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TVB Kicks Off their 45th Anniversary Celebration @ the Lighting Ceremony,

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily, Mingpao 
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TVB Kicks Off their 45th Anniversary Celebration @ the Lighting Ceremony 

Yesterday TVB held their 45th Anniversary Lighting Ceremony in Tseung Kwan O. TVB utilized over 100 of their artists in this event including, Wayne Lai, Raymond Lam, Moses Chan, Damien Lau, Michelle Yim, Idy Chan, Aimee Chan, Tavia Yeung, Kenneth Ma, Kate Tsui, Rebecca Zhu and many more. This is the first year Norman Leung led the lighting ceremony as the chairman. Norman was accompanied by this year's Miss HK Carat Cheung and second runner-up Jacqueline Wong to do the lighting ceremony. 

The Lamma Island ferry tragic accident had stunned the entire city, everyone is in grief. Yesterday TVB boss Chan Kwok Keung led nearly 70 administrative staff along with the 100 TVB artists for a 3 minute moment of silence to respect those who had died in the accident. TVB Deputy of Foreign Affairs, Tsang Sing Ming, expressed the TVB logo on all of their channels turned black to mourn the dead. 

Tavia and Damien had a 'lip biting' kiss scene 

The cast of TVB anniversary series The Confidant and Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles appeared dressed in their costumes. When they were taking the big group picture, they all stood in the front rows. Clips from the series were also shown. There were several intense kiss and bed scenes. In The Confidant, Wayne and Nancy Wu had a bed scene, while Oscar Leung had two girls in his bed scene. Tavia Yeung and Damien Lau are a pair in Silver Spoon, and in the clip an intense kiss scene involving lip biting was seen from the two. During the interview, Tavia revealed the good parts happens later in the series. As she does not know how to borrow camera angles to do the scene, she was worried she may have made Damien's lip swell up from her bite. She also exposed that Damien had kiss scenes with many other women. 

Also, regarding Tavia and Him Law's 'car incident' earlier, they requested an apology from [Apple Daily]. Tavia reveals her lawyer already sent a demand letter to them. When asked if she requested for any compensation or a public apology from them? She said: "My lawyer will handle it, actually I haven't discussed the details with them yet. I have been busy with my work, my lawyer will handle it all." TVB had also sent a lawyer's letter requesting an apology to Tavia and Him. In addition, for the future, the five [Apple Daily] reporters are strictly prohibited to enter TVB City. 

Moses kicks the sedan chair door to 'marry' Aimee 

Moses and Aimee appeared as a couple team representing The Last Steep Ascent. They did a skit on stage, where Moses kicked the sedan chair door, which suggests them borrowing their relationship to promote the series. MC Dodo Cheng, asked if they'll be getting married soon? Aimee was extremely embarrassed. Moses later said: "Just trying to boost the atmosphere, the full cast isn't here, so we're trying our best to promote." When asked if they want to get awards as a couple? Aimee said let nature take its course, she won't think too much about it. 

Raymond confident to win 'Most Popular Male Singer' and 'Best Actor' Awards

Raymond appeared dressed like prince charming in white, and obviously was favored by TVB as he led the singing and dancing part of the show. Raymond explained: "I'm leading because I have to change into my Highs and Lows costume after, I found out on short notice that I had to dance." It was said there is a large chance that he'll get both the 'Most Popular Male Singer' and 'Best Actor' awards this year. Raymond expressed he has confidence to get those awards, "I'm very happy that Highs and Lows is well-received, but I also hope the TVB dispute with Big 5 ends. If I really do win the award, then it would be a lot more positive and not like two years ago, where there were so many criticisms." 

Wayne a lucky winner for the second time after 15 years 

As for 'TV King' Wayne Lai, he was one of the lucky winners at the lighting ceremony last night, this is his second time winning the raffle, the last time was 15 years ago. When asked if he had confidence to become TV King again this year? He said: "50/50. I personally love the series (The Confidant)." As for Michelle Yim, she said: "I don't mind if Wayne and I win together." Regarding the bed scene with Nancy, Wayne said: "I'm an eunuch in the series, there was only the 'seven emotions' and none of the 'six sensory pleasures'."

Note: Last year was the 44th anniversary, but that is an unlucky number, so TVB called it "approaching 45th anniversary". This year is the actual 45th anniversary.

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