Thursday, 29 May 2014

Kate Tsui reveals she was force kissed by Nancy Wu

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Kate Tsui reveals she was force kissed by Nancy Wu

TVB new drama "The Ultimate Addiction", with main leads Bosco Wong, Kate Tsui, Nancy Wu, Ben Wong and Toby Leung, will be airing next Monday. Yesterday, the cast gathered at a seaview restaurant to promote the drama. TVB even spent a heavy 6 figure amount to connect live at the event with the main lead, Bosco, who was filming at Hengdian in Mainland. The artists who were at the venue made fun of Bosco, how was on the big screen, making it a very funny moment. 

Kate laughed saying yesterday was the largest promotional event in history; broadcasting live in two places seems like something that would only happen at anniversary events; therefore she is very happy to be able to participate in such a heavily invested drama. She also revealed that TVB will also produce souvenirs to gift to the audience. Kate expressed that it's been a while (since she's been in a big production), so she feels it's very rare opportunity. Will she have pressure for ratings because of this? She replied: "We'll try our best! We still have a lot of promotional jobs. We will be going to the Shanghai TV Festival in the beginning of June, and will also promote the insert song she will sing for the drama. It's been a while since I sang, but there is no plans for releasing an album yet." Kate also laughed saying Bosco is very busy making RMB in Mainland, so she hopes he can return to Hong Kong as soon as possible to promote together and attend the TV Festival. Asked if Kate has any intimate scenes with Bosco in the drama? She stated that they do not, but she does with Nancy, so she feels she made a breakthrough. She explained the scene happens because Nancy suspected that she was a lesbian; therefore there is a kissing scene: "It's pretty intense, challenging the boundaries of TV. It was a little awkward, but it was more awkward for Nancy because she was the one taking initiative, and it was also very quiet on set!" 

Nancy laughed stating that kissing Kate was even more nervewracking than kissing Bosco, who plays her husband in the drama, because she has never force kissed someone else. She even had to push Kate against the wall. Because she was afraid of hurting Kate, they NG-ed two times. She expressed that she and her good female friends will often give each other small pecks: "But actually force kissing someone and being force kissed by someone is not a good experience, because it is only one-sided, not mutual!" Nancy, who also has quite a few kissing scenes with Bosco, continued saying that this time is one of the more intimate experiences in her whole career. Asked if Kate or Bosco is better to kiss? She laughed saying the two are different; with Bosco, they are very normal husband-wife kissing scenes, but force kissing Kate felt more intense! 

Toby is training for abs to become a fighter

Toby appeared with a sexy, black, transparent outfit, revealing her bra and showing her long legs. She stated that she is now working hard on getting abs for her fighter character in her new drama in August: "Want to train for abs; I'm also doing boxing and Table Dance now, hope to be more strong and fit because I hurt a ligament when filming for "The Ultimate Addiction"." She also laughed saying she (her look) is sexy in a healthy way, just a bit exaggerated in the past. She even admitted that her bust size has shrunk!

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