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Charmaine Sheh doesn't want to have a baby yet

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Charmaine Sheh doesn't want to have a baby yet

Janet Chow invested a 7 digit figure to open a shop selling baby products. Yesterday, the new shop officially had its grand opening. Other than the support of husband, Timmy Hung, and their son, TJ Hung, good friends, Charmaine Sheh, Toby Leung, also came to congratulate and support her. Angela Tong and Annie Man even brought their precious baby daughters to attend. Janet Chow hopes that she can gain a profit within a year. She stated: "In the future, when the business expands, I can hire more people, then I will have more time to take care of my son. Earlier, I was busy for a whole week preparing for the opening, so I didn't have time to play with my son. I discovered that his behaviour has gotten a bit worse, so I know I cannot neglect him." 

Charmaine Sheh's good friends have all started to become mothers; she admitted that she once had the impulse to have children. She said: "Afterwards, I realized my friends all don't have time to sleep because of taking care of their kids. I haven't really gotten to the point of being scared now, but for now, I don't want to have a baby yet." She laughed that if she becomes a mother in the future, her good friends can all be her teacher and give her advice. About Aimee Chan having to retired indefinitely because of being diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis because of taking care of her son, Charmaine expressed: "Leave it to Ah Mo (Moses Chan) to work, Aimee can rest and be a happy, blissful wife." 

Rumoured that Toby has fallen for her personal trainer? Toby denied: "My trainer is very handsome, but he is already married and has a kid. I won't stop going to the gym because of that. To be honest, I see my trainer more than my family. I work out and do boxing for 2 hours everyday." 

Michael Tse knows Karena Ng Chin Yu, but not Coffee Lam Chin Yu

TVB artiste, Coffee Lam Chin Yu was photographed staying in a toilet cubicle for half an hour with a man. Michael Tse expressed that he doesn't know her: "I only know Karena Ng Chin Yu! If this news is true, maybe young people these days like a moment of excitement, but affecting those using the washroom is not good. Next time find a better place." Timmy Hung commented: "The guy must have a home right? Maybe they fell and got hurt, or maybe they had a stomach ache and took turns going to the washroom." (LOL) Janet Chow knows Coffee Lam personally, but does not want to comment: "The first day after I was in the Miss Hong Kong Pageant, my supervisor already taught us that we have to have strict conduct, especially when I am now a mother, I will be even more attentive." 

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