Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Wayne Lai & Louisa So a Couple in New Series, Zero Intimate Scenes

news from : Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net 

Wayne Lai & Louisa So a Couple in New Series, Zero Intimate Scenes 

Yesterday Wayne Lai, Louisa So and Ronald Law attended TVB new series Men Getting Married's blessing ceremony. In the series, Wayne and Louisa have a relationship, but have no intimate scenes, just one hand holding scene. When speaking of the sudden rise of TV ratings during the finale of Will Power, Wayne expressed: "The average rating of 33 points considered a pay off, most important is the audience feedback." Wayne expressed his son is already 16 years old and has passed the dangerous period. Because his son likes to be at home, there are no worries he might get kidnapped. Asked whether he's worried his son might get kidnapped by a girlfriend? Wayne laughed: "I can accept that. We've all been young before, at this age, I cannot oppose too much. I don't mind my son giving my son a lecture on sex, but he hadn't asked about it." 

Louisa expressed she already got the script for 20 episodes of the series, but the work hours are still the same, very long. She said: "I start working at 06 to 28. Spent a day filming outdoor scenes, and then studio filming in the evening." She said there are good artists in this series, very good acting skills and really has the drama feeling. The audience should enjoy it. 

Earlier Ronald Law was involved in an illegal parking case, but the court ruled him not guilty. He said: "This is my first time going to court for a dispute. The judge said my honesty was reliable. (Celebrate with girlfriend?) No need, its no big deal."

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