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Kristal Tin Wins the Artists' Hearts, Linda Chung Admits Defeat

credit news : Source: Oriental Daily
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Kristal Tin Wins the Artists' Hearts, Linda Chung Admits Defeat 

ATV turned TVB actress Kristal Tin's acting had finally been recognized. In her latest series Brother's Keeper, her role as "Cheung Kai Ying" had been well acclaimed by the audience. Earlier, the audience voted Kristal as their "Most Liked Character" from the series, and last night at the TVB 46th Anniversary Gala, Kristal was again voted by her fellow colleagues to be the "TV Queen in the Artists' Heart". When Kristal's name was called, she burst in tears and the most touching moment was when the artists stood up to applaud for her. Asked if Kristal has more confidence in getting the actual TV Queen title next month? Kristal expressed had been nominated in the past years, but never has anyone asked her if she had confidence. This time, she got quite a bit of noise and believes her chances are higher. 

Kristal's husband Chapman To is currently busy shooting new film Naked Ambition 2 and didn't find out about his wife's victory until a friend told him. He sent his wife a message declaring his love: "Beautiful, I love you! You are the best!" Chapman expressed in an interview yesterday that he felt very happy for her: "This title was voted by the artists, then that means they know about acting. She got recognition within the industry!" Chapman frankly expressed this year he had neglected his wife: "I was shooting too many films this year, we didn't see each other much. Now that I know she got the award, I won't be able to pick her up from work even if I wanted to. I hope to take some time off after I finish shooting this film to go on vacation, spend some time alone with her!" 

The other TV Queen hot favorite, Linda Chung, competed for "TV Queen" with Kristal. Yesterday she attended the blessing ceremony of her new series The Great Pharmacist and expressed she was not disappointed at all to lose to Kristal. Linda said: "This year at the TVB anniversary, I really felt the unity. I'm already happy to be part of the top two candidates. I've been in the industry for nine years and have learned a lot. If I don't get an award, then I will have to add oil!" It was said Linda signed another eight year long contract with TVB, but still had no hope for the award? Linda denied she signed an extended contract: "I didn't extend my contract, but I did get a raise. After all, the TV Queen title is my goal and its a perfect time." 

Also, Niki Chow attended a friend's wedding banquet and expressed she felt happy for Kristal. Niki said: "I'm really happy for her because I personally really like her too. I just remembered she bought me food before and I still haven't paid her back. (Are you worried about losing the TV Queen award this year?) I'll be just as happy whoever wins. No matter who wins, it is an honor."

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