Saturday, 22 February 2014

Sharon Chan Wins Her First Music Award "Bounty Lady" Sub Song at Weibo Star 2013 Awards

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haron Chan Wins Her First Music Award "Bounty Lady" Sub Song at Weibo Star 2013 Awards 

Yesterday Chilam Cheung, Sharon Chan and Fred Cheng attended the Weibo Star 2013 Awards Ceremony. The awards ceremony was hosted by Sina HK, and based entirely off of votes from Weibo fans. Sharon won a Weibo's TV series song award for her single Think of a Day (想一天), which was the sub theme song of TVB series Bounty Lady, and defeated Joey Yung's Sequel (續集) The Hippocratic Crush II theme song. Bounty Lady was also one of the winners of the Top Ten Weibo Topics (HK). It was Sharon's first music award, she was so excited and happy when she accepted the award. She especially thanked her fans for their support and this award triggered her interest for singing again. She hopes to launch her own gospel album this year and spread the gospel spirit through her voice. In regards to Sammy Leung withdrawing from TVB series The Apostle, Sharon expressed he was felling unwell and she cried because she was so worried about him. She hopes Sammy gets better soon and there definitely will be more opportunities to collaborate in the future. However, the kiss scenes she did with Sammy earlier, she will have to do it again with Sammy Sum. It was fortunate they didn't film that many scenes before, so the impact isn't big. 

Chilam was one of the winners of the Top Ten HK Famous People on Weibo. He expressed he's a Weibo fan himself. He recalled when he first debuted, he frequently got letters from fans, but now with the advanced technology, he can talk to fans on Weibo, making it even more convenient, however, there is a disadvantage as communicating electronically loses the "romantic feel". But Chilam smiled and said Weibo's advantage is that he can see how much "damage" he is getting over the internet while he's working hard in Hong Kong and his wife is happily going on a shopping spree in Paris. 

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