Monday, 19 May 2014

Loretta Lee had a nightmare! It was her ex-husband

news from : Source: MingPao/The Sun
Translated and edited by R.E.D@

Carman Lee, Loretta Lee, Fennie Yuen and Lawrence Ng etc attended a promotion activity for TVB series "Never Dance Alone" in a shopping mall in Yau Tong yesterday. Loretta's popularity has risen since the series of "Never Dance Alone". She has been getting plenty of job offers to do commercials recently. She revealed that she had a nightmare the night before "My ex-husband called me and asked me to be the spokesperson for a beauty product. I didn't know what to do, I wasn't sure if I would get money from him. So far he hasn't given me any alimony, I hardy have any contact with him. (Why didn't you ask him for maintenance money?) I don't think I could get anything from him. I sued him once, my daughter is nearly 18 anyway, don't think I can get anything from him. If he doesn't want any responsibilities, there is nothing I can do about it. I have forgiven him already, let's hope he stays away from me and doesn't give me any troubles."

It's Lawrence birthday today, the organizer prepared a big birthday cake for him to celebrate his birthday a day early. Lawrence expressed "I have been busy working these days, I don't always have time to get involved with the promotion activities for the series". Lawrence went on to say that he will be flying to Shanghai to film a new movie soon, therefore, he may not be in Hong Kong for the final episode of "Never Dance Alone". Speaking about the rumor that the film version of "Never Dance Alone" is being planned; Flora Chan and Loretta Lee may not be included in the cast, Lawrence replied "I didn't hear Eric mentioned anything about the film version. Flora is very busy looking after her daughter as well as studying, we shall wait and see." 

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