Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Moses Chan Gets New Home Ready to Welcome Pregnant Aimee Back

News From ;Oriental Daily 
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net 

Moses Chan Gets New Home Ready to Welcome Pregnant Aimee Back

Yesterday Moses Chan attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony for Chow Tai Fook's new store opening ceremony. Moses was presented with a 1117 number affiliation to commemorate November 17, 2007, the day he became TV King, but Moses forgot about that important moment. He was also given a golden baby bracelet. Since Moses married Aimee Chan, they have been separated in two locations -- Aimee is in Canada for her pregnancy, while Moses is back in HK working. As for the gender of the baby, Moses announced Aimee is returning to HK soon, he said: "Relax! You won't miss out."

However, Moses is currently busy working on a new film, so he will not be able to make a personal trip to Canada to bring his wife back, instead a relative will be traveling back with her and he will definitely pick her up at the airport. Asked of the baby's gender? Moses kept it a secret: "I cannot tell you yet, later! I can tell you all that we have already chosen the baby's English name, and our parents are responsible for the Chinese name." Because pregnant women cannot come into close contact with animals, but Aimee still took a picture with her dog. Moses said: "She knows, she won't be around him all the time. She will keep her distance. There are some things pregnany women must do. (Renovations done at the new home?) Still a lot to do, but its about done. I'm very excited for many things, there were just too many happy events this year, one wave after another. I'm almost done shooting my new film, so I'll have time to accompany my wife because she's about to enter the most difficult trimester. She gets tired easily. (Will you give her massages when she gets leg cramps?) Of course! I need to learn how take care of the newborn and my wife."

Its been a while since Moses been in a film, it was said there was a major increase in his salary this time around. Moses smiled and denied. He frankly expressed he's not paid 10 times more, like how its rumored in the public. Moses had a shiny 4 karat diamond ring on his ring finger, he laughed and said he hopes Chow Tai Fook will give him one too. Asked if he'll consider buying his wife a few more diamonds since he's earning a lot more now? Moses' eyes grew big as he shouted: "Wah! Then I'll have to get lots of discounts in order to do so!"

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