Thursday, 6 March 2014

Tracy Chu Changes in Car in Front of Kenny Wong

news from ; Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ 

Tracy Chu Changes in Car in Front of Kenny Wong 

Last night Tracy Chu and Kenny Wong were filming for TVB new series Battle of Tomorrow in Central. The two play correctional officers, in the scene they were notified that a prisoner escaped and had to go out to find them. Tracy had nowhere else to change, so she was forced to change in the car with Kenny and revealed her thighs. Asked whether Tracy felt embarrassed? She said: "It's ok, I didn't actually take off any clothing. (Any pressure filming with Kenny?) Today is the first day, not yet. He's a very nice person. (Afraid of rumors?) Nope." Tracy joked although she frequently gets scolded by her superior Kenny in the series, she was electrified by his stern eye expressions. 

Kenny also praised Tracy's potential, he expressed: "She doesn't just have a pretty face, she has the ability too! She has the beauty and the wisdom!" Asked if he had any pointers to give to Tracy in her acting? He said: "She can teach me, she teaches me how to pose." 

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