Saturday, 22 February 2014

Steven Ma New Song & MV with Fala Chen, Hopes to Shoot MVs with Tavia Yeung & Linda Chung

news from : Source: Oriental Daily
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Steven Ma New Song & MV with Fala Chen, Hopes to Shoot MVs with Tavia Yeung & Linda Chung 

Yesterday Steven Ma, Tavia Yeung, Maggie Siu, Cilla Lok, Katy Kung and the rest of the cast of TVB new series Storm in a Cocoon attended the promotional event held at an organic farm in Tuen Mun. It has already been two years since Steven appeared in a TVB series, asked whether he's worried he might break his "TV Rating Lucky Star" image and whether he had confidence in the series? He said: "The TV rating trends had changed in the recent years. Before when a new series premieres, the rating would be at least 30 points, but now I feel a little pressured!" When speaking of his new song releasing on the music charts in March, Steven expressed he invited Fala Chen for the duet and she'll be the female lead in the MV. He personally produced and directed the MV. He said: "For my other two songs, I hope to invite Tavia Yeung and Linda Chung to be the female leads in the MV! (Kiss scenes?) Maybe! (Afraid people might say you're taking a 'public device' for personal use?) At most people may say it's incest! Everyone knows they're my sisters!" 

Katy Kung was recently rumored with a hair salon owner and she was photographed on a date with former Mr. Hong Kong Jack Hui. She explained she's been collaborating with the male hairstylist for many years, and she just went to show her support at his new hair salon. As for Jack Hui, she was having dinner with him and other friends. She stressed she is still single. 

Tavia purchased a basket full of organic vegetables at the farm, she expressed her mother liked to eat them and has planted several pots on their balcony at home. Asked how she's spending Valentine's Day this year? Tavia said: "Working! But I really want to hot pot with my mom! (Call Him Law to join you?) He's welcomed to come! It's not a big deal, just an extra chopstick. I'm not a person who likes to call and invite people, and I rarely call him. (He invites you?) I don't know. (Prepared a gift?) Nope, I never do these things. (Looking forward to it?) Don't waste money! The flowers are expensive, just buy a some vegetables, so we can add it to our hot pot." Tavia expressed she's not a romantic person, and has never personally made chocolates for anyone. What she does most is buy chocolates for others. Tavia frankly expressed she rarely gets Valentine's Day gifts, in the past she got flowers before. What hopes does she have for this year? She laughed: "Nothing much. Actually when two people are together, gifts and little surprises could be given on any ordinary day." 

Also, Him attended a separate event yesterday and when asked whether he prepared any gifts or surprises for girlfriend Tavia Yeung on Valentine's Day? He said: "Keep it simple! Call more people to come, that would be a great surprise. No need to be romantic! (Already an old couple?) No, I'm actually off on that day, but she has to work! (Gift?) Valentine's Day gifts are not just for one person, everyone should get one, it's courtesy!" 

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