Friday, 3 January 2014

Linda Chung to Fly Over to Korea to be a Third Party

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Linda Chung to Fly Over to Korea to be a Third Party

Linda Chung attended a New Year's Eve Countdown event held in Times Square, she was seen with a diamond ring on her index finger. Asked whether rumored boyfriend Phillip Ng gave it to her? Linda smiled sweetly: "I don't know, don't know how to answer." But then she denied immediately after: "No, I bought it myself. You all don't have to be so sensitive, if there is anything I will announce it. I'm dressed rather conservatively today, so this ring gives some bling bling. (If your boyfriend gives you one now, will you accept it?) Anybody who gives me one, I will accept it. "

Linda disclosed she'll be going to Korea to work on a mini movie in the new year. She will be collaborating with Korean artists. She said: "Its going to be a big challenge because I'm playing the third party and my co-stars are all Korean. I won't know when they finish saying their lines, so the language barrier will be the greatest challenge.

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