried the series won't be consistent. 

Raymond had been busy with work all long, and his love life has gone nowhere. Raymond said a lot of friends are worried about him and expressed they must introduce girls to him. However, he hasn't had time to meet them. He personally hopes his girlfriend will be someone outside of the industry, so she can teach him a lot of things. When asked if his last relationship with Mainland actress Mavis Pan scared him, so he won't get a girlfriend from the industry anymore? He denied and said let nature take its course. Also, if he is in a relationship in the future, he won't deliberately make it public. 

Kate Tsui was asked if there is a chance for her to develop a relationship with Raymond? Kate said she's not Raymond's cup of tea. Their relationship feels like a big brother and little sister. Also, she hopes to find a boyfriend outside of the industry. When asked if friends have introduce any guys to her? Kate expressed if so, put it on the record, so she can meet them when she has time. She hopes her future boyfriend will be taller than her. When asked if his income must be higher than hers too? Kate directly said it would best if he can take care of her.

Jessica Hsuan accused to have had a boob job by Mainland Cosmetic Surgery Hospital,

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
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Jessica Hsuan accused to have had a boob job by Mainland Cosmetic Surgery Hospital 

In the recent year, Jessica Hsuan started her career development in China, opening up her market and value there. She is often attending both large and small scale events in China. Earlier she was invited to take part in a Mainland event where she visits a cosmetic surgery hospital with fans. However, that Hospital immediately made good use of Jessica for promotions on their official website. The Hospital showed her nice curve and figure, implying she got a boob job and shows signs of intentions to mislead visitors of the site. 

Although that Hospital didn't directly say Jessica got a boob job, but in one article, the caption says Jessica's figure was previously mediocre, but in her recent TV series appearances, she suddenly had a cup size increase. On the website, it also said as long as you experience the Hospital, you can uncover the mystery of celebrities doing plastic surgery. Jessica just wanted to make some money in Mainland, but she miserably gets taken advantage of. It would be a lie if she wasn't upset! Although Jessica already pocketed the appearance money, she still decided to give it back and won't be attending the event next month. 

Jessica wrote on Weibo: "To all fans, I may not attend the event in Suzhou on May 12th .... the reason is because we will be visiting a cosmetic surgery hospital and that Hospital actually went as far as saying that I got a boob job on their website! For promotions, they can tell such a lie. They have absolutely no respect for me! I am extremely angry! With this kind of lie, will anyone dare to go get plastic surgery at such a place? To me, they are big liars!" Good friend Ada Choi immediately replies: "Ridiculous!" Jessica wrote again: "That company has no professional ethics whatsoever! I cannot help these people do business. I already signed the contract, if nothing can be done I will have to go. However, I must let everyone know what type of company they are and to clarify for myself...the event is cancelled. I apologize to all Fans!" 

Reporters contacted Jessica, she expressed her manager will handle the refund. She expressed she visited cosmetic surgery hospitals before, but she had never been accused that she got a boob job: "I really dislike them saying I got a boob job and plastic surgery. Their way of doing things is really a problem. I won't do things that are lying to people just to make money. Luckily Fans notified me!" Jessica stressed she advocates for natural beauty, definitely won't get a boob job!

Monday, 16 April 2012

Linda Chung: I thought about dating Raymond Lam before,

Credit : Source: The Sun
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Linda Chung: I thought about dating Raymond Lam before

Why is a Jade Girl a Jade Girl? As TVB's Jade Girl FaDan, Linda Chung has been in the industry for 8 years and only had two rumored boyfriends -- TVB Siu Sang Raymond Lam and martial artist star Philip Ng. 

(Linda speaks...) 

Back then when Raymond Lam and I were rumored, every newspaper/magazine said the same thing and said we really matched. It was rumored so severely that it felt like [everyone] wanted to force us to be together. Even I had a moment, a thought that flashed through my mind, can I really think about dating Raymond? I really did have that one quick moment of thought! Perhaps its because of filming, I was influenced by Raymond's character, but that was just a moment of thought, it just flashed by! Because I can quickly tell if I have the feeling or not. Why won't it work? I really don't know! Dating is about the feeling, I didn't have feel, how can we date? 

A Slow Starter! 

