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Aimee Chan: Being Parent is Not Easy; Moses is My Rock; Goal to become TV Queen

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Aimee Chan: Being Parent is Not Easy; Moses is My Rock; Goal to become TV Queen 

Aimee Chan talked a lot about her baby caring experiences in her exclusive interview with [Good News]. Aimee named her son "Aiden Joshua", just by that we can see she has high expectations on her son. "I don't think its easy at all. I have to take the time to learn many things and now I have even more appreciation for my mother who worked so hard raising me! Everything about caring for a baby is difficult! From feeding him to changing his diaper to giving him baths, and when he cries you need to know what he wants.... it is not easy at all. With him as a challenge, I have to learn to solve problems every day. Because I'm a new mother, I have to learn everything. Because every baby has different personality, the most important is to learn your baby's personality! Babies are humans, they are living and have their own personalities and feelings. They have their own thoughts and capabilities. So, its like getting to know a new person. You must have confidence in yourself!" 

Parents Must Be Mind Readers 

As a parent, it turns out you have to know how to read minds. Aimee said: "Aiden doesn't sleep through the night, he's an active baby. He's very cute, clever and a fast learner. He will give you a reaction quick and already knows how to communicate with you! Just watching his eyes and mouth, I know what he wants to say. I've brought him home for several weeks now and been chatting with him, he understands what you're trying to say. When he grows up, he may become a giant opinionist, haha. Aiden is absolutely a ponderous baby. Sometimes it feels like he wants to say something to me, but unfortunately I don't understand. I really have to know how to read minds!" 

Ultimately, is Mom (Aimee) better at baby caring or is Dad (Moses) better? Aimee laughed: "Haha! Luckily I think both are pretty okay. We're both learning and we do everything together. We make decisions together and we're united as one family. So far so good!" 

What will little Aiden grow up to be? A pilot? A scientist? A singer? An artist? Or a coffee seller? Only the Heaven knows! Aimee and Ah Mo (Moses) just wish good health for the baby. Have they started looking into schools? Aimee said: "Not yet! I heard its a really difficult and troubling process. Its going to be a headache! I haven't thought that far yet, but my friends who are parents have given me tips. We will have to do some research on every school, but Aiden is just 6 weeks old. He's still very young. We will just concentrate on keeping him healthy now. 

Career Goals Never Changed, Striving to become TV Queen One Day

Now that Aimee is married and a mother, will she limit her future development? She was a little worried herself: "I hope not! I just think acting doesn't involve my personal life. Portraying different roles, whether a young woman or even an old lady, I will try my best to portray the role. Acting is a lot of fun because you aren't being yourself. I want to try portraying a villain or roles with depth. That's where the fun is! I just hope I can keep work and my personal life separate." 

It turns out Aimee's goal had never changed, she still hopes to become TV Queen or even Film Queen one day. "Of course that's my wish! Because I truly enjoy being an actress. I still have a lot of room for improvement, but an actress must have a goal. The further the goal is, the better the results. My passion has not changed, it's still on fire. I look forward to Outbound Love's good results!" 

Felt Moses Chan was the Right Person from the Start 

When speaking of her husband, Aimee firmly said: "He's wonderful! How can I describe him? I know, he is my rock! He gives me a sense of security. We make decisions together, we trust each other and love one another. We communicate and respect each other... these are all the cornerstone of a relationship." Aimee praised her husband, he's a Superman. 

Ah Mo went through twists and turns before encountering Aimee. Actually Aimee had many to choose from, why did she choose Ah Mo? She explained: "When you meet the right person, you will have this feeling. You just know it. Its really hard to list the reasons why, I just like him. He is just right for me. I just feel it!" This feeling doesn't happen often, Aimee said: "I had this feeling from the beginning. I'm not a person that plays around; I'm not someone who goes from one boyfriend to the next. I'm a very serious person. I've felt Ah Mo was the right person from the start. I don't get into relationships just for fun, I really hope to find someone who can be with me for the rest of my life until the end!" 

Already talking about the end of life? Its not considered fast, Aimee was already talking about her next life. If there really is reincarnation, even if she becomes a man and Ah Mo turns into a woman, they will still be together. Aimee: "Of course! Haha! I believe it's our destiny! It's fascinating, when the right time and place comes, you will meet the right person. The most important is two people have those feelings at the same time. You cannot say you don't believe it, it's all destined!" 

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