Monday, 19 May 2014

Maggie Cheung listens to music and does yoga to relieve mood disorders

news from : Source: MingPao
Translated and edited by: R.E.D @

Maggie Cheung attends the press conference for mini movie "Along the way there you" yesterday. The movie depicts many cases of mood disorder. Maggie explained "We must not ignore mood disorder, we need to seek medical help as soon as possible. Artists experience mood swing, up and down and it is very easy to suffer emotional disorder. I usually do exercise, yoga and listen to music to get emotional stability. I don't get into the role I play in real life." Maggie has been hosting some TV programmes, she won't be filming any series in the next two years. She explained "I haven't come across a script to my liking, therefore, I won't be doing any drama in a year or two. I take my time to do something for the community and the church". 

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