Although I did have a thought of dating [Raymond] flash through my mind, but I never told Raymond about this thought. Although I love to talk, but I'm a slow starter, especially back then when I was shooting series. I only had one or two words with everyone. It was just in the recent few years that I started keeping in touch with people. Even if Steven Ma and I collaborated in 4 series together, it was later on that we started chatting more, so how can I tell Raymond? However, I definitely don't have a crush on Raymond, please don't misunderstand. Raymond and I are just colleagues and friends, haha! I understand audience like to see the main actor and actress be together in real life, just like how I really wanted Ekin Cheng and Nnadia Chan to be together back when I watched dramas! 

When I turned 25 years old, I already thought "Oh no! I turned into a middle-aged woman! I don't like people calling me middle-aged!" Although this year I'm 28, I am not afraid of being a 'sing lui'! I really want to have my own family too, sometimes my parents tell me to stop focusing so much on work, they would rush me. They tell me to think about myself, get marry and start a family. Even if I'm rumored with Raymond and Philip, my parents won't ask me about the rumors because they clearly know what I'm thinking. I chat with my parents daily, why wouldn't they know if the news are true or false? I know dating is about feelings, but I can't let a moment of thought blind me. Although my parents are anxious and hurried, but they still tell me to be careful. 

I'm a strange person. I must be friends with the person for a few years before I consider dating them. Once I start dating, I think about marriage. However, how many guys would want to first be friends with me for two years? But, you cannot rush fate nor will I change my personality. Ten years from now, I really hope I won't have to work in this industry and change to something else. Aside from having a good husband and two babies, I hope my family lives in the house next to me, so we can look after each other! The most important is good health, still looking pretty on the inside and outside, haha! It's not that I don't have interest in this industry, but marriage and starting a family is just another stage in life. People will have to get through different stages in life to grow and improve.

Linda Chung - Canadian Girl and HK Girl

Credit : Source: Sudden Weekly#872, TVBChannel 
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Linda Chung - Canadian Girl and HK Girl 

Recently, Linda Chung went back to her hometown in Canada to reunite with her true Daddy Good Deeds -- father, mother, sister and brother. This time going back to Canada, Linda has set out on an important mission: "I want to find my Canadian scent again!" 

Recall back when Linda first entered the industry, she spoke in a pure, innocent and simple manner. However, after several years [of being in HK], she can speak clearly without an accent, but that pureness vanished. As she claims: "I feel I speak in a rougher way and act more like a HK Girl!" 

OMG! That serious? Fortunately, she realized it early and can still recharge back in Canada. She should be able to get back on track and turn things around. 

5% a Hong Kong Girl 

"I believe I've become a HK Girl", this comment came right out of Linda Chung's mouth. Indeed, that is surprising. Back then, all the Miss Chinese International are good looking and educated, but after several years, Michelle Yip and Bernice Liu are no longer like how they were in the past. The newer generation Leanne Li and Christine Kuo are still minor. To bear the big flag of these qualities, only Linda Chung is left. Today, even she claimed she has become a 'HK Girl'. 

"In the past, I was extremely polite, and spoke softly. I would never say 'gor tiu yau' here 'gor tiu yau' there ('gor tiu yau' = that person). Nowadays when I do something wrong, I would say 'deng'. Some of my younger fans would shout: "Ah! Linda jeh jeh, you just said a bad word!" I thought to myself 'deng' is considered a bad word? Fans told me, when others say it, not considered a bad word, but when it comes out of Linda Chung's mouth, then yes it is definitely vulgar. 

Why do I think I become more of a HK Girl, what does HK Girl mean? I know, those who have princess illness. They speak loudly and are rough, they have a self-centered personality. They would add leggings with their skirts for no apparent reason...Honestly, I just speak in a rougher way. I don't think I have princess illness, but some fans say I'm starting to have some traces of a HK Girl, about 5%!

I'm worried! It's not because HK Girl isn't good, but the area I attract audience is I have that 'scent' of being a girl who grew up overseas. I really want to keep this 'scent'. I want to be the simple, innocent and happy Linda Chung again. Of course, I know that is difficult, but I will try my best. 

