Thursday, 5 September 2013

Fala Chen a "Matchmaker" for Cool Mor and Sam Gor

news from : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ 

Fala Chen a "Matchmaker" for Cool Mor and Sam Gor 

Yesterday Fala Chen attended an event with Francis Ng, and was unwilling to disclose whether her role, Holiday, chooses Sam Gor (Francis) or Cool Mor (Chilam) in the end ofTriumph in the Skies II. She said: "I looked online and saw a poll on who I should choose, but the funniest was one Netizen voted for Chilam and Francis to be a couple. Thinking about it, they are quite a match, Cool Mor could be the man and Sam Gor could be the woman." It was said many Cool Mor scenes have been deleted lately, Fala said: "Nope, its just the arrangement." 

Francis admitted he did indeed pass the helicopter pilot license in Mainland on the first try, but he cannot fly a helicopter in HK. He denied he started a business in Beijing, "my investments will be in HK." Francis expressed he filmed a cooking special, but he's unsure which channel the show's going to be airing on. He boasted he's good at cooking Chinese dishes and wants to participate in a cooking competition to challenge other good chefs. 

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