Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Him Law & Kenneth Ma fights to be Tavia Yeung's boyfriend Him Law & Kenneth Ma fights to be Tavia Yeung's boyfriend Him Law & Kenneth Ma fights to be Tavia Yeung's boyfriend

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily, Mingpao 
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/ 

Him Law & Kenneth Ma fights to be Tavia Yeung's boyfriend 

Tavia Yeung, Him Law, Kenneth Ma, Mandy Wong and the rest of the cast to TVB series The Hippocratic Crush attended a promotional event and announced last week's ratings averaging at 30 points and peaked at 33 points. When rumored couple Tavia and Him were interviewed, the two often flattered each other and flirted. 

Currently appearing on series after series, Him denies he's already standing firm in the TV industry: "But I do feel the greatest sense of accomplishment this time. On the streets, people call me by my nickname in the series 'Onion'." Is it because of the rumors with Tavia that brought the ratings up? Tavia laughed: "What, there's something like that? I have always been in the group with strength." Standing besides her, Him said he is on the idol group, he said: "I have to learn from Tavia, she is a beautiful girl on both the strength and idol groups." Tavia immediately 'returned the gift' and praised Him back, that he's a handsome guy. Since the series is getting such good response, will there be a chance to collaborate again? The two expressed that question is for the producer, don't have to be too deliberate. 

Tavia exposed recently she has been infected with the money famine: "I shoot any TVB series there is. (A couple team with Him?) No matter what, whenever we come out, you all (reporters) will say we are a couple team! If there are any BBQ shops opening, they are welcomed to invite us to do the ribbon-cutting ceremony, we can discuss the price and give discounts!" As for Him, he was asked if he took on the same tactics as he did in the series on Tavia? He said he hasn't done anything, but Tavia said: "If there was a guy that romantic in real life, that would be so sweet. However, I don't like romantic, I like extreme!" Reporters teased Tavia that she should tell Him to sign a TVB management contract, so the two can have more opportunities to work together. Tavia said: "If I'm the manager, I will go tell him to do so!" 

Kenneth tells Him to step aside 

As Tavia's partner in the series, Kenneth claimed that he and Tavia are the most matching pair on-screen, and warns everyone that he'll be stealing the 'couple team' back from Him. Kenneth laughed: "He can't have her for long. There are many fans that like me and Tavia as a pair. Tell Him to step aside, I'll be pulling her back to my side since our romantic storyline will be airing soon. (But they are together in real life.) I don't care. But I'm not sure if they really are an item in real life, can't see any signs."

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