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Bosco Wong & Eliza Sam Pleased "Coffee Cat Mama" Good Feedback Despite Low Ratings,

news from : Source: Mingpao 
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Bosco Wong & Eliza Sam Pleased "Coffee Cat Mama" Good Feedback Despite Low Ratings

Yesterday Eliza Sam attended a promotional event at the mall, while her co-star Bosco Wong was shooting the trailer for his new film. The two both expressed the Coffee Cat Mama ratings was affected by the long holiday break and are confident the ratings will go back up. They were happy the series had a lot of good feedback. 

Eliza appeared at the event with a white low-cut spring dress on despite the cold weather. Asked if she's satisfied with the pay for this event? She expressed she's unsure of how much she's paid and will have to ask her manager. Eliza expressed she doesn't want to go anywhere now because she wants to concentrate on filming her new series because its her first costume drama. She said: "To a girl who has difficulty speaking Chinese, it is very challenging to say my ancient Chinese lines." 

Regarding her new series Coffee Cat Mama's premiere ratings only averaged at 23 points, Eliza believed it was because of the Christmas holidays, many were not watching TV. Also, although the ratings were low, there has been a lot of good feedback from the audience. The series is only half way through its broadcast, she hopes the audience will give their support and she even took the opportunity to do some promotion, she expressed the series is extremely funny. Earlier Eliza won "Most Improved Actress" award at the TVB Anniversary Awards based on her tragic role in The Hippocratic Crush II. Is she worried Coffee Cat Mamamay drag down her popularity? Eliza said she's not worried because her two roles are different, On Call II was more about giving positive energy, while in Coffee Cat Mama, her role is more mischievous. 

Meanwhile, Eliza's co-star Bosco Wong was coincidentally in the store nearby shooting a trailer for his new film Men Cannot Be Poor (男人唔可以窮) with Mainland actress Zhao Rong. Bosco felt Coffee Cat Mama ratings didn't do as well because of the holidays. He said: "I already knew the ratings won't be as good during Christmas, but luckily the audience feedback isn't bad." He just got back to HK from attending a New Year's countdown event in Chengdu. "Once the countdown was over, there was like 100+ people rushing up towards me asking for pictures and autographs, it was frightening and exciting at the same time. The security pulled me away, but then the 100+ people bombarded the car I was in. The security had to again make way for me to leave. I had some people touching my hands and legs, but not my private areas."

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