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'Ching Chi Mei' Lawrence Ng is Back, Pressured Meeting 'Famous Doctor' Kenneth Ma,

Credit : Source: Mingpao, Oriental Daily (images) 
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'Ching Chi Mei' Lawrence Ng is Back, Pressured Meeting 'Famous Doctor' Kenneth Ma 

Yesterday The Hippocratic Crush II costume fitting was held at TVB. The original cast including Kenneth Ma, Tavia Yeung, Him Law, Mandy Wong, Benjamin Yuen and the additional new cast members Eliza Sam, Tracy Chu and the 'Three Wahs' - Lawrence Ng Kai Wah, Louisa So Yuk Wah and Jerry Koo Ming Wa attended. Although rumored couple Tavia and Him were there, the attention was still focused on 'Cheung Yat Kin' (Kenneth) meeting 'Ching Chi Mei' (Lawrence). 

It has already been 7-8 years since Lawrence has been in a TVB series, he expressed he feels pressure collaborating with the 'Malaysian' TV King Kenneth Ma and TV Queen Tavia. It was said Lawrence is considered 'god-level' and his juniors cannot compare to him? He laughed: "That's just a rumor! It's the past! I didn't come back to TVB to rescue them nor am I'm back as Ching Chi Mei, I'm Chan Sai Mei! Coming back to my maternal home, it's not difficult to adapt." Lawrence's role is the doctor designated to answer questions about strange diseases. When Tavia first debuted, she collaborated with Lawrence in Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre, when asked if he remember Tavia? He said: "Tavia is getting prettier and prettier. I looked frightening during my debut." 

Tavia and Him became a rumored couple after On Call, Him expressed he only has "normal scenes" with Tavia and his relationships are complicated, he'll be romantically involved with Heung Heung (Eliza) and Crystal Li, but he won't avoid other people just because he's in the same series with Tavia. He said: "We all have to get familiar with one another, that's how we can create sparks." 

In the sequel, Tavia will continue her relationship with Kenneth as a married couple, asked if she'll avoid [intimate scenes] with Kenneth? She said: "I don't mind shooting kiss scenes. If there are kiss scenes, I'm still going to do it. (Him is surrounded by two girls?) It will be better if they get rumors, help promote the series!" 

As for Candy Chang's role 'Jing Jing' from On Call, she's still getting held back due to her involvement in the drug concealment case. Producer Poon Ka Tak expressed she wasn't dropped from the cast, but the arrangements will be made after her case settles. In the story, 'Jing Jing' went overseas and may come back in the end. The climax in the sequel is when Lawrence performs a major surgery on Kenneth.

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