Sunday, 3 November 2013

Tavia Yeung Defends Him Law From Getting Punished to do Push Ups

news from : Source: Oriental Daily 
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Tavia Yeung Defends Him Law From Getting Punished to do Push Ups 

Yesterday Kenneth Ma, Tavia Yeung, Him Law, Mandy Wong, Benjamin Yuen and Tracy Chu attended the promotional event for TVB new series The Hippocratic Crush II that premieres on Monday. To promote for the series, Tavia came out on stage holding Kenneth's hand and called him her husband; The cast tested their physical health by doing sit-ups, push-ups, jump roping and the hula hoop; Rumored couple Tavia and Him appeared embarrassed. 

Him and Kenneth cheated on their push-ups, they did one push up and called it three. Him joked: "I'm God-level, I don't have to move!" As a result, producer Poon Ka Tak punished him, making him do push- ups with one hand and Tavia was the judge, but Tavia defended her 'boyfriend': "I'm the judge? Dead meat! No need, next!" Kenneth gave Him a hand while he did his one-handed pushups. 

When Tavia took pictures with her fans, Him didn't dare to join them. He said: "I'm afraid fans won't like it. (Embarrassed?) I'm a big guy, I'm afraid I'll cover her fans." Tavia and Him accepted an interview together, Tavia kept sweating and fanning herself, but Him didn't help wipe away her sweat. Asked why he didn't help her? Him said: "Tavia's very independent and smart. (Just now she was defending you, so you didn't have to do the push ups?) She just wanted to finish up that part of it, not related to attending to me." Tavia explained she's sweating because of her outfit: "If the AC was up higher, then I would have told Him to do more pushups" Because of work, Tavia and Him won't be able to watch the premiere together. 

Kenneth Ma Happy to Compete for TV King with Seniors 

Kenneth just rushed back to the promotion from Shanghai. He expressed he's still shooting the film Impetuous Love In Action, where he portrays a lawyer who actually doesn't get any girls. He said: "The girls are all for the male lead, I'm just accompanying him on pursuing the girls. I don't have any romantic storyline. (Unhappy?) I'm happy to see the money. (Hope to earn more in Mainland?) I think one film/series per year plus a few more endorsements would be enough for me since my home is in Hong Kong. " As for TV King this year, Kenneth is considered one of the hot favorites, but he said: "Dayo Wong has Bounty Lady airing soon, but the most important is the audience enjoys watching and there's good feedback." It was rumored the TV King battle is between him and Chilam? Kenneth said: "There are so many others, such as Dayo and Chilam. I'm happy just having the opportunity to compete with the seniors. I also have confidence."

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