No matter what, my values deep down inside will not change. Coming back to develop in HK, I promised my parents before, that I must not become a materialistic girl. I cannot be selfish, otherwise they will do whatever they have to, to take me back to Canada. Watching others drive nice cars or carry brand name handbags, I would have a moment of envy too, but at most it would last for 10 seconds. I don't see what's so amazing if you carry a brand name handbag. Relax everyone, I'm just 5% HK Girl, shouldn't be too hard to turn around. 

The Ox in New Territories 

When Linda first debuted, her Cantonese did indeed need some improvement, but she can now speak the HK slang. Despite that, she is still far from being a HK Girl. Born in Vancouver, Linda grew up in a well-off family, and studied teaching at the University of British Columbia (UBC) for two years. Before age 19, her only extracurricular activity was just to accompany her mother every week for grocery shopping in Chinatown. 

"After I became MCI, I gave myself 3 years and if I couldn't make any accomplishments, then I would 'pit' (like "peace" or "later"). At the time, I really was foolish, thinking that within 3 years I could become as famous as Charmaine Sheh or Myolie Wu, and my acting could be as good as King Sir (Chung King Fai). In this circle, it turns out you need at least 10 years before you start moving, and be qualified to even talk about acting skills. Over 10 years is considered stabled. I entered the industry when I was 19, and when I was 22, I actually thought about it. Should I stay or 'pit' (leave)? I finally decided to stay because I saw that there is hope in my future. Everyone thought I was well-behaved, but it was because I was timid and afraid of things. Basically, I didn't speak much, very afraid to talk to people. I relied on my parents, brother and sister on my everyday basic needs, I basically couldn't live on my own. Coming to HK, I lived alone and was homesick. Every time I thought of my parents, I would cry...when I first entered TVB, I did everything there is because I didn't have sense of security. I just had series after series, it felt like I had a lot of 'productions', and that made me feel a little better. When I was 22, I decided to stay in the industry because after 3 years of experience, I was able to take care of myself and I knew how to communicate with people. Finally, I became an useful person. When Heart of Greed came along, a lot of people liked 'Seung Joi Sum', and this role was also my source of encouragement. I saw my future slowly paving. If I go back to Canada, I could only be an elementary school teacher, definitely won't have much diversity. 

Recently I have 'Miss Koo' from Yes Sir, Sorry Sir and 'Kwan Ka Lok' from L'Escargot. These are two rare opportunities, especially Miss Koo. Even before the 'extreme crying', audience already loved it. Netizens were giving me 'spam' on the comment sections. I don't dare to say that my acting is already really good, but at least I can say there is improvement. Perhaps my personality is like the Ox of the New Territories. I would just silently do things, the more I do, naturally things could easily be figured out. Currently, when I shoot tragic scenes, I don't need to think of my parents anymore, just have to 'push the button' and the tears just naturally flow. 

Tears seem to have become Linda Chung's signature. Does everyone really not dislike it? Just as long as it doesn't become a dislike to people, then I am OK. What I fear most is when people think I'm pretending to be pitiful and want sympathy. There is no secret to crying, I don't care how crooked my mouth gets or how weird my eyes look, how will a person still look pretty when they are unhappy? I would just get into character as much as possible. Fortunately, my crying look isn't considered too ugly. 

In fact, I have been pretty awake all along. A series becoming a popular hit doesn't mean that you are cool or amazing, it's best to be realistic and slowly develop, that is the long-term. There will never be a day of stability in the entertainment circle, but so far I am pretty satisfied with what I have. What I am most happy about is that I am having more and more self-confidence, no longer am I frightened over small or big things." 

Linda didn't have much rumors. It was once rumored Raymond Lam was pursuing her, but after the Mavis Pan incident, we all know Prince Lam isn't Linda's cup of tea. In the television scene, the name Philip Ng also ties in with Linda's name. Earlier a photo of them in karaoke together was published on magazines, and it was rumored the two have been secretly together for several years. Linda is pure, but not stupid. There are certain things that she won't say, so she just won't say it. 

"Many people say Kwan Ka Lok from L'Escargot is the 'World's Cheapest Girl', but I don't quite agree. She is wrong, wrong because she has no opinions of her own. In one instant she wants to, in the other she doesn't want to. However, don't have to be that extreme and call her the World's Cheapest Girl. When a girl encounters a wealthy and loving man, it is nothing strange for her to be interested. For me, I would have more opinion than Kwan Ka Lok, I would not touch a married man. A woman's reputation is very important. 

Relationships, I have always kept it low. Although I work in the entertainment circle, it is just a job after all. I hope to retain my own personal privacy that belongs to me. On relationships, it is enough to just share with family and that person. If I have to explain to the world, then that is too pressuring. 

I am good friends with Philip, and that time (at the karaoke) it was his birthday. Taking photos together is normal. You all shouldn't add oil, salt or salt water to it. Yes, please don't add salt and vinegar. I don't have many friends in the industry, just Leanne Li, Tavia Yeung and Philip are good friends that I can talk to. Currently I also have Steven Ma and Daddy Ha Yu too! 

Becoming Popular 

I will definitely get marry and have kids. My idol is Kelly Chen, I really envy her as a person, she is pretty, has a career and family. She has never had negative news, and her image is very healthy." 

Back then when Linda was running for Miss Chinese International, Kelly Chen was one of the judges and once praised: "I really like Linda Chung, she has a very sweet smile." It was then she became a hot candidate. Bobby Au-Yeung was another candidate that gave her a perfect score, Linda said: "Bobby said he hasn't seen a dance that is so cute and healthy in a long time." 

"When I was in MCI, nobody noticed me. I didn't have even one news, that just proves I'm not pretty! I thought I lost everything, my confidence went down to zero. Kelly just made that one comment and I suddenly became a popular candidate. My confidence came right back. Perhaps she already forgotten me, but that one comment from her, it will always be in my heart. I hope I can be like her in the future."

Fala Chen @ Channel[V]'s CMA Awards steals limelight of Asian female stars

Credit ; Source: Oriental Daily
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Fala Chen @ Channel[V]'s CMA Awards steals limelight of Asian female stars 

Yesterday Channel [V] hosted The 16th CMA Awards at the Costai Strip CotaiArena in Macau. There were nearly 100 Asian stars from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea that were invited to attend, a very star-studded event. Before the ceremony, the stars first walked the red carpet led by popular Mainland actress Yang Mi, followed by Asian Pop King Jay Chou. Other guests included Eason Chan, Sean Lau, Fala Chen, Michael Tse, Jaycee Chan, Twins and many more. 

However, among the group of female stars, TVB FaDan Fala Chen stole the limelight as she walked the red carpet with Michael Tse in her sexy low-cut deep V black evening dress. Fala explained the dress was sponsored to her by Armani and was delivered from Italy. The brand already notified her in advance that the dress would be on the sexier side, but she was willing to give it a try. Fala smiled: "Just dressed prettier for the award ceremony. Because I couldn't wear my bra, so I spent half an hour putting on tape and such. (Does your boyfriend like you looking that sexy?) So pretty, why would he? (More extreme than the TVB Anniversary?) We're not there yet, we don't know yet!" 

Michael and Fala were presented with the 'Best Television Actor and Actress Award (HK/Taiwan)' respectively. Twins won the 'Best Group Award (HK/Taiwan)'.

Nancy Wu: I'm Not A 'Sing Lui'

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily 
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Nancy Wu: I'm Not A 'Sing Lui' 

Raymond Wong, Kenny Wong, Nancy Wu, Natalie Tong, Selena Li and the rest of the cast to TVB new series Gloves Come Off attended the promotional event, where a boxing trainer taught the skills of Chinese boxing. Among the actresses Nancy, who plays a mute boxer in the series, performed the best. During the interview, she expressed she has interest in boxing, but won't consider participating in a competition. 

Nancy was asked if the popular reality show Bride Wannabe has a celebrity version, will she be willing to participate? She immediately did 'tai chi' with her hands and shook her head: "I don't think I'm a 'sing lui', I won't listen to what the advisor recommends. I won't comment on the advisors, but the program is quite entertaining and is a good experience for the participants. However, I think girls shouldn't let the 'sing lui' label affect them. The most important is to live happily." 

As for Natalie Tong, she usually appears pretty weak, but did pretty well on the boxing practice. She admits she was influenced by ex-boyfriend Amigo Chui and had often went boxing in the past. In regards to Amigo fined by the court because he didn't attend his driving improvement course and he has also decided not to drive again? Natalie expressed as a friend, she is willing to be the driver if they were to go out to eat. She said: "It's a good thing that he temporarily stops driving. It's not a problem if he starts driving again in the future."