Thursday, 27 March 2014

Nancy Wu is Straight and a Lesbian, Gets Intimate with Bosco, then Kisses Kate Tsui

news from : Source: Mingpao, Oriental Daily (images) 
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Nancy Wu is Straight and a Lesbian, Gets Intimate with Bosco, then Kisses Kate Tsui

Yesterday day one of the HK FILMART 2014 was held at the HK Convention and Exhibition Centre in Wan Chai. TVB sent out 41 of their leading Siu Sang and FaDans including Wayne Lai, Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, Ruco Chan, Kenneth Ma, Roger Kwok, Charmaine Sheh, Kate Tsui, Selena Li, Tavia Yeung, Joey Meng, Priscilla Wong, Aimee Chan, Nancy Wu, Sharon Chan and many more to participate in the "TVB Programmes Parade 2014" press conference. Bosco Wong, who has been surrounded by rumors lately, did not attend because he was ill. The second group and batch of series will be featured in day two of the festival.

TVB advertised several of their upcoming series including Inbound Troubles IIGhost Dragon of Cold MountainMadam Cutie On DutyUnder the VeilSwipe Tap LoveLine Walkerand The Ultimate Addiction as well as the currently airing Ruse of Engagement and Storm in a Cocoon. Wayne Lai had the most series, he was in 5 of them. Probably the most shocking and eye catching was The Ultimate Addiction's trailer, Kate Tsui appeared topless in front of Nancy, and then the two had an intense kiss scene. Even Nancy said on Weibo: "My heart jumped out when I saw this." Nancy also had a lot of hot and sexy scenes with Bosco, she appears in a black bra and sits on Bosco's thighs.

Wayne expressed he has already completed two series, and still have three more in the line up. In June, he'll be collaborating with Anthony Wong in a new pre-modern drama about Kung Fu. He joked he's getting confused too. Shooting one series after another, does he have any time to go to Mainland to earn some extra income? Wayne expressed he's concentrating more on shooting HK dramas, and does not plan to deliberately develop in the Mainland market. He laughed: "I'm more than willing to attend to the HK audience. The current HK atmosphere is not good, I believe I ought to entertain everyone to boost the atmosphere."

The calamitous series Line Walker lead actress Charmaine Sheh expressed its not calamitous, rather it is many challenges. She expressed: "I heard the crew is going to hold another blessing ceremony." She also said Sammy Sum's accident didn't slow down the filming progress, they can just redo the scenes when he recovers. Asked whether she's worried she'll get injured too? Charmaine laughed: "My action scenes are usually with Raymond Lam, the hero who saves the beauty. Also, one of my top 10 weapons is the folding stool, I usually use that to beat people." Raymond jokingly asked if he'll be the next one to be injured. Charmaine disclosed Line Walker filming ends late April, and she hoped it will be released soon. She said after this series, she will be shooting another TVB series, but first she must go on vacation with her friends to recharge. "We can go where ever, the most important is to take a break. I plan to go with my good friends, but the majority of them are all mothers now, so its quite difficult to schedule a good time."

Aimee Chan's birthday is on April Fool's Day, the Westernized Aimee laughed and said friends pulled pranks on her birthday, but as long as its not too over, she doesn't mind. How does she plan to celebrate her birthday this year? Aimee expressed nothing big, she'll probably just have dinner with her family.

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