Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Kenneth Ma Loses TV King: TVB A Big Company, Of Course Need To Get In Line

news from : Source: MorningH (xxcb.cn), KuangaiTVB
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net 

Kenneth Ma Loses TV King: TVB A Big Company, Of Course Need To Get In Line 

As one of the TV King hot favorites, last night Kenneth Ma sat through two hours at the awards ceremony and got nothing. Yesterday Kenneth accepted an interview and when asked if he felt disappointed losing the TV King title as his fans did? Kenneth said: "No, that is my honest answer. I've said before in other interviews, because I feel my competitors are really strong this year and with so many big brothers around, I'm already happy to be in the top 5. Actually nowadays, every year the hot favorites didn't get the award. Last year everyone said Raymond Lam was going to win, but Wayne Lai got it. This year everyone said Chilam Cheung would get it, but it went to Dayo Wong." Kenneth expressed: "I like to take things slowly. TVB is a big company, there are many great solid artists, of course have to get in line." 

Kenneth said he's not anxious for the award several times, does he really careless about the award? Kenneth: "Its not that I don't care, its just whoever gets the award, not only does it depend on their own hard work, but also fate. I can only keep on working hard and do well on my own part, then whether I get it or not, it all depends on the heavens." 

Kenneth had been accompanying the race for two years now, and still couldn't get the award, has this discouraged him? Kenneth said: "I didn't think about it because I really enjoy acting. To me, I am not acting because I want to get the awards. It is my interest. When you are doing something you enjoy, you won't feel the need to get awards in return. Also I hope when I get the award, everyone will be saying that I deserved it." 

Among the many roles Kenneth has portrayed, he felt he personally resembles "Yat Kin Tao" in The Hippocratic Crush the most. "I'm very family-oriented, my life is actually very boring. Aside from work, I'm not very active. I may be at home or accompanying my family." Lifestyle is like a Mr. Good, but Kenneth hopes to portray a bad guy too. "Sometimes I have my bad side too, I enjoy looking at pretty girls, so its enjoyable to portray a role that is a little bad, such as the playboy inspector in The Mysteries of Love."

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