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'Brother Keeper' Concert in Malaysia: Ruco Chan Helpless Personal Life Gets Disturbed

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'Brother Keeper' Concert in Malaysia: Ruco Chan Helpless Personal Life Gets Disturbed

Yesterday Kristal Tin, Ruco Chan and Edwin Siu held their Brother's Keeper Genting Concert in Malaysia. Louise Lee served as the special guest, and got the audience very high. Ruco Chan rose to popularity after TVB series The Other Truth, which was his first series as the leading role. Since then, his love life became the media's target. Even his on-screen mother Louise Lee praised he's a 'seun poon' and when she asked him what he's looking for in a partner, he appeared to have not wanted to talk about it. However, his 'mother' kept interrogating him until he answered. Ruco said: "I like active ones... you all (the audience) don't think you can wrong me! My partner should be able to respect my job, can have dinner at home, and watch TVB together. Haha!"

Eventually Ruco had other choice but to say that his personal life had always been the focus, especially his love life. "Every time, I responded to a rumor several times and they (the media) still enjoy writing more and more stories, its so annoying!" Then Ruco comforted himself: "This proves I'm news worthy." After the brief chat, Ruco continued his performance with his latest TV series theme song 'Just Missed A Step' (差半步) from Outbound Love. He concluded with: "Saya Cinta pada mu (I love you), don't forget my sweet talker role!" He expressed he hoped Outbound Love could get a sequel.

Edwin and Priscilla Wong had rumors after collaborating in Housewife Madam. Earlier it was reported Priscilla tried to "pursue" him even though he's already in a stabled relationship. Kristal answered on his behalf: "Edwin always has rumors with his female co-stars, except for me!" She then forced Edwin to confess his relationship with Priscilla. Edwin said: "After we finished filming the series, I rarely contact her!"Because Edwin's mother was in the audience supporting them, Edwin shouted: "Let's not talk about this in front of my mother!" Kristal then said to Edwin's mother that he's a great guy and he's always bringing good food to share with everyone on the set. Kristal expressed its her first time holding a concert in Genting and she didn't want to leave! She said she debuted 20 years ago, and finally she has the chance to fulfill her dream of releasing her very own album.

Louise Lee was a special guest, she performed a song with Ruco and Edwin. That night, she appeared in a bright red evening dress. She laughed: "Because New Year's just passed not long ago!" Before Louise performed her first song, she warned the audience: "I'm not good at singing, I hope you all will forgive me. I'm just here to stall, so my sons will have enough time to change!" Louise chose to perform two songs, both by Teresa Tang. She said: "Teresa Tang's songs are forever classics. If she's still alive, I definitely wouldn't dare to sing her songs! I really like her, so I will sing these two songs in her memory." Louise expressed there was a fan who mistaken her for another singer Fong Yee Kei, but she said: "No hard feelings because she's younger than me and sings better than me! Haha."

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