Thursday, 12 September 2013

Moses Chan Will Reveal if Baby is Boy or Girl After Mid-Autumn Festival,

news from : Source: Mingpao
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Moses Chan Will Reveal if Baby is Boy or Girl After Mid-Autumn Festival 

Yesterday Mosess Chan and Eliza Sam (Heung Heung) attended a German watchmaker Glashutte's event held on "The Bounty", an ancient ship, at the Tsim Sha Tsui harbour. The sexily dressed Heung Heung had high heels on, but had trouble maintaining her balance, the MC had to give her a hand to avoid embarrassing herself. 

Moses hopes to buy a watch that he could pass down generations after generations. Asked if he wanted to buy a male or female watch? He said: "I will tell you later. Let's wait until Aimee comes back to HK before we announce. She'll probably be back after Mid-Autumn Festival." There is still another half of a year left before Moses' TVB contract expires, he is currently discussing the contract renewal with the company now. "I have to plan for the future and have careful planning because I must put my family first, but still have to work hard on my jobs as well. I'll have a chat with each company. (Are their other TV stations approaching you?) I have other business to discuss." Asked if he'll copy Raymond Lam, start his own company and leave TVB? Moses believed its better to let others handle his jobs. 

Heung Heung had rumors with "big boy" Alan Wan, she said: "We are just friends. We both came back from overseas. He isn't pursing me. Last time after the event was done, we both had to go back to TVB, so we had lunch." As for her appearance in a tight tank top on TVB series Sniper Standoff had caught a lot of attention, Heung Heung said: "I had to convey the struggles I go through as a female working in a male dominated profession. I understand you all want to use this to make topics, but I hope everyone does not put our hard efforts and training to waste."

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