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Nancy Wu & Vincent Wong Finally Gets a Happy Ending in 3rd Collaboration

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Nancy Wu & Vincent Wong Finally Gets a Happy Ending in 3rd Collaboration 

In TVB series Coffee Cat Mama, Nancy Wu and "Most Improved Actor" Vincent Wong are a couple for the third time, but the previous two times they didn't have a happy ending, things finally change this time. 

Nancy said: "Vincent and I were previously paired in Gun Metal Grey and Season of Love, but didn't have a happy ending. This time the producer started our story from when we were still students. The plot was about how I never told him I knew he had a crush on me, but when he found out, he actually got upset. Since my debut, this is the series I had the most reminiscing scenes. I had a lot of fun dressing up as a school girl with two pig tails, while Vincent had the Aaron Kwok hair. In the series, Leslie Cheung is our idol and in many of the episodes, we'll have a lot of scenes of reminisce. The audience will definitely like it!" 

Aside her romantic storyline with Vincent, Nancy also portrays a married couple with veteran actor To Sir (To Yin Gor), which put her acting to the test. She said: "In real life, To Sir is a scholar and a handsome man too, his role is very similar to him in real life. To Sir and I are a pair that brings out the 'slow living' attitude, those who really enjoys life."

Nancy also plays Eliza Sam and Regen Cheung's step-mother in the series, she said: "Actually we're about the same age in real life, the most challenging is how can I communicate with the two girls as a friend and a mother. (Are you afraid the public might compare the TV ratings with Bounty Lady?) No pressure at all. I have a lot of confidence in the series because we had a great time filming the series, it was satisfying and we created a lot of sparks. I hope the audience who liked Bounty Lady will continue to support us as well."